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I’m a sucker for small chicks. If you manage to find a petite babe for me who wants to fuck, I will never turn down that offer. In fact, as long as she doesn’t look like garbage, she doesn’t even have to have a huge ass or nice tits. I like it when they have a cute face, and that’s about it. The reason why I like tiny chicks so much is that my huge cock is such a contrast to them. And if you’re the type of dude who likes punishing small girls with your huge dick, then you’re going to love /r/HugeDickTinyChick. On this platform, you can enjoy watching some of the sexiest little chicks get fucked hard by some of the biggest dicks in the industry.Ultra small chicks pummeled by monster cocksNow, you don’t have to have a huge dick yourself in order to enjoy this kind of content, but it definitely helps. If you ask me, this kind of content is the best that you could hope for out of a subreddit these days. There are so many subs that seem to have different ideas about which niche they are going to work for, but at the end of the day, hardly any of them deliver on what they’re supposed to deliver upon. For example, I don’t know whether these subreddits know what their users and subscribers want since they just never seem to get the content 100% right. On /r/HugeDickTinyChick, you can expect the content to be perfect for what the sub is described to offer.You will see some of the hottest pictures and videos of some tiny babes getting their pussies fucking destroyed by some of the biggest monster cocks that you probably didn’t even think existed out there because the sheer size of these seems so hard to even fathom. Anyway, these dudes with these huge cocks definitely do exist, and they’re on the prowl looking for the hottest petite babes so that they can basically take up the entirety of the babe’s insides with their dick. That’s pretty sexy if you ask me, and it’s definitely a kink that I can’t get enough of. That’s where /r/HugeDickTinyChick steps in and gives me all of this free content that I can enjoy as much as I want to.Users are active and post relevant pictures and videosNow, if you want to have a successful subreddit, then you’re going to have to get enough active users to post on your sub. The good thing about /r/HugeDickTinyChick is that it’s just so damn easy to find content like that online to post here. As I’ve said before, other subreddits have a really tough time finding the content that they are supposed to offer since it’s such an obscure niche. However, even though /r/HugeDickTinyChick might be a really specific niche that involves two very specific types of chicks and dudes, there seems to be a myriad of pictures and videos out there for people to post on /r/HugeDickTinyChick. That’s why there is so much content on this subreddit for you to enjoy.If you go to the New segment of the subreddit, you’ll be able to see just how much content gets posted here. I’m a sucker for places with a lot of porn content, and especially when it’s free, like on the various NSFW subreddits such as /r/HugeDickTinyChick. It’s not that I can’t pay for content like this, but it’s just that I like seeing a wide variety of these picture sand videos, and the people on this subreddit seem to be eager to show only the best of the best. But if you don’t care about seeing the absolute best of the pictures, then you can always go to that New segment that I just talked about and watch all the videos and pictures there.Huge community of hundreds of thousands of subscribersThe community base is huge here at an incredible 352k subscribers as of me writing this review, but you can expect many more people to join this subreddit in the near future. I know there will definitely be an influx of people who are going to start flooding this review once I put this piece out on my website, so there is bound to be more content incoming here. If you were worried about how much content there will be for you and whether or not it will be enough to satisfy your needs, then I just want to inform you that you definitely shouldn’t be worrying about silly trifles such as that. I think /r/HugeDickTinyChick definitely has your back when it comes to the quantity of content, but quality as well.So, once we have all that settled, I do need to mention that having over 350 thousand people isn’t exactly a great feat for a NSFW subreddit. Sure, it’s a lot if we take the average subreddit standard. As far as I know, some of the most popular games have subscriber numbers, which are also in the hundreds of thousands, so it seems like /r/HugeDickTinyChick is doing really well for itself, but there are other NSFW subs out there which all have similar or bigger numbers. Some of those subs shadow what /r/HugeDickTinyChick has in the sense that they have literally millions of subscribers who are always online and ready to consume brand new porn content.Active base with a lot of content being posted all the timeAs for the users here, I would say that they are pretty active, but you should definitely visit this place during evening hours cause that’s when people really get fired up. If you come to the website in the morning hours, you will only see a couple of hundred people. Once things die down and the day comes to, and end, all these little perverts with this kink come out of hiding and start browsing this subreddit for brand new content that they can jerk off to. Anyway, I don’t think that I’m a pervert for liking this kind of content. I just like to watch tiny chicks get pummeled by huge cocks without having to find one every night to fuck. There just aren’t that many petite babes to go around for that purpose.But one thing that the community absolutely cannot fix on their own is the shitty design that is definitely making /r/HugeDickTinyChick look worse than it actually is. The people who made this place don’t seem to care about doing anything with the design of the sub. They left the default colors; they didn’t add a custom banner, they didn’t even add a custom avatar. There is literally nothing in the way of a ruleset, and the description is as short as they get with these subreddits. This place should definitely think about adding way more in the way of customization so that people can finally have some fun while not feeling like they’re browsing a slum or something similar.The customization is abysmal but amazing Reddit featuresLuckily, Reddit has plenty of features that make the website look fucking amazing, and there are functionalities that you can use on every subreddit, /r/HugeDickTinyChick included. These functionalities include things like changing up the layout, changing the colors to a darker mode, and so on. You also have all the different segments which you can go to if you’re looking for some proper content, and you’ve run out of shit to watch on Hot. You can always check Rising in this case, and this will be content that is on its way to the Hot section, which you’ll be able to see before it gets there.Finally, there’s the New section that I mentioned before, and this one is full of garbage posts. The main reason this place exists is for the most active users on this subreddit to weed out all the bullshit posts and only leave in the best of the best. If this is something you can get behind, then you should help the place out by doing your part in only allowing the best posts to reach the Rising and Hot segment. If you do your job right, then the Top segment of the subreddit will be full of the most amazing content ever, and you can filter it according to different time ranges.