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Reddit Chubby, aka r/Chubby! Let me fill you horny fuckers in on a little bit of wisdom. Even though it’s fucking hot as hell to pork petite chicks and the more athletic types, never, ever discount giving chubby bitches the ol’ ramrod in their fat holes. There’s nothing quite like watching those gigantic titties bouncing as you give them the fuck of their life, and have I mentioned dick sucking yet? Holy shit, if you’ve never gotten head from a chubby gal, get ready for your balls to drain so hard, it may flush some of the pigment out of your skin.When I visited, all of these memories started flooding back. If you’ve ever had sex with a chubby bitch, the same is probably going to happen to you, too! My cock got so hard just browsing these beauties for several minutes. If you want hot amateur chubbies that aren’t afraid to show every layer of skin, every inch of their pussies, and slap their fat asses for the camera; this is the fucking place to be.Over 310,000 membersYou can always tell where the hot fucking content is when you look at the numbers. features over 310,000 members with hundreds online at any given moment. During this review, the numbers fluctuated between the highest hundreds to over 1,000 at times. That’s a lot of people lurking and viewing the subreddit, and it shows due to how much content is posted regularly (more on that in a moment).This is a legacy subreddit that is over a decade old. Since it has been around for the majority of the time that Reddit has been around, people have flocked to it and visit the sub regularly. Additionally, is essentially one of the top subreddits for large gals and part of the OtherWalter Network with subs that range between 70,000 to a whopping 795,000 subscribers. Every sub in this network is advertised on the sidebar of every other subreddit, creating a funnel for smut that exposes the subreddit to more people than it may have done on its has taken great strides to grow its members, and it shows. The amount of engagement that occurs on and the sheer variety of hot chubby bitches is more than reason alone to subscribe and visit often. Even if you don’t typically look at chubbier females, don’t be a pussy – fucking try it!Consistent chubby contentLook, I don’t know if it’s a nature, nurture, or just something in these bitches’ DNA, but it seems like chubby chicks love posting pictures of themselves for others to eye hump. Maybe they think they have something to prove or bigger girls do indeed post pictures better, but whatever the reason, you won’t see my horny ass complaining. As I was browsing by new (I’ll mention the sorting and filtering options later), I was being bombarded by picture after picture of hot asses, fat wet pussies, and titties that I could almost taste in my mouth.That’s what’s so special about visiting the sheer amount of content that is constantly posted is enough to make you want to take your dick out and jerk off right here, right now (even if you’re in public, do it bro – what’s the worst that could happen?!). I would dare say that rivals even more populated subreddits that get closer to the million-mark. The fact alone that has this level of consistently posted content despite barely breaking over 300,000 (a little over 310,000 to be fair) goes to show you what a dedicated community this is.And for fuck sake, who can blame anyone from wanting to visit this subreddit anyway?! Good God horn dogs, the content that is posted here is mostly amateurish. And that isn’t to say that these are cam models or chubby chicks that are trying to bait you into signing up to their OnlyFans subscription (that’s against the sub’s rules, anyway): these are real, horny chubby chicks that love posting nasty pictures of themselves.What is it about chubby girls that get so…nasty?If the conversation is going to bend in this direction, then let’s talk for a moment about how nasty these bitches are on And I don’t mean that in a bad way either – far fucking from it! These chicks are nasty in the best ways: they’re not shy and seem to be confident in their bodies. What results are close up pictures of soaking pussies, perfect ass shots where you can see every wrinkle and curve to the point that you feel like you could reach through your device and lick it, and tit pics that will make you feel like their breasts were created to put your cock in-between.Petite girls get nasty with the best of them, but it’s like the chubby sluts on all unanimously decided that they have nothing to lose and want to do their part to give the people what they want. I guarantee that you are going to want to save some of these images to your device for a wank later on. That’s because they feel – dare I say – intimate. It feels like these amateur pictures were made for you and I’s pleasure.And that’s one of the things that makes such a success. The vibe that you get from browsing is different than you find on other NSFW subreddits. It feels more down to earth, raw, and like you’re looking at someone’s private photo collection. Some of the content is almost voyeuristic in that regard, so if you’re a perv that gets off to that sort of thing (nothing wrong with that!), you’re going to want to check this out.And even if you don’t, I don’t fucking care. It’s ThePornDude’s goddamn orders. Get on your browser, hop on, and start looking!It browses like RedditHave you ever used Reddit before? Of course, you have! Where else would you have gotten the idea to buy all of those creepy, porcelain anime figurines, your mom? Well, I can tell you for a fact that she thinks you’re a little faggot for even collecting those things, so you may want to cut it out – especially if you're going to have any hopes of getting laid without relying on a prostitute to cut you that ‘pathetic loner discount.’But you can do it – and there’s no excuse to start at because it browses precisely like every other subreddit! The sub can be sorted by new, hot, top, and rising. Like every other subreddit, when browsing by top, you can apply filtering options to show only the content that was posted in a period of time: now, today, this week, this month, this year, or all time. If you want to blow your load, I suggest sorting the content by top and all time. But prepare yourself: the shit you’re going to see is going to make you cum bucketloads – at least that was my experience, anyway.What’s with all the rules?One of the downsides of Reddit is that when a subreddit gets a shitty team of moderators, it can kill the entire community – and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. While that isn’t the case on, the subreddit has fifteen(!) rules that all posters must follow. Granted, most of these aren’t asking for the fucking moon and back: no underage content (no shit), no content that isn’t suitable for (no shit again), and no dick pics (NO FUCKING SHIT).Even though most of the rules are sensible, a few seem a bit odd. The biggest culprit is the rule of not posting strictly a pussy, breast, or ass shot. Per the subreddit’s rules, ‘image or video must show model’s figure, including their waist and hips.’Wait, what?I get that seeing the context is hot and adds a little something extra to the picture or video, but leave that shit up to the discretion of the chick that’s posting the content. It seems like a weird nit-pick and a rule that doesn’t add value to the community. Hopefully, this does not change how easy it is for chubby gals to post their content spontaneously. If it does, needs to amend its rules features some of the hottest, heavy amateur chicks that you’re going to find on the Web. Everything feels truly amateurish, and you’re going to get off to these bitches, especially if chubbier girls are your kink. The mod team should reassess some of its rules later down the road, but other than that, should continue doing exactly what it is doing.