Reddit Redheads, aka r/Redheads! A lot of men choose between either blondes or brunettes when it comes to the kind of woman they want. They usually don't even consider the more important dimensions to weigh out, like, for example, neuroticism, openness, conscientiousness, and, of course, breast size and ass-to-waist ratio. But there are a million things to consider when picking women, and I bet that a lot of you don't even think about red hair when weighing those things out in your minds.Natural redheads are pretty hard to find in the wild anyway, so I guess that's why most people don't even consider thinking about them when weighing options out - but they always manage to be the sluttiest kinds of girls in most cases. There's just something about redheads that makes them fuck like pro athletes - it might be the fact that they're redheads, so they don't often feel favored over their fellow blondes or brunettes, so they try to put out as much as possible just to prove a point.But despite that, the world loves redheads, and that's very evident here on /r/Redheads - a XXX Subreddit with over 393 thousand members. /r/Redheads here is a home for all redhead lovers; every single post made here depicts these red-headed women in their most bare and undeniably provocative light. There aren't that many redheads in porn too, but this Subreddit has managed to amass a giant collection of pretty much all the redhead pornstars, e-girls, models, and XXX starlets in existence for the world to enjoy. So if you can't make a choice between whether to fap to blondes or brunettes tonight, why not try your hand at redheads and visit this Subreddit for your own viewing and fapping pleasure?There Are Some Great Still Images HereMost of the content on this Subreddit comes in still-image format - now that might not be to your liking because you've probably already burned through your brain's dopamine receptors enough to only be able to fap to videos. But you can revert and come back to your base form by trying really hard to fap to images and, in the process, get used to it and place it as your main format of favored pornography.In fact, your father and probably his father before him fapped to pictures way back before you were even thought of. Back in the days, guys relied on a nice dependable Playboy or Hustler magazine when it came to porn, so you can at least honor your ancestors and learn how to fap to images. But if you can't, then I guess you're doomed to endlessly browse and fap through countless videos on various popular porntubes, god bless your soul.But Very Little OCA lot of Reddit's Subreddits encourage content creation, and now since we're living in a socially-distant and quarantined world, we're forced to spend more time with ourselves - maybe a little more than we'd like to. A lot of people try to kill their boredom by wasting time online, and a lot of those same people upload pornographic content of themselves. Some people also choose to masturbate endlessly, and if they go on Reddit, they're bound to see plenty of fresh OC content on most XXX Subreddits due to the sudden increase of digital content creativity on a worldwide basis. Tons of Subreddits have gained a massive influx of OC nowadays, but for whatever reason, /r/Redheads here is almost devoid of all original content. There is almost no OC on this Subreddit whatsoever. It pains me to see such an opportunity go to waste - /r/Redheads could've been a haven full of beautiful redhead OC, but Reddit is obviously not giving it the backing it needs to recalibrate its ambitions.It’s Also Near-Impossible to Find a GIF or Video On /r/RedditRedHeadsIn addition to the disappointingly low amount of OC on /r/Redheads, there's also a very low amount of GIFs and videos here. Normally most XXX Subreddits contain a three-way split between still-image, video, and GIF-format content, but this one is mostly made of just plain-old images, and they don't really do a lot of modern-day porn-lovers good. I'll say again: the typical porn fan faps to videos, and it's nearly impossible to get them to revert back to fapping to still-image porn - there's almost a better chance of the Porn Geek getting himself a girlfriend.And A Lot of Posts Are Missing Names and Source LinksSince most of this Subreddit is filled with XXX images of e-thots, XXX models, starlets, and pornstars (with the occasional candid post here and there), you would think that there would be plenty of source links and names provided right? I mean, isn't Reddit a utopian society that lets all of its Subreddits and respective members share equal rights? It usually is on most Subreddits, especially pornographic ones, but this time around, the rules aren't really taken as seriously as they typically are. Despite /r/Redheads here containing a lot of posts that feature famous and semi-famous redheads in the porn industry, its posts still show an alarmingly-high lack of provided names and source links.And You Already Know There Aren't Many Content Organization Options Available HereAs always, Reddit proves to be a great source of OC and a super-reliable lightning-fast information highway, but it's content organization options absolutely suck. Instead of providing its users with reliable tags and categories for the content in its Subreddits, Reddit chooses to remain "rebellious" in an old-school sense and only leaves its users with a search bar to depend on for content scrying. /r/Redheads here has no valid means of content organization besides the aforementioned search bar, which can be used to find some but not all of its posts, because the search queries only cover title posts, and not all title posts are properly-written.But At Least You Can Fap To This Subreddit via Your SmartphoneThe Reddit app works great on any smartphone and digital device - I mean, of course, it does, it's 2021, and since everyone's stuck at home, you can bet that millions of people are on their phones even at this very moment. So, of course, Reddit has made itself available to all those bored and horny smartphone users via its app, which works super-fast and takes up very little memory. So next time you're feeling frisky in your own socially-isolated home, you can quickly hop down to your bathroom (or as it's now called, downtown) and relieve some stress with your trusty phone in-hand.