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Ask Reddit After Dark, aka r/AskRedditAfterDark! Sex stories have been “most of” the hype recently in the porn industry. A lot of people have considered making them their Friday night porn highlight because not only does it take longer to read through them than it would to watch a cut-out XXX video on a porntube, but they also provide much more depth and richness. Think about the Harry Potter books. For example - many fans of the franchise will tell you that the books are worth far more in terms of value than the movies solely for the number of details that they contain.And that’s an absolute truth - no 2-3 hour movie could ever hope to include as many details and as much plot richness as a book could. And the same applies to written-format pornography and erotic content - you can’t ever hope to include as many raunchy, tension-building details in a cut-out porn video as you could in a sex story.That’s why /r/AfterDark here is home to just over 324 thousand members, all of which are fans of written-format erotic XXX content. But this Subreddit doesn’t contain just any kind of sex story. In essence, anyone with a decent imagination and writing prowess can go online and start spewing out any made-up sex story whenever they want. And while I understand that lots of people don’t care for the authenticity of a sex story when they start fapping to it, I do know that this Subreddit’s subscribers don't want any of that fake nonsense.The people who frequent /r/AfterDark don’t come here to read works of fiction - this Subreddit is full of nothing but 100% authentic content, regardless if it’s a question, confession, or otherwise. Let me tell you everything you need to know about this Subreddit and help you make a decision of whether or not it’s worth spending time and loads on.Before You Ask...No - you won’t be able to find any kind of picture or video here. If you’ve got a daily habit of choking your meat to random PornHub videos or pictures, then don’t come here thinking you’ll find something that will “tickle your visually-fancied pickle” just because the Subreddit is named “After Dark”. I can assure you that you’ll only find text-based pornography. The content here requires patience and imagination in order to be consumed properly, and I doubt you’ll be able to do that if you’ve spent the past 5+ years masturbating to videos because you can’t focus on anything that doesn’t look visually-enticing for at least five seconds.A Lot of These Are Just Weird Sex ConfessionsThe majority of posts you see here on /r/AfterDark are just sex confessions that people have been wanting to get off their chests by telling someone - even if it’s a Subreddit with over three hundred thousand subscribers. A lot of them are weird too - and of course, they’d be. I mean, you can’t expect a “sex confession” to be normal and orthodox. If a person is confessing something to you, then they’re getting something off their chest, and when it’s a sex confession, it might have involved defecating on a person’s chest (no pun intended), which isn’t exactly an easy secret to keep. Sometimes people need to share these stories with others so they can feel relieved - and sometimes they just feel good about telling the world about what kind of depraved sex they’ve had. And there’s no better place to do that than here on /r/AfterDark.Some Are Sexually Liberating QuestionsA lot of people are still having boring sex even now in quarantined 2021, and that’s just got to go. I mean, don’t they watch enough porn to learn a few new tricks? I can’t believe that there are dudes tied town to long-term relationships where their girl doesn’t let them slap, pull her hair, or choke her while having sex with them. There are even some dudes out there who don’t eat ass, and plenty of girls who don’t suck dick, which is just downright depressing.Nowadays, a lot of stuff that’s normal when having sex still gets kinkshamed by annoying boomers and conservatives alike. It leaves a lot of people afraid to put out like they genuinely can because they’re scared of their partner judging them, especially if they’re women. That’s why there are plenty of posts here which contain questions on whether or not a sex act is okay. It really helps lift the veil of kink-shaming off a lot of people who were previously unsure of how to conduct themselves during a good old fashioned sex session.And Some Are Just General Sex QuestionsAnd last but not least, there are plenty of posts on /r/AfterDark here that are just regular sex questions which people ask. They’re not too shameful or extreme or anything like that - they’re only common sex questions that people ask because they’re too inexperienced to have found out themselves the “hands-on” way. They couldn’t ever learn from watching porn or from sex education. This is the rarest kind of post on the site, though, so don’t expect to run into it a lot.Again, There Is No Means of Real Content Organization or Post-Type SegregationReddit is and always will be an ultra-concentrated freeway intersection of original content and information, and that’s precisely why I love it and consider it to be one of my favorite websites on the internet. One thing that will always bug me about it is the fact that there aren’t any effective content organization, separation, and segregation tools on it. You could go on any given XXX Subreddit here that contains images, GIFs, and videos and won’t be able to separate the three formats of content.You also won’t be able to find anything based on tags or categories, which can be problematic, especially on XXX Subreddits. In addition, there is also no form of categories on this site whatsoever, which again is a problem since Reddit itself is home to dozens and maybe over a hundred XXX-themed Subreddits.The best that you could hope for on this site when it comes to content organization is the good old search bar. Reddit’s search bar lets you look for any specific in-Subreddit content it may contain - but the only problem is that the search queries only target post titles. Now, why would that be a problem, you ask? Because a LOT of post titles on XXX Subreddits such as /r/AfterDark here and so on are written very vaguely and don’t actually contain the keywords which describe the things that appear in their content.Yes, This Subreddit Works Great On Any Phone or Compact Digital DeviceThe Reddit website is pretty good when it comes to mobile optimization - but the App makes the mobile version of the site look like it was created in 2004 using old PHP. If you’ve ever wanted to experience a seamless post-browsing experience with a fast application that doesn’t take up too much memory, then the Reddit application is, without a doubt, your best bet. You can install it on your smartphone in just a few minutes, and you’ll have access to all the stuff this site contains, including the dirty stories here on /r/AfterDark.