Reddit Cum Fetish, aka r/Cumfetish! I know that a lot of people who watch porn on the daily have a thing for cumshot compilations - it’s hard to imagine guys watching porn and not getting at least a little excited when the guy pumps a load down his girl’s mouth, or glazes it all over her face. Facials have been around in porn for a very long time, and only now are they being accepted more and more by women who have finally stopped seeing them as degrading.I mean sure, the act does look degrading, but if you’re a girl and you really love your guy, then you have to let him do that to you; otherwise, he’ll find a different girl who will. But cum fetishes, in general, aren’t just about oral creampies and facials - think of a woman’s body as a beautiful canvas to paint on, and you’ve got an unlimited supply of paint to work your magic with. And the only way that paint can be acquired is through the act of making love. I’ll be damned if these weren’t the most poetically erotic and romantic few sentences I’ve ever written.But to stick to the point - /r/CumFetish here is full of, well, cum stuff. It’s likely one of the best places to go if you’re into all things cum-related (which we’ll get to later). There are plenty of posts here that get uploaded on a daily basis, and you can always flip through the pages and check out the archives. There’s literally no limit to the content here - even though there is, but I don’t think that it would be actually possible to reach it.There’s also a great variety of content too, so you’ll likely never get bored of this Subreddit if you’re a true cum fetish fan. Let me walk you through /r/CumFetish here and help you determine whether or not you’d like to blow loads to the content on it (which is nothing but blowing loads, ironically enough.)First Thing’s First - This is a Subreddit, and That Means a few Different Things…All of Reddit’s Subreddits don’t tolerate any toxic behavior or negative comments - regardless if they’re loosey-goosey or very strict with their rules and guidelines. Reddit is a community-based site too, not a porn website. While you can expect to be provided source links and names for the content you open here (most of the time), you also can’t expect the same level of accessibility and organization that’s prevalent on most traditional porn sites.There are no categories or tags on Reddit - but at least there are original content posts made by members of the site. It wouldn’t be crazy to stumble upon a post here that shows some girl getting her face glazed by cum, and to turn out that the post was actually recorded and uploaded by her. Lastly, most content that gets uploaded on Reddit is hand-picked or created by the community, so you’re guaranteed to see high-quality posts most of the time.So What Kind of Content Can You Expect Here?This subreddit captures a whole spectrum of cum-related XXX content, and it’s not just the typical stuff you’re used to seeing too. In addition, the posts here come in both image and video format, and it seems as if they’re about half and half in terms of quantity. There are also plenty of amateurs here, and the occasional familiar-face pornstar does make an appearance too, which is very ironic and hilarious because most familiar faces you see here get facialized. All the posts here are varied; this Subreddit has a wide spectrum and variety of sub-genres that fall under the cum fetish thematic, and they are as follows...There’s The Classic Facials…Ah yes, who doesn’t love marking a girl on their face with cum after a fierce fuck session. Facial cumshots are probably the most popular type of cum fetish. For a long time, they were mostly prevalent in just porn, because society wasn’t really ready for a whole crazy world of fetishes like it is now. Guys who watched facials on older porn used to dream about doing it -and some still do. Luckily this Subreddit is here to make life easier for all those dreamers out there. But there’s one more cum fetish on this Subreddit that’s undoubtedly as popular as facials, which brings me to my next point...Creampies…Birth control pills be praised; the era of creampies is finally upon us. There’s probably no better feeling in the world than released a load right inside a girl - condoms can make that a risk-free thing for a lot of people, but then again, a lot of people don’t like using condoms for sex. Luckily for them (and the entirety of the Male population,) birth control pills are here to help us experience the bliss of procreating without actually procreating. Those “once a month” birth control pills have helped make a whole generation of people feel awesome while simultaneously preventing the birth of a whole generation of people.And Plenty of Body Shots TooAh yes, painting can be a fun hobby - especially when your penis is the paintbrush, the cum is your paint, and the girl you just fucked is your canvas. I don’t want to sound too romantic again, but there’s just something peculiar about cumming all over a woman’s back, titties or ass that makes those random splashes of cum look like abstract art it might be the large amount of serotonin that’s released when ejaculating. Still, I don’t want to get too sciency about it.Body cumshots aren’t a favorite cum fetish for many people, but this particular cum fetish does appear quite frequently on this Subreddit. If you find spraying women’s bodies with cum to be fascinating or arousing, then /r/CumFetish is just the place for you.Not To Mention Cum-Swapping and KissingOh yeah, this one’s becoming more and more of a classic nowadays than ever. Getting a blowjob from two girls is one thing, but cumming on their faces or in their mouths afterward and watching them play with it is just next level. There are plenty of threesome-style posts on this Subreddit that depict cum-play and swapping between both amateurs as well as pornstars. Most of these are videos as well, because you can’t really capture all of that glazed magnificence in a still image. So if you like two girls using their mouths to literally “play with your kids”, then you’re going to have a lot of fun here on /r/CumFetish.Yes, You Can Absolutely Blow a Load to This Content via Your PhoneIf you’re the kind of person who likes to watch pornography from their phone, then you’ll be happy to know that Reddit is one of the best-optimized platforms when it comes to smartphone access (or other small digital devices.) It has its own application that lets you get on it in a jiffy, and browsing the posts on the app version is a breeze.I used to frustratingly open and close all kinds of XXX posts on Reddit repeatedly just so I can have myself a nice fap session, but the app lets me browse through all the posts in a slideshow style without having to see the comments or anything like that. Trust me; you’ll want to download the app if you’re looking to remotely fap to porn on Reddit from your phone.