Reddit BDSM, aka /r/BDSM! I am pretty sure that everyone has heard about reddit.com before, and if you have not, I think it is about time that you do. This is a site that pretty much has it all, and I am sure that you will love their content, as long as you are not an utter choosey idiot. Then again, I tend to be very choosey, to begin with, so if I like reddit.com you will like it as well.However, I am not here to talk about the overall state of reddit.com or any of that shit, I am here to talk about a particular section called BDSM. I mean this section is hella naughty and I really enjoyed my time here. Now, if you are not that much into BDSM, it really does not matter, and soon I shall tell you why that is.Everyone should visit reddit.com.Personally, I think that reddit.com is just one of those sites that are able to appeal to everyone, and once you visit the site you will know what the fuck I mean. On the other hand, it would be pretty weird if you have never heard or visited this place before… since it is quite fucking popular. They basically have everything, but their content is mostly defined by their community.I think that is a good thing and the reason why this place has a lot of different shit to offer. I mean, everything that is offered is here because of the community… and that includes you if you become a member obviously. However, you do not really have to be a member to appreciate what they have to offer you will almost have all the given privileges.Is there a need to tell me how any of this, functions? If you are new here, you will find your way around pretty easy, and if there is anything you do not understand, just Google the problem, I am pretty sure you will find the answer. The main thing about reddit.com is that it has a lot of Subreddits, which are basically sections for a lot of different shit.For example, the BDSM thing I said I will talk about, is just a subreddit. This means that if this is not something you are into; you are more than welcome to browse anything else reddit.com has to offer. Everyone is into a different type of fetish or whatever the fuck reddit.com has it all pretty much. Keep in mind that they are not only dedicated to naughty shit, they also offer funny stuff.There are many hot meme pages where you can see all kinds of jokes, and honestly, I really like browsing that crap. I think that you will love this place as much as me unless you prefer something very specific. One thing I will mention is that reddit.com is not really a porn site, and while it does offer some pics, videos, and gifs of porn, I am not sure you will be able to find any fappable content.You will be able to find naughty BDSM scenes in this particular subreddit, and you might also be able to find your new favorite fap chick. So, by all means, whip your dick out if you are interested in fapping here, but personally, I like to use Reddit to find interesting videos and pornstars who have just risen to fame… or something along those lines.So, do you like BDSM?I am assuming that most of you who decided to say and learn more about the BDSM subreddit is actually into this shit, right? It would not make any sense otherwise, and I am here to tell you all you need to know about Reddit and this section in general. When you visit the first time, and you can do that by clicking on the link I provided on the side, you will get a lot of random content related to BDSM.There are many versions of BDSM, I am sure you already know. Usually, when I open BDSM sites, they will have their own sections for each fetish, and the same shit applies here. However, you will not really get any particular sections or any of that shit, if that is what you were hoping for. You will get lots of random content listed and you get to scroll through that.Some of the content that I have seen when I visited the site included a beauty with bruised tits, a chick who took a selfie while having clamps on her tits and pussy… she also had a pacifier. There was a sex scene, featuring a chick who got hot wax dripped all over her body, and there was a lot of other shit… I think you already know what to fucking expect.One video I opened showed a chick getting tied up and blindfolded, as her man took his belt smacked her ass and bit her body. There was a link provided where you can watch this shit, in case you were interested, because the video was more of a trailer… there were some full videos, but none of them were that long… they were mostly teasers.When it comes to the type of content they have to offer, you have everything., I mean, I even saw some suggestions of naughty games that offered BDSM or whatever the fuck, and I am pretty sure you would enjoy playing them if you like BDSM. Some images did not really feature the fetish, they were more like information and kinkiness.For example, there was just tone image of a collar for this dude’s girlfriend, and she had a pendant that stated “daddy’s little slut”… and we all know where that leads to. There were many other pictures like that, and some people preferred posting some stories or asking for advice. You can do the same if you decide to become a member.Register and enjoy everything Reddit has to offer.Registering to this site is completely free, and you will have your own privileges. First of all, you can create your own subreddits, and post your own content. However, if you are thinking of contributing to this community, you should first read the rules and all that crap, because Reddit will forgive a couple of mishaps, but if you post something against the rules, then you will be banned.Keep in mind that as a user you are able to collect Karma which is basically reputation and other shit… which will all be lost once you are banned. On top of that, as a member, you can leave comments, upvote posts, and also chat with other users through the comments or by sending private messages… I think you already know how this works.On the side of the BDSM section, you will have other similar subreddits listed, in case you do not want to view the overall crap… such as BDSM videos, movies, personal, erotica, FAQ and so on. So, if you will be posting your own shit, know which section is created for that. Though, even if you post to the wrong section, most of the users here are not assholes, so they will tell you.That is another aspect of Reddit that I think everyone can appreciate… the people here are all assholes. There are many great people who will help you out and give you advice. Of course, you have the toxic idiots everywhere, but for the most part, there were not that many of them here. I mean, Reddit is owned by people who know what the fuck their community is looking for, which is not something you can say for most porn sites out there.Definitely worth the visit.Keep in mind that I am a picky motherfucker and the fact that I say that this site is worth a visit means that it fucking is. I love to offer good shit to others, and that is why I even created my site, to begin with. Believe me, if I liked this place as much as I did, you will love it as well, not to mention that there is naughty content for everyone here.So, if you want to see some actual good content, you should visit Reddit and their BDSM section, which was hella addictive. There are many subreddits you might be interested in, but that is up to you. Explore all you want, become a member, and enjoy watching strangers please each other in a kinky and violent way.