Reddit Exxxtras, aka r/Exxxtras! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work behind the scenes on a porn shoot? Of course, you fucking have! What horny mother fucker hasn’t?! What do you think it’s like? Is it all professional and ‘stuffed shirt’ like a goddamn Spielberg flick, or is at fucking dirty and naughty as the pornography that’s being filmed?While you’d have to actually work behind the scenes on porn sets to get the answer, Reddit.com/Exxxtras may be the closest thing you’ll come to getting your answer without being there. That is, until a livestream virtual reality service inevitably allows you to peek in on what’s behind the curtain (wouldn’t that be badass?). The NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddit doesn’t just show what many may see as an informative look at what happens on porn productions when the cameras are rolling, but make no mistake. The content here may be more lighthearted than other NSFW subreddits, but it’s still fucking sexy.Over 315,000 membersYou’re going to get off to the images and GIFs on Reddit.com/r/Exxxtras despite seeing what a behind-the-scene shoot looks like. Other people seem to agree, as the subreddit has over 315,000 members with roughly a few hundred members/lurkers online at a given moment. For a subreddit that has been around for a little over five years and doesn’t feature tons of hardcore content like other subreddits, that is an impressive number.While browsing the subreddit and feeling my cock getting hard with every turn of the page, I noticed that content is posted regularly. It all depends, though. Some days there will be a handful of images and GIFs, maybe a dozen or more. Other days, users will only find one-to-two posts, period.Still, I never came across a day where there wasn’t at least one post showing a hot bitch getting slutty with her co-workers. There is always something new to view here. If you’re thinking about putting this subreddit into that super-secret porn subreddit list of porn that you created late at night, know that it’s a suitable addition to your spank bank list.A unique niche of NSFW contentWhen you think about NSFW subreddits featuring hot porn stars showing off their craft for the world to salivate over, you assume that the content is going to feature the same sort of porn you’d see on free tube sites. Most people imagine Riley Reid sucking 84 cocks (not 85 though, 84) in a row or Asa Akira getting stuffed by a million black cocks before she squirts, and they would be right to think that. Logic tells you that if you want a subreddit featuring GIFs and images of hot porn stars, posting the dirtiest shit would bring in the most people.Yet, that’s not at all what Reddit.com/Exxxtras is. Sure, you’re going to beat off to the GIFs and images here, but there’s more to this niche subreddit than looking at GIFs ripped from porn videos. This is shit that only happens behind the scenes! It’s fucking rare to see any behind-the-scenes content from a porn shoot unless you go to a specific category such as on PornHub, and even then, these kinds of categories are usually buried far below the more sought-after categories anyway.So it’s fucking awesome to see a subreddit that features only curated content from behind the set of porn shoots. What I love about the subreddit the most is that it never forgets why people are here in the first place. You’re not going to see any videos of Phoenix Marie showing the audience where they get their pussies powdered or the part of the set where everyone gets complimentary asshole bleaches. The content here is never that boring despite the fact that Phoenix would probably host the entire tour naked.Instead, expect to find what actually goes on behind the scenes of a shoot. As you will find, it fucking differs from one set to another. Some GIFs show cameramen and even camera girls sucking cock and getting fucked by talent, while others show the performers we all know and love warming up and getting ready for their next scene by fucking the director.Really, Reddit.com/r/Exxxtras can be seen as the best recruitment tool for attracting top behind the scenes talent to the porn industry. For fuck sake, if I knew how to hold a goddamn camera still while getting my cock blown by Jessa Rhodes, I’d buy my own RED camera, buy an airplane ticket, and fly my horny ass out to America to start a new career. Your horny ass is probably going to start practicing how to stabilize a camera too after watching these hot, horny bitches satisfy every person on the payroll.A sexy sub that’s actually funnyHow many times has porn been sexy while actually being legitimately funny – take your time, I’ll wait. If that felt like a trick question and you answered, ‘never,’ I can’t really fucking blame you. It seems that when porn tries to make you laugh while also attempting to drain your balls, it always comes across as hilariously bad and cheesy. And the porn industry has embraced that cheesier side. Why the fuck do you think there’s always an XXX parody of literally anything and everything?And look, that fucking works. But what also works is a subreddit like Reddit.com/Exxxtras, where the content is sexy yet humorous. A platform like Reddit seems like the best fit when it comes to combining humor and sex appeal. It works for a subreddit like /r/trashyboners, and it works here, too.Speaking of /r/trashyboners, I found myself laughing at Reddit.com/r/Exxxtras just as much as I did on that subreddit – which says a lot given the sexy trainwrecks that have come to define /r/trashyboners. I laughed differently because of the ridiculous antics (albeit sexy as fire antics) that I saw while browsing the subreddit. For example, there is a GIF of Lena Paul fucking her pussy with a dildo on the side of a bathtub, only for her to fall over and jam the dildo up inside her as she laughs like a maniac. It’s something you don’t fucking expect; despite it being hilarious, goddamn, she was working that pussy…And that’s the thing about Reddit.com/Exxxtras: it’s the perfect balance between what’s sexy and funny. But not everything is funny. There’s a ton of images and GIFs that simply show behind the scenes footage featuring the talent fucking and blowing people that are not on camera. These GIFs and images aren't funny; they're just fucking hot! There’s even one GIF on Reddit.com/r/Exxxtras where Karina Kay sucks off her co-star while getting makeup, then proceeds to actually eat out the makeup artist! I'd love to have seen what happened once catering showed up.This brings up an important question: do you have to be sexy as fuck to work behind the scenes on a porn shoot? It seems like they’re all fucking hung, or the females have perfect tits and beavers. In a lot of cases, I couldn’t tell the difference between who was the talent and who was responsible for shooting footage or grabbing bagels for the cast to eat between takes. These guys are ThePornDude-hung: and everybody is always horny. Now how do I get a job here again?!Browses exactly like RedditIf you already know how to use Reddit, guess what mother fucker? You can browse Reddit.com/Exxxtras starting now! Like every subreddit that has ever existed and will exist on Reddit, this sub features the same sorting options that you know. But for those that have never visited Reddit (and if not, where the fuck have you been?), go to the top of the page to find the sorting options. There, you will find that you can sort by hot, new, top, and rising. When you select top, you can also choose to see which posts were the top upvoted during a certain period of time.For example, after you select top, you can choose to see the top posts either now, this hour, today, this week, this month, this year, or all time. And I fucking urge you to browse by "top" on Reddit.com/r/Exxxtras. I don’t say that is a requirement often, but if you want to see the very best that this subreddit has to offer, you have got to browse by "top" and "all time". The shit you’ll see…my God. You may be updating your resume today and looking at airplane tickets, that’s all I’m saying.Suggestions:Reddit.com/r/Exxxtras shows what behind-the-scenes of a porn shoot actually looks like: hot, fun, and ball draining! More members to the subreddit would be preferable since it would mean even more sexy content is uploaded to the sub. Still, the content that is offered is unmatched, unique, and further proves why NSFW subreddits are special pornographic destinations of the Web that should not be missed.