Gone Wild Couples

Reddit Gone Wild Couples, aka r/GoneWildCouples! Gone wild content has been going wild all over the internet for some time now. God only knows how many subreddits have been created just for different niches of gone wild girls. Well, it’s time for some couple representation as well! People want to see some hot amateur couple sex content as well, and that’s what the Gone Wild Couples community is all about. If you want to know more about it, then keep reading. If you’re into amateur content with a lot of fucking in it, then you certainly won’t be disappointed by what this place has to offer you. It’s just the most amazing shit you’ve ever seen. All the pictures and videos are 100% authentic and genuine, as you’ll soon come to realize on this platform.Completely free amateur couple sex tapesOf course, since we’re talking about Reddit, I’m pretty sure that you already know that /r/gonewildcouples is 100% free for you to use. Most subreddits offer nothing but free content and place a hard pass on any ads that might plague their little piece of heaven. If you’re someone who likes to see nothing but pure gone wild content with couples fucking in it, then this community is perfect for you. Whenever you’re in doubt about whether you will find brand-new and completely free content, then just know that /r/gonewildcouples always has something in store for you. You won’t even have to put a pause on it since there’s always something brewing and ready to be released on this sexy sub.Not only is all of this content completely free for you to enjoy, but you can also rest assured that new photos and videos are being uploaded constantly. If you ever run out of things to watch in the Hot section, which is highly unlikely, there’s always the Rising segment. And if you ever go through everything on Rising, then New is always open for business. We’ll talk about that last section a bit later in this review, but for now, just know that it has the most content out of any other part of this subreddit. I often go here if I’m feeling frisky for some brand-new amateur couple content that nobody has ever seen before except for me who has to decide whether it’s worthy for the Hot part of the sub.Real and genuine couples posting their amateur contentIf you ask me, simply having a lot of free porn content isn’t enough to draw someone in to stay for a very long time. They also need to know that the shit they’re watching is 100% authentic! I think that /r/gonewildcouples manages to suffice in that regard because they make sure that the pictures and videos submitted here look like real encounters filmed on phones and similar tech that everyday people have. If that’s what you want, the Gone Wild Couples is absolutely filled with those kinds of videos and photos. You never know what’s in store for you right around the corner as you explore the endless crevices of this amazing amateur community of raging fans of the ‘gone wild’ porn genre.If you’re looking for authentic amateur porn clips with real couples fucking hard, then this is the subreddit for you. Trust me; you can immediately see whether something is fake amateur content or real amateur porn. I need to take just one look at this stuff, and I immediately know that I’m looking at some real couple sex tapes, no doubt about it. There are some strict video naming guidelines that people have to keep in mind when posting stuff here. You need to know exactly what to title your content when you’re on this subreddit. For example, you need to mark what kind of couple we’re talking about. Is it a MF combination? Maybe it’s a bit gayer with MM or FF? Either way, you need to mark it.There are so many rules to followAnd while someone might think that these rules are excessive, I definitely see how they can be helpful when you just want real and authentic sex tapes here. If you don’t want anyone to post whatever they want, then you need to cull all the posts that break the rules of the sub. Gone Wild Couples does a good job at that, so you can always expect that it knows what it’s doing whenever it removes some content that doesn’t seem to be completely genuine. The last thing you want to see here are professional porn stars. I think we’ve all had enough of that bullshit, and we’re all looking for something more real now.That’s why some of the rules here state that no content from big and popular porn sites is allowed. Not only that, but you need to verify that it’s your original video or photo that you’re posting! On the bright side, they aren’t as strict when it comes to how many people should be in the videos and pictures as long as it’s more than two. That might seem weird coming from a subreddit called Gone Wild COUPLES, but I guess it is what it is. Sometimes there’s a chance for more than two people to be in these sex tapes. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with that since I always like to participate in a threesome with two other bitches, and I like seeing that kind of stuff anyway. It’s all good with me, so I hope you like it too.Some content is more popular than otherThe mods even give you advice as to what kind of stuff you should submit to the sub. It seems that there are specific things that get more upvotes than others. Good quality videos always get shot to the top of the Hot section as long ass they’re made by an amateur couple. Then you will also notice that pictures are quite popular, as long as they aren’t of hardcore close-up shots. Nobody seems to care much about that since you can find pictures like those anywhere on the internet. What people like is softcore images that reveal as much as possible. That means tits, faces, everything that might be taboo for you to reveal.Of course, you don’t have to be a couple posting content; you can always just be a perv looking to jerk off. I have nothing against that, but I feel like I would like to contribute to this place. However, you will never know what content is coming from me! Ha! Well, it’s likely going to be me with two chicks, but since all the photos and videos are anonymous, you might never know. And you can never reveal someone’s identity in these kinds of subreddits, including /r/gonewildcouples. It’s a bit no-no, and it will land you a permanent ban. The mods will probably inform other subs too, and they’ll ban you as well.The customization could be done a bit betterI like that they customized the sub a little bit, especially with the verification system as well as a custom banner and avatar. The avatar is pretty great, but I think the banner could be better. Right now, the banner looks like nothing but a really low-res texture. I’m sure they can find something for free that they can use. Better yet, just do it yourself! I’m sure that even a third-grader could do a better job at creating some kind of seductive texture. That’s about the time when they start getting into porn anyway, right? Either way, I appreciate all the work they put into this subreddit, so it looks a bit nicer.I really think that this sub is worth checking out if you’re into this genre. Who knows, you might get a good kick out of it. Moreover, you might even get into it so much that you want to start posting your own pictures and videos as well. Just make sure that you’re using gfycat and not any of those tube sites cause that just doesn’t fly here. Anyway, I really like it that they’re using all these precautions in order to make sure that the videos are 100% authentic and genuine and not some kind of bullshit porn that someone downloaded off of another website and posted it on /r/gonewildcouples to get easy karma.