Reddit PAAG, aka Phat Ass Asian Girls! There is a reason big booties are being praised and watched by thousands, or to be more specific, millions of people. Every sane man I know who is not gay loves himself a nice, round, firm, and well-shaped bum. I'm informed that as dudes, we are subconsciously attracted to babes with big booties because, apparently, women with wider hips have it easier giving birth. It is written in our fucking genetic code, meaning we are compelled to look at our potential mates for procreation.I'm pretty sure that there isn't a single straight guy out there who can resist watching that big booty, mesmerizing long hair, and thick thighs when one of them appears on the streets or even on the small screen. What do you think is Kim Kardashian's, Beyonce's, and Nicki Minaj's famous body part? You guessed it genius; it's that big shapely booty!Even your boy here is a big fan of well-shaped glutes, and I just can't help but look in its direction every time I see one.If, like me, you are a member of the big booty loving association, then today is your lucky day. The site I'm about to review deals with nothing but huge fucking bums. I'm talking about a subreddit called /r/Paag. Now I know you've heard of 'Phat Ass White Girl' which is a concept that has existed for quite a while, but what if Caucasian bitches don't cut it for you? Many of the phat-ass sites out there tend to focus on Latin and Ebony hotties, with some Caucasian babes thrown in. However, /r/Paag shifts its focus on Asian babes instead. It's all about the Phat Ass Asian Girls (PAAG). If Asian babes with big juicy booties make you weak in the knees, read on as I tell you all about this phat ass Asian girl community./r/Paag: the metricsBefore we delve into the content on /r/Paag, lets first look at the numbers, shall we? The first thing of note is this is a pretty popular community, and about 353,000 Asian ass loving freaks call this place home. Needless to say, hundreds of them can be found online, either posting new booty images or getting off the ones already there. The sub was created on Nov 18, 2014, and has gone from strength to strength in that time, and around 25-30 new submissions are added daily. Anything for the greater good—I mean booty.Welcome to the big booty paradiseIf your love for big booties knows no boundaries, then this looks like a place you will want to spend the rest of your weekend. It is teeming with stunning Asian babes with gigantic backsides. They can be seen stripping, fucking hardcore, jumping up and down to ensure you see the jiggly side of their bums and going on all fours to give you an ample view of their real estate. Like you will note, the babes are a mixture of professional cum dumpsters and ordinary babes rocking big bums. Each girl is hotter and has a better ass than the next, so you may as well get blisters on your fingers from the endless scrolling.The community doesn't have a particular preference for images over GIFs like is the case with numerous subreddits I've seen. In fact, there seems to be a nice ratio of pictures and short clips, which should be fucktastic news for your messed up brain. For a niche like this that requires good angles and good lighting to make the asses even juicier, I'd say the short clips are more appealing. Not only will you see these babes flaunting those bums, every once in a while, but you will also see them bouncing up and down dicks and getting creampied. Talk about killing two birds with a single stone.The variety is also lovely, and depending on your tastes, you will be able to see loads of rear ends that hit the mark with your dopamine receptors. Do you prefer a little jiggle in your ass, or do you like 'em large and tight? It's all here! I'd say /r/Paag has a lot of big-ass Asian girls that I'd love to bone if I wasn't already fucking your sister. Damn, I didn't know Asian girls can rock such mouthwatering booties.There isn't a dud in the mixWithout mentioning names, I have seen a few subreddits dealing with booties that allow bitches with small to non-existent booties on the platform. Not /r/Paag. Every one of the bitches you find here is rocking a fabulous rear side, you know, the kind that shakes when she walks. Trust me; you'll never get tired of seeing these juicy Oriental girls putting their asses in your face. You can even imagine yourself grabbing a couple of handfuls of backdoor flesh while you slide your cock in between those gorgeous cheeks. If phat booty is what you wanna have for supper, there are enough girls with big butts, thick thighs, and round bubble butts to last you a lifetime. Well, probably not that long, but you catch my drift.Strict moderation is a necessary evilAnyone who has used Reddit knows all about the moderation in their communities. Well, I think it is absolutely necessary to have some rules to govern such a mammoth crowd. You don't want guys posting their hairy asses or their small pricks on a platform that is meant to showcase big booty Asian babes.They are pretty clear about the rules here. Apart from the obvious (no child porn and such), I was pleased to discover that /r/Paag demands that all models posted MUST have a phat ass. After all, who needs to see a bunch of bones? Also, models have to be of at least 50% East Asian ancestry to be accepted here. Subsequently, Russians, Indians, Pakistanis, etc. are not allowed. The babes you will find here are strictly from East Asia. It consists of China, Hong Kong, Macao, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. Make sure you read the rules if you want to have a good time here.Who wants to join in on the fun?Now that we've agreed you are a hopeless big ass fanatic, how would you like to join a community of likeminded freaks who can't have enough of jiggly rear ends? Reddit is a community-based site, and the content is uploaded by users. If you have any big butt pics of East Asian babes that you would like to share with the world, you are welcome to do so. All you need is a Reddit user account that will also enable you to access all the other NSFW subreddits. Want my advice? Getting that account is a no brainer if you want to make the best of your time on the internet. After all, Reddit is a fucking treasure trove of everything and anything adult. All you need is an email address and username, and you are good to go.Even better, it is absolutely free to do so, meaning there are zero excuses if you miss out on the fun. Even if by any chance you get tired of the oriental babes flaunting their juicy butts. There is so much more adult content on Reddit befitting whatever your brain demands.The best of /r/PaagSpicy East Asian butts; it is all about the big juicy bums here, and they all belong to babes from East Asia with no place for sluts from other parts of the world. The sub stubbornly sticks to its mission.All the models have big bums; the site has a strict policy against fucking duds, meaning you will not find any flat ass bitch here. All the babes are rocking a big bum, which is precisely what the doctor added.Big, active community; the sub has hundreds of thousands worth of members who make this place lively with interactions and fresh new submissions.Free; well, Reddit's biggest draw is the fact that everything is available for free. What more could you possibly ask for?Possible concernsNothing for now; I usually like to balance my reviews with a dose of criticism, but I have to admit there are zero faults with this sub. Unless, of course, you don't like big booties in which case what are you still doing here?ConclusionI think I've told you all you need to know about /r/Paag. If you are a lover of Asian babes who are perfectly endowed in their backsides, they don't come much better than /r/Paag. There are all types of babes from East Asia flaunting their massive booties for your fapping pleasure.