O Faces

Reddit O Faces, aka r/O_Faces! A few things in life command your complete attention like an orgasm. Yes! It’s those few seconds of complete bliss and pure ecstasy during which you tend to completely lose all of your inhibitions. And once you’ve lost all your inhibitions, unexpected shit can happen.Take ThePornDude, for instance. I once climaxed when screwing some casual hook up, and at some point between my pulling out and spraying fluids all over her, I got a terrible cramp in my calf and started groaning in pain. This was the first time I had ever been with this particular bitch, so once I was done writhing and massaging my goddamn leg, I felt compelled to explain to her that I don’t normally fucking scream while getting off. It was fucking hilarious, and I guess she was both surprised and disappointed because she probably thought she had given me the fucking ride of my lifetime.Well, honestly speaking, orgasms can be quite shocking to the system, especially if you didn’t have a damn clue that your body could experience one. At first, orgasms can be accidental, surprising, or even scary. But in most cases, they are fun and always leave you wanting more. Additionally, everyone has an orgasm at a certain point in life. For some, it’s that unforgettable run-in with a hot tub jet as a teenager, while others had a teenage curiosity that involved stumbling upon internet porn. Many others learn to orgasm through jerking off. And nothing helps to make fap sessions more exciting for men that jerking off to images and videos of hot babes getting off!Given that there’s such a fucking smattering of experiences, and there’s no “correct” way to figure it out, it really helps to watch other people experiencing it. I guess that’s why some smart guy out there thought of coming up with an online platform where people can enjoy watching others get off and started a subreddit named reddit.com/r/O_Faces/. As the name suggests, it's the platform where you'll see GFY Cat and standard images that feature girls during a steamy Ooh moment.First ImpressionsI like to start off my reviews of adult content sites with an analysis of some objective metrics. It always gives me a pretty good idea of how the place is performing. For starters, it’s really quite impressive to see that reddit.com/r/O_Faces has been active for almost a decade now, having been established on August 4, 2010. However, the site has not been pushing out content on a very regular basis. There are currently 323 K members on this platform, which makes it one of the top 100 NSFW places on Reddit. I decided to sort out all the submissions based on the date of submission and found that approximately 15 new posts are uploaded per day. Well, I know this might seem pretty low, but considering how specific the content is, you’ve got to give them a break.Fucking Great Ooh Moments on O_FacesSo yeah – what the fuck is O Faces all about? Basically, it’s whenever horny chicks get extreme levels of pleasure until they literally go Ooh as they take dick or sex toys deep inside their pussies. I must admit that as much as the content on O Faces is not updated on a very regular basis, whatever material is uploaded is pretty awesome and all jizz-worthy. I decided to check out the top-rated submissions of this month since I figured it's probably a great place to determine whether or not this site is good for adult material. Honestly, I was not disappointed at all, and after checking out a couple of posts, which are mostly GFYCat, the equipment in my pants had already gotten hard and throbbing with excitement.As I already mentioned, almost all the posts are GFYCat. Well, that is a great sign since you actually need short clips to really capture the true essence of these babes losing their minds to great orgasmic pleasure. As I was browsing through the top 25 submissions, I came across several clips that I would say are really worth fapping to. The girls here truly put up a performance, and the fact that they are showcasing real experiences rather than staged performances makes everything more interesting.In one of the clips, some dude is diddling a hot teen blonde's skittle who looks like she really loves it, and then all of a sudden, it hit. She gets a pretty powerful one and gets really loud as her whole body gets all tingly. The boyfriend starts to pull away looking concerned, but the chick gets a death grip on his hand, and she growls, "don't you stop, damn it!" the clip is really hilarious because the boyfriend looks at her like she's fucking possessed.In another clip that I really loved, a sexy girl was masturbating herself with a dildo in the bathroom, and she got a very intense orgasm that she actually passed out immediately after exploding. I mean, it was so fierce that her face went completely numb, like how it normally feels when your leg or arm falls asleep. Honestly, I couldn’t help imagining myself bursting a nut into her and making her feel the same sensation she’s feeling while in the bathroom. Anyway, I could go on and on about the steamy scenes in the short clips I found here. But the one sure thing I would say is that all the clips stick to the theme and entire purpose of this subreddit as all the chicks display some pretty authentic Ooh faces when they finally get the Ooh moment.The ProsI must say I was truly impressed by a couple of things on O_Faces. For starters, this is a very rare and unique niche. I mean, I know a ton fuck of dudes, even some that don't watch porn, who just love to watch women having an orgasm. In fact, I would say some men, like ThePornDude, are actually addicted to female ejaculation. And who can really blame them? It’s not something that you get to see very often. It just goes to show that those dudes at Reddit can make sexy to the point of becoming a fetish.Secondly, I like the fact that this is a well-moderated platform. There are very few rules on O_Faces, except that the girls have to be getting off. Videos are not permitted on the site, and most of the content is in GIF or GIVF format, which is really great because the clips are short and only capture the girls in their true Ooh moments.Moreover, I liked the fact that the site is user-friendly in several ways. First, the clips are high quality, and you can clearly see the action. It’s also free to become a member of this great community, and once you sign up, you can upload content, as long as it conforms to the theme, and comment on other members’ posts. I also loved the fact that there are no fucking annoying ads on the site, which is great because ads really interfere with both my viewing and fapping pleasure.The ConsOn the downside, I honestly don’t have a lot to say about what pissed me off with O-Faces. But I have to mention that the site is a bit slow on content. The submissions are a bit spread out, with approximately less than five coming in per day. Anyway, I guess that has something to do with not allowing members to submit videos to the site. Perhaps if they allowed members to submit videos besides GIF clips, the community would be more active, and we would see more content uploaded frequently.ThePornDude’s Final TakeOkay, gang! ThePornDude is done here, and frankly speaking, I would highly recommend you to visit /r/O_Faces if you love to jerk off to material with women having orgasms. The site is also great if you love watching hot babes having multiple orgasms. The small issue about the slow rate of updates is completely countered by the fact that the content submitted is so damn fucking hot and mostly consists of short clips that capture the actual Ooh moments. Overall, the quality here surpasses the quantity, and I guess that's always great for happy fapping folks!