Reddit TheRatio, aka r/TheRatio! Reddit is truly a wonderful place, don’t you think? There is a subreddit for all your dirty desires; it all depends on what the fuck you are searching for. Well, today, I am here to talk about r/theratio/, which is a subreddit where the images are all about hips and waist. Have you ever looked at a chick and wondered, “damn, her ratio looks so fucking good?”… I am sure we all have at one point.Well, that is exactly what this subreddit is all about. You have thousands of gorgeous women who are posting their nudes showing off the ratio of their hips and waist. Obviously, they are all hot, and I assume ready for something more than just this. But, let’s leave that to our dirty imagination, while we enjoy what r/theratio/ has to offer.Slutty girls sharing their nudes.The whole point of this site is to share some of the dirtiest pictures, or so to speak. The point is to have pictures where the waist and hips are very visible, but that does not mean that the site overall does not offer some incredible nudes. From my browsing experience, I can easily tell you that the majority of the pictures here are basically nudes.I am sure we have all seen a hottie with a tiny waist and wide hips, and I am also sure that we all wanted to stick it in. Well, now you have a chance to explore loads of dirty images featuring those kinds of sluts, and of course, everything on Reddit.com is free. This subreddit is definitely one of my favorites, for many of the obvious reasons.Some of my favorite images included a straight-up nude featuring girls who have incredible curves. A lot of them also had big tits, and while that is not particularly a theme here, I think it was worth the mention. I think that the majority of them were also quite pretty, and a lot of them did not show their face. Although the whole point of this subreddit is to show us the hips and waist, I prefer images where I can see their face, of course.I guess what I am trying to say is that there is a lot to be seen here. The chicks really enjoy getting naked and showing off their beautiful body, and all of them have a nice ratio, or so to speak. This place is truly a wonderful place filled with the hottest girls. I am pretty sure that r/theratio/ is a nice proof of that if you ask me.Now, the majority of the posts here are actually images, but there are also naughty videos for those who prefer videos or gifs. But, keep in mind that the videos are pretty short because, at the end of the day, Reddit is not really a porn site. Reddit.com is here just to spunk up your fap time, and give you some naughty ideas or however you want to put it.Pretty dope layout, not gonna lie.It’s pretty obvious that a site that is dedicated to the users will have a great layout as well, don’t you think? Well, Reddit lets you choose whether you want a light or a dark design, and who in their right mind would choose the light one? I mean, we all browse for this kind of shit at night, and well, the dark layout lets you enjoy your browsing quite nicely.Every subreddit looks the same, but the contents of it are different. For example, you have reddit.com/r/theratio/, and here everything is listed in the middle of the page. All the details are on the side, and that is basically all you need to know. For browsing, you have some options on top, but I think you’ll get the gist of it.Register, comment, upload, chat.Would you like to enjoy a site with the hottest babes, random subreddits, and great privileges? Well, for those who would like to enjoy what Reddit truly has to offer, it is time to register. The r/theratio/ subreddit is considered a NSFW one, and that means that unless you register, you cannot really view what it has to offer.But do not worry, the registration is free, and if you become a member, you can enjoy all the usual privileges. For example, you can comment on any post; you can upvote your favorites or downvote the shit you dislike. You can also post your own crap in whichever subreddit you want, but for those who want to do that, it is important that you read the rules.All the rules to posting on r/theratio/ are listed on the side of the site, and they are pretty self-explanatory. However, each subreddit will have its own rules, and that is something you have to pay attention to. Usually, those rules will be listed on the side as well, and sometimes they might be presented on top of the page instead.Keep in mind that if you do not follow the rules, you can be banned. Seeing as how the rules are usually pretty obvious, I am not sure how one could fuck that up. But, if that happens, and you actually manage to get yourself banned, I want you to know that all of humanity is disappointed in your stupidity.In addition to all that, you also get an opportunity to chat with any of the users from Reddit. Ain’t that neat? Well, take your time and browse through all the NSFW sections, and you might meet some who would love to chat. But, since this site is not really meant for those kinds of purposes, don’t be a dick when you talk to people; otherwise, you can be blocked or banned.Other subreddits.Let’s not forget that while this subreddit is fucking great, there are thousands of other subreddits you can check out for free! Reddit.com is a site that basically thinks about everyone, so take your time and browse through. Sooner or later, you will find a subreddit that basically offers whatever the fuck you were searching for.There are lots and lots of NSFW sections, so creating an account on this site is definitely worth all your time. I am pretty sure that no matter what you would like to see, you will find it on this site. Let’s be fair; this is a site created by the users for the users, thus whatever you find here, some of y’all have decided to create it.This particular subreddit was created in 2011, and it has over 360k members, which is quite a lot. However, out of those 360k members, usually, there will be around 200 online, and comparing the numbers, that really ain’t much. But, from my experience browsing, they are a pretty active subreddit, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what matters the most?Keep in mind that this is just one of many other subreddits, and they are not all NSFW. I’ve seen a lot of meme pages, and sections where you can talk about some serious shit. There were also pages where you had lots of gifs of cats, or others where you had some other weirdly specific niche. This is why I always tell my peeps; you’ll always find something good on this site.What’s the gist.Well, I think I explained it nicely, but for those who love to skip to the conclusion instead of reading the full review, here goes nothing. This subreddit is dedicated to girls with wide hips and tiny waists, and most of the sluts here enjoy posting nude images of themselves... Although a lot of those nude images will not feature their face or whatever.The pictures tend to be of the usual quality, which also depends on who the fuck posted the picture. There ain’t as many videos as there are pictures, which is a bit sad, at least for me. I always prefer to look at an actual video than to imagine what could have happened after the photo was taken. But, who cares, right? At least everything is free.So, take your time and explore Reddit.com all you want. This place has it all, and this subreddit is just one of the thousands. I love curvy chicks, and their NSFW sections are hella lit. I am sure you’ll appreciate everything this place has to offer, and even if you are not the biggest fan of r/theratio/, there are thousands of other subreddit you can check out instead.