When It Goes In

Reddit When It Goes In, aka r/WhenItGoesIn! Every guy knows that sex boils down to the first few seconds when the dick goes into the vagina. If you do that right, then the whole thing will be perfect. Get it wrong, however, and it might turn out shittier than ever. If you wanna see tips about how to do it well, or even just some of the most extreme cases of initial pussy penetration, then I’ve got just the place for you. It’s called ‘When It Goes In: The First Moment of Pleasure’, and it’s a subreddit on Reddit.com. Now, for the sake of brevity, I’m just going to refer to this place as /r/whenitgoesin, but you’re going to want to stick around to see what it has in store for you. It might just be that perfect content you’ve been waiting for all this time.Perfect timing of the first few moments of penetrationFirst things first, let’s talk about the entire idea behind /r/whenitgoesin. You see, this community is centered around those first few sweet-ass seconds when the dick penetrates the pussy. You know what I’m talking about if you ever got to score some mad pussy. Now, I do that shit on the daily, so as you can imagine, I get pretty busy with pussy slaying. Not everyone needs to be a fucking magician when it comes to those initial few seconds, but you really do need to know how to tame that pussy so that you get the most pleasure out of it as the guys in these videos do. Let’s check out what they manage to do.You’ll notice that the cocks are usually really big, so right there from the get-go, you definitely want to have that under your belt. If you don’t have a big cock, then kiss your dreams of having the perfect penetration moment with any babe worth her salt. You might be able to get it with virgins, okay? But seeing as how today babes are losing their virginity in high school, it’s hard to imagine you having any luck there. It might just be best for you to check out this subreddit and just enjoy the content that it offers you. Who knows? It might just be exactly what you need for an amazing wanking session.An endless number of videos and gifsNow, if you ask me, you should never give up on fucking chicks, but /r/whenitgoesin offers so much amazing content that you just have to consider and then reconsider your options. Reddit is a great platform, and it offers a lot of amazing content. You can always count on this platform to provide NSFW content to you, however /r/whenitgoesin just takes things to a whole new level. You have never seen content like this in your entire life. Trust me, the videos (or rather the gifs) that you’ll be seeing here are top of the line, top-shelf, cream of the crop, perfect moments from all kinds of pornos, and sex tapes.You’re going to see everything from amateur babes taking on a monster cock on a one-night stand, to professional pornstars who are taking on some of the biggest dicks in the industry! The cocks are usually big, but it doesn’t have to be the case. What’s important is that the subreddit here captures the initial moments when the cock enters the pussy. And as you’d imagine, this makes for some of the hottest content that I don’t think any other place offers. You’re going to be begging this place, and the people subscribed to it to bless you with more and more content every time you visit this place. Trust me; it’s just that good. And you can call them videos or gifs, but what matters is that the content is fucking phenomenal and that you can get a good kick out of it no matter what.You get to watch it all 100% free of chargeThe official rules state that /r/whenitgoesin is for gifs and nothing else. Furthermore, these have to be direct sources, and not albums. Reddit gets a bit confusing with the upload mechanics, so it’s really hard to really get a hang of the video uploading process on the website. However, the people over at /r/whenitgoesin seem to know what they’re doing as they keep pumping out more, brand-new content whenever you come back here. It’s like there’s always something new waiting for you to jerk off to it. And while it does say that these things need to be gifs, videos posted on gfycat seem to be allowed so you’re going to be able to stream that playback with sound and everything. It gets better, though.You can also expect, as you probably already guessed, that all of these videos are completely free for you to enjoy. And in the comments, you’ll usually find a source link that will take you to an actual video on a porn tube site, and you’ll need this if you want to save it to a collection on that website. Reddit.com is a platform that encourages the sharing of free content, and they definitely don’t like it when their users are trying to sell bullshit on the platform. I think you can probably see where they’re coming from here. I mean, who the hell would want to give you a free platform with amazing features just so that you can use it as a business front for your shitty ideas and content? I don’t think any site would like that.Mostly high-quality videos featuring hot babesNow, there are some problems with /r/whenitgoesin. Even though you can expect to see plenty of high-quality content in this community, it does post some low-quality garbage from time to time. Sometimes the videos and gifs just don’t match what they’re supposed to on here. Instead of seeing the initial penetration process, sometimes, the video is just of a chick getting fucked. I have no idea where the mods are when this happens, but it seems that they are too busy jerking off to all the good posts to notice any of the bad ones flooding their sub from time to time, and it’s pretty annoying to me.But that’s where the community steps in. You see, /r/whenitgoesin has a pretty sizable community. It might be average for NSFW subs, but it’s a very active user base. You can tell from the fact that some of these posts get several thousands of upvotes at a time. You can always hope to see a lot of people online as well, as these dudes will be essential to keeping all the shitty content out of the Hot section. The Hot section is where all the magic happens, but before a post can come to that segment of the sub, it first has to go through the New and Rising segments where users are upvoting and downvoting content all the time to determine what’s good and what isn’t. And with over 385,000 subscribers, you can bet that a fair number of them are streamlining this process down to a T.The design could be much betterThen again, I’m not really a fan of the design here. The mods don’t seem to care at all about changing things up. Instead, we are stuck with the default settings without anything interesting to look at. You have to be proactive if you’re a mod and give your sub a little makeover so that people don’t just look at it and see a failed attempt at creating a Reddit community that is all about the magical first moments of fucking a slut up her pussy. We all want to see that content, so I hope that /r/whenitgoesin gets its shit together and changes some of these design choices.Then again, it’s not the end of the world. You can still hope to see a whole lot of content being posted all the time. The users don’t seem to care that much about the looks of this sub as long as all the good content keeps rolling in. If you want to be a part of this magical congregation of initial penetration connoisseurs, then you should create a Reddit account today and jump in the fray to do your part. You’ll get to upvote, downvote posts, and even comment on them as well!