Reddit AltGoneWild, aka r/AltGoneWild! Do you love staring at those bad looking bitches? I’m not talking about when your mother strips out of her sweatpants showing you all the shit she shoplifted from the local big box store as you try to hide your mystery boner, either. I’m talking about the goddesses over at Reddit.com/AltGoneWild. If you get off to the pieces of ass that have piercings all over their bodies and more ink than original skin cells, you’re going to love this subreddit!So if the vanilla extract that is /r/GoneWild or the equivalent doesn’t do it for you – if you need a little taste of the ‘alt’ to get you off, visit today. The subreddit is active, it’s been around for years, and the content is always flowing. But fuck, look at me: I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s focus on the task at hand, shall we?Over 350,000 membersThat task at hand involves your hand, your cock, and the over 350,000 members that make Reddit.com/r/AltGoneWild the magical subreddit that it is. During this review, I found that the alt-centric sub had about as many people online as other subreddits that fall within the 250k-500k mark. There were a few hundred people online at any given moment, lurking around the sub and seeing what fresh content was getting posted next.They didn’t have to wait long to see the newest content. That’s because new content was posted regularly – at least once per hour. Granted, depending on when you visit the Reddit.com/AltGoneWild ultimately depends on how many people are posting content to the subreddit. No matter when you browse by new (more on that later), you’re going to get a better understanding of how much content is posted here and how often.As you look around and gawk at all the hot bitches showing off their beautiful ink and piercings, you’re going to realize that these altgirls are part of a tight-knit subreddit. The horny dudes that engage with them obviously are enamored with alternative chicks, and everyone is basically friendly and courteous with minimal catcalls. That’s because the main rule is for everyone to be excellent to one another. Don’t be an asshole and tell one of these chicks to get a little less ink on them next time they fill out the TPS reports for their boss (which would be a lame fucking joke anyway), nor should you ask them where the livestock show is if they have a stud in their nose similar to that of a barn animal.Look, these bitches are fucking hot – and if you throw around smart ass comments like that in their posts (first of all, you will get banned), I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t dox you, fly down to your house, and kick your fucking ass. Look at how many tattoos they have: do you know how fucking bad that hurts? They can tolerate it, and that’s fucking sexy.Only amateurs here – it’s the rulesI know plenty of horny mother fuckers get off to mainstream ‘altgirls’ (which sounds like an oxymoron) like that…what was her name? The bitch tattoo artist that had 99% of her body inked and was in a lame-ass reality show over a decade ago? I can’t remember, but you can still find used, sticky posters of her in flea markets near the Texas-Oklahoma border (at least that’s what my intel tells me).But that isn’t what Reddit.com/r/AltGoneWild is all about. There are no professional alternative chicks here or anyone from the mainstream. Those hot porn stars that have every orifice tattooed on their bodies are not here, either. The only content allowed on the subreddit is original content, meaning the poster can only submit content of themselves. Further, the content must be alt and ‘gone wild’ in some way: exposed breasts showing the female’s tattoos and piercings, for example.Don’t think that chicks have to have their nipples pierced or amazing tattoos to be able to post on Reddit.com/AltGoneWild because nothing could be further from the truth. This subreddit is a celebration of the alt scene in general (older generations used to call it punk). If the hot slut has pink panties with a zombie pirate on the front of the pussy, that’s fair game. Even if the altgirl doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings and wants to show a GIF of their tits while pulling up a Marilyn Manson t-shirt, that’s perfectly fine, too.If it’s alt, the content is original, and there is nudity involved, it’s fair game. Knowing this, you’re going to find that a lot of these beauties get creative with how they show off what alt means to them. Even if you never do it, I urge you to go to the top of the page, choose top, and filter by all time to get an idea to what ThePornDude is fucking talking about!A community for altgirlsReddit.com/r/AltGoneWild isn’t the official home of the altgirl scene. But it is one of the largest, inclusive, and welcoming communities for altgirls, so it’s got that going for it. If you’re into chicks that look fucking bad on the outside, the kind that look like they would ride your cock harder than you ever thought imaginable, get into a bar fight, then come back home and tell you to either eat them out or get pegged (or both) then these are the bitches for you!These hot sluts are ready to show off fucking anything and everything that the community wants to see. From showing off their perfect tits emblazoned with colorful tattoos that make them look like a 21st-century demonic beast to the many piercings that act like calling cards for being wild in the sack, these beauties seem to be ready to get nasty for the camera to give the visitors of Reddit.com/r/AltGoneWild their daily dose of sexy alt content.As you browse through the list, you will realize that there’s a ton of content here. That is to be expected when considering that Reddit.com/AltGoneWild has been around for over half a decade with again, content posted every single day. That’s a lot of content – even considering the members that have pulled their content off of Imgur over the years. So even if the sight of a green-haired slut with facial piercings makes your penis move at least a little bit, give Reddit.com/r/AltGoneWild a try – you’re not going to fucking regret it!Perfectly moderated, zero bullshitSubreddits can thrive and die based on the moderation team. Even one moderator can bring an entire subreddit to its knees, and thankfully you’re not going to find any of that neckbearded bullshit on Reddit.com/AltGoneWild. The moderators only have a few rules for posting and engaging with users (four in total). I’ve already covered them: content must be original, don’t be an asshole, and the content must be alt in some way.Moreover, members cannot advertise to sell content on the subreddit, either. That doesn’t mean sellers cannot post content there – they just cannot advertise it. Thus, an altgirl that wants to find new buyers can continue posting their services for sale in suitable subreddits like /r/SexSells, but using Reddit.com/AltGoneWild to post their original content that acts as an advertisement. Because when horny fuckers like myself find that a hot slut with 55 piercings and go to look at what else they have posted by browsing their profile, we’re going to find that they are selling; interested buyers will follow suit.Browses and performs like the Reddit you knowI don’t have to tell you that this subreddit browses like the rest of them – but I’m going to anyway for the one person reading this review that somehow has never used Reddit before. This is all old news to the initiated, but for that horny bastard that is only now visiting Reddit, it works like this. Every subreddit – including Reddit.com/r/AltGoneWild – allows you to browse content from the top of the page: new, top, rising, and hot. When browsing by top, you can apply filtering options that show top posts from a certain period of time: now, this hour, today, this week, this month, and all time.However you wish to browse the subreddit, these browsing options make it happen. Try them out, and experience the freshest and best content from one of the baddest gone wild subreddits around: Reddit.com/AltGoneWild! If you’re into this scene, with just one visit, I think you’re going to be fucking hooked!Suggestions:Reddit.com/AltGoneWild should not change a thing. The mod team should continue operating the subreddit as it normally does so that it grows even larger. It can scale and become a gigantic subreddit like the best NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddits if the right moves continue to be made.