Reddit Squirting, aka r/Squirting! A lot of guys like to brag about how good they can fuck girls, but girls don’t really think you’re good in bed if you can’t make them cum. Once you get them to feel what that feels like, that’s when your life can begin - when that happened for me, I became the Porn Dude, and now I sell and allocate virtual pussy like it’s a stock. Anyways, girls will only remember you if you made them cum, but they can always fake it - how are you really supposed to be 100% absolutely sure that a girl has come after you’ve had sex with her?Well, you can’t really, unless you’re good enough to make them quiver or squirt. A lot of guys can make girls cum, but only the best ones can make them squirt or have quivering leg-shaking orgasms. There’s actually a Subreddit for the latter kind of orgasm, but guess what? There’s also a Subreddit for the former example too, and it’s called “/r/RedditSquirting.This 359 thousand-man strong Subreddit contains a virtually limitless amount of squirting content. The stuff here’s been collected from every dark crevice of the internet and posted here for the world to enjoy, and you can get your fill of it as much as you want since it’s free. If squirting is your thing, then you’ll definitely have a hell of a time here on /r/Squirting, and I really mean that because the people who post here get only the best stuff from all around the internet.I’m talking porn movies, live cam sessions, amateur crap - literally, everything is up for grabs in this squirt-lovers paradise, and there’s plenty of professional-made and amateur stuff too. Essentially any caliber of squirting fan can have a hell of a time on this Subreddit, regardless if they just discovered porn or have been fapping to it for over a decade. Let me break down all the finest and not-so-fine points about /r/Squirting here and help you decide if it’s worth your fap-time or not.So You have Your Solo Squirts…Girls know best what girls want, so if they really want to show the world how far they can squirt, they’re best off trying to pull that off by themselves. That’s why this Subreddit is filled to the brim with solo girls rubbing, fingering, and destroying their clitorises in 100 different ways just so they can have a squirting orgasm. There are TONS of solo videos, and GIFs of solo girls using toys on themselves or doing it the “hands-on” way, all by themselves. Some are webcam models, some are at-home amateurs who have nothing better to do in these quarantined times, and others are popular pornstars and XXX starlets with familiar faces that most porn fans can recognize.Hand-Assisted Squirts…Okay, so some girls do it solo - they can touch, finger, and fuck themselves with a dildo successfully enough to make themselves squirt with no additional assistance. Others, however, have a partner to help them - usually, it’s their husband or boyfriend, though. A lot of girlfriends have trained their guys to “handle them” well-enough down there in order to make them squirt (or at the very least have a quivering orgasm.) That’s why there are tons of posts here that contain that - thousands of videos and GIFs are posted here which show girls letting their men get to work, “hands-on” style, so if you’re a fan of that, you can definitely have a ball fapping to it here on /r/Squirting. But there’s one last archetype of content that’s prevalent here on this Subreddit, and it involves actual sex - the old fashioned way...And Squirts Caused by a Top Tier Dick-DownBecause penises were always meant to go into vaginas, and any sex-savvy girl will tell you that “there’s no replacement for a dick.” That’s why /r/Squirting has a sizable amount of normal-intercourse content too. Of course, all of it ends in the girl squirting, whether it’s a GIF or a video, so you’re guaranteed to have a “happy ending.” If you get aroused at the sight of men totally and unequivocally pleasing their women sexually, then this last-mentioned archetype of content on this Subreddit should be just your thing.And There Are Plenty of VideosA LOT of Subreddits tend to only have still-image format content on them and not focus much on GIFs or videos. But that’s really not the case here on /r/Squirting - since this Subreddit is focused on showing you nothing but girls squirting, of course, there’s going to be a huge emphasis on video content. I mean, you can’t capture a good squirt in a still-image, so naturally, you should expect to see nothing but moving pictures here.And I personally favor the video format here over all others because when it comes to squirting, the sound is also very important. I can’t imagine enjoying a good squirt without being able to hear the girl who’s shooting away her juices moan and wail in ecstasy as loud as she possibly can. There are also a lot of GIFs here too, which I guess are also okay to fap at, but in my opinion, squirting porn is best fapped to when it’s in video format.No Real Means of Content OrganizationAs good as Reddit is as a website, and as good as the porn on it can be, there’s still the problem that always remains when taking its Subreddits in regard. There is no effective means of content organization on them. You should be able to pick categories or at least tags when browsing any given Subreddit here. At least the ones that contain lots of content on them, and ESPECIALLY the ones that have pornography on them. But for whatever reason, there are no real means of content organization on this site - the best you can hope for is entering a good search query in the provided in-Subreddit search bar, and that’s a long shot in itself.That’s because the search bar here only targets post titles, and post titles on Reddit are largely arbitrary. For example, you can have 100 posts with redheads drilling themselves with dildos here on /r/Squirting, but might never be able to find them by using the search bar since all of them don’t contain the keywords “Dildo” and “Redhead” within them.The Reddit App Works Perfectly on SmartphonesNow that most people are forced to work from home, going to the bathroom to fap during a work break isn’t so exciting anymore. It’s one thing to go and crank one out during your work break in an office or some other work environment, but when you’re home, it’s just not so thrilling. But regardless of that, even your own roommates or family members can get annoying - and that’s why fapping to porn on your phone while in the bathroom is still a valid de-stressing option that you can rely on in these dark, quarantined times. And yes, /r/Squirting is totally optimized for smartphone access, as is the rest of Reddit thanks to the app. So if you need to open up some XXX squirting content in a jiffy, then you can definitely rely on /r/Squirting here to open up on your phone in under a minute via the Reddit app.