Reddit Asshole, aka r/Asshole! Are you fucking confused about what this subreddit may be about? I don’t blame you. When I first came across it, I thought it was going to be a sub of neckbeards bitching at each other about which Hot Pockets taste the best (trick question: they all taste like hobo vomit). Then I thought maybe the Boomers had finally fallen off Facebook, invaded Reddit, and created a community where they can whine about how they can’t find their favorite processed cheeses in the supermarkets anymore.So imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered that is a subreddit that’s all about female assholes and nothing to do with fat ass virgins or old men whose penises stopped working during the Obama administration. And imagine my further surprise when I discovered that these are real women posting pictures of their brown eyes for the world to see. How great life must be to be so fucking hot that even dudes want to see your asshole and comment on how sexy it looks. You’ll never see me posting my asshole on the subreddit or anywhere else, which brings me to one of the most important details about the sub:No male assholes!If you found yourself almost refusing to visit this subreddit because you thought you might come across some fat fucker’s hairy asshole, don’t worry! There are virtually no rules on this subreddit, so don’t expect to find a laundry list of rules on the sidebar like other NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits. The only thing written is this: pics and vids of (female) assholes.There it is! Only six words are on the sidebar, and they spell out that this is not a subreddit for men to post pictures of their assholes. Look, don’t get so goddamn offended! Nobody – and I mean nobody – wants to see photos of a guy’s asshole when the subreddit will also see their balls, hairy ass, fat rolls under their ass cheeks. Not to forget, possible fecal matter deriving from the massive diarrhea they had after eating fifty pizza bagels while blasting some kid for his Dragon Ball opinions.Like sounds like Hell on the Internet. I’d rather stick hot lead into my dickhole while watching a Whoopie Goldberg marathon, and I think you would too. So if you’re thinking about posting your asshole picture and you’re less of a man than ThePornDude, don’t fucking do it! It’s against the rules. I wouldn’t post my own asshole anyway, just..don’t…do it!If you love staring at amateur female assholes, go hereWith all of that out of the way, if you are even remotely interested in staring at women’s assholes and licking your lips at the thought of tasting their brown hole, there’s plenty to love on This has to be the go-to community for this niche, because I’m unaware of any forums, free tube sites, or otherwise solely devoted to staring at beautiful buttholes. I can’t say this with the utmost certainty, but it just has to be…doesn’t it?I say that because quality control is one of the things that seems to pride itself on. There is an enormous collection of pictures featuring the assholes of amateur women, all browsing Reddit just like you are.That’s the appeal of subreddits like and other NSFW subs like them. The content consists of real females that may or may not live in your proverbial neck of the woods. If you visit a lot of NSFW subs like this one, think about it: how close are you actually to some of the beauties that post content on these types of subs? You don’t really know, but statistically speaking, at least some of them have to be so close you can almost smell them, right?In the case of, some of the girls posting their assholes may be so close you can smell the… Well, I was going to say shit, but when you look at these amazing assholes, you will see that they’re so clean you could eat a buffet off of them, and it’d still be cleaner than your dishes. And you would do that, wouldn’t you, you kinky mother fucker? Is that why you’re visiting You know, never mind: I don’t want to hear a fucking thing about why you’re visiting.Plenty of professional asshole shots, tooHow many times have you read a comment from some entitled, horny bastards complaining about how the vanilla mainstream pornographic posts are killing a subreddit’s community? What the fuck is with these creatines that pull garbage like this on NSFW subreddits (and mainstream subs for that matter)? Get a fucking life and jack off like the rest of us!Fortunately, you’re not going to find any of these sacks of wasteless shit on That’s because the professional asshole shots meld perfectly with the rest of the amateur content. That never happens, and it’s probably the only time you’re going to hear me say that about any subreddit, but it works here.That’s because when it comes to asshole shots, there isn’t an emphasis on the rest of the body or the frame of the image. The only focus is on the asshole, and everything else is simply bonus. None of that matters, though. When the focus is on the asshole, none of this content feels vanilla regardless of the mainstream photos that are sporadic throughout the sub.It all just works, creating a gallery of content that blends perfectly. During this review, I saw a post of Jenni Gregg’s perfect asshole above a 19-year old female showing off her gorgeous asshole and pussy, and it all felt right. You’ll never complain about the mix of professionally shot and amateur content. That says everything about why continues to be a special place for all the female butthole content a person craves.A unique subreddit that fills a voidReddit is best when it fills a void: there is no better example of this than The amount of content that is posted is seriously impressive. During this review, I kept refreshing by new and was constantly bombarded with a new post that made me take a step back and say, ‘holy shit, nice shit hole!’ There were new posts every few minutes. While that number fluctuated, it’s safe to say that you will find something new every 30-minutes. In many cases, several posts went live within 15-minutes.It's impressive considering that the subreddit only has 310,000 members. That’s also a seriously impressive number, but subreddits with these numbers do not always have this amount of consistent content streaming in at all times. There were hundreds of members online during this review as well – nearly one thousand at one point.Considering these numbers, it should come as no surprise that is ripe with new content most of the time. There is always something new to look at, especially for those that only visit Reddit sporadically. You’re not going to fucking run out of anything to beat your johnson to, that’s for damn sure. If assholes are your thing, this subreddit more than delivers.The Reddit you knowYou’ve used Reddit before – otherwise, why the fuck would you be here? And since you already know how to use Reddit, take solace in the fact that you don’t have a learning curve when it comes to figuring out how to browse for new asshole images. As you probably know, browses exactly like any other subreddit out there.The sorting options are the same. Subscribers can sort content by new, hot, top, and rising. As with all subreddits, you can filter content by time if sorting by top. For example, choose "top" and select between now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year, or all time to see the top posts for a specific period of time. It’s the best way to see the hottest and most delicious asshole images on the subreddit, and it’s your ticket to Jizz Town if this is your kink.Look, bro. I’m not going to judge. Anal sex is one of the hottest fucking gifts you can give a woman, so my perverted ass should be the last thing to tell you what you should be cumming to. Still, if you ever have the opportunity to give a beauty like one of these on the ol’ fudge packin’ special, be sure her asshole is clean. The last thing you want to do is fuck a bitch that just ate enchiladas and deal with the fallout from diarrhea.Suggestions:What else can do correctly that it isn’t already doing? There are hundreds of people contributing to the subreddit at any given moment, the subscriber count is impressive, and it’s continuing to grow. As long as there is a demand for asshole pictures of females, this subreddit will continue to grow.