Reddit Ginger, aka r/Ginger! Some people have a certain kind of woman in mind which they deem as the ‘perfect woman’, and will fap to this kind of woman almost instantaneously because they’re THAT attracted to her for various reasons. Sometimes it’s because she reminds them of a certain ex-girlfriend which they’re still in love with, other times it’s because she looks an awful lot like their mother, and sometimes it’s because of personal preference.I know that there’s probably plenty of dudes out there who have a mad obsession with short hair girls for example, because they had a cripplingly strong crush on a girl who happened to have short hair back in their high school days, and the memory of her is still calling the shots for them psychologically. This happens to just about every person in existence, because the human brain is just as good as sticking to one memory and resisting change as it is in adapting and changing, making it a nightmarish psychological nightmare that’s absurdly difficult to understand and grasp conceptually.At the end of the day, most people have a ‘type’, and even those who say they don’t probably do, but they just don’t know it yet or can’t think of it during the moment they’re asked about it. In this case, we’re dealing with a subreddit of over 300 thousand members who all have one thing in common when it comes to physical attraction: Gingers. Nothing but fine, red-haired lasses are on the brains of these guys, and they’re not taking any chances with bad content because the Reddit admins and bot police aren’t having any of it.If you’ve ever had a thing for red-haired and often-times freckled girls, babes, milfs and cougars, then Reddit’s ‘Ginger’ subreddit is exactly where you wanna be - the content here is guaranteed to make your willy hard if you have an affinity for these ‘firecrotch’ chicks. Let’s take a look at this subreddit and see why it’s likely one of the most popular online portals for ginger lovers...All Hand-Picked Content By True Porn ConnoisseursFirst thing’s first - all the porn that you’ll see on this subreddit will hold up to some kind of threshold of quality, and that’s only understandable because after all, this subreddit is home to over three hundred thousand ginger enthusiasts who’ve been around the block a few times and know their stuff when it comes to internet porn.You won’t find any low effort posts here, or any other kind of buffoonery with the content because not only is the community here well-versed in quality content output (even if it comes down to posting), but there’s also an armada of bots and plenty of admins policing the quality of the content being posted here, which is more than enough to maintain a certain threshold of quality when it comes to any and all the porn being uploaded on here.Plenty of Images to Fap To|As with all subreddits, /r/ginger has more than enough images circulating on it to please even those of you who are used to fapping to only videos. The pictures here, of course, pertain to the ginger theme of the subreddit, but since they’ve been hand-picked by porn enthusiasts, their quality goes above and beyond what you might be used to when it comes to XXX images on other sites (especially those generalist-style porn tubes that are basically just content dumps in a nutshell). There is no shortage of quality XXX pics here showing ginger babes, and most of them are just solo girls posing in one way or another, but there are also a fair few that depict intercourse.In addition to the still images, there are also plenty of GIFs here on this subreddit which add a little razzle-dazzle to the at times dull stillness of basic JPEGs, and they’re sure to spice up your fapping experience here on this site because let’s face it; as good as still images can be, they do tend to get boring after some time, and what better way to shake up that boring stillness than with some semi-moving images that loop after only a few seconds of moving. Again, the GIFs on this subreddit contain nothing but the best of the best red-haired and sometimes-freckled babes and the majority of them depict actual sex because after all, they are GIFs.But They Also Got The Videos Ready For YouNo porn fan alive in this day and age can go on fapping to strictly image-based content forever with all these free, easily accessible XXX fuck flicks floating around. Sure, the majority of the content on this subreddit may be image-based, but that’s only because Reddit is not an actual porn site, and isn’t meant to be consumed like one.The people who frequent this site scroll through its feed and enjoy either thought-provoking posts, or boner-provoking pictures - videos are a rare thing to come across this website because the people who use it just aren’t used to stopping and staring at one piece of content for too long, which is what they in essence demand. However, that doesn’t mean that there are no videos here whatsoever; /r/ginger has plenty of videos to spice up your spicy sexual affinity for spicy gingers (yes, gingers are spicy if you think about it, just like real ginger).There are a fair amount of XXX videos posted here which can definitely get the job done for you if you’re in need of visually-induced dopamine that comes directly from staring at nice things. This brain process in fact happens on a daily basis - each time you stare at some appetizing food, scenic natural landscapes and plants, nice cars or say, a babe bending over, your brain releases some dopamine because it’s obviously something you like. The same process happens with videos, so why not indulge a little and put down the still images for a while and have a little fun with /r/ginger’s video-based XXX content?Maybe Even Your Request Will be ProvidedIn addition to the plenty of quality image and video-based content on this subreddit, you can also try your luck with some requests. As mentioned before, Reddit thrives thanks to its super active and vigilant community which makes sure that there is a constant upkeep of original content that pertains to some level of quality as well as making sure that this same content is monitored and regulated - any low effort posts where the user hasn’t put in work within the text content they’ve written as well as any low-quality posts are detected within seconds and promptly removed (unless the poster has decided to take a course of action and reprimand their post). What this means is that not only is there always good content here, but there’s also a good community which may or may not take your request if you’re looking for something specific that you have in mind.It is totally normal for Reddit users to request something and it’s not uncommon for their requests to be fulfilled by other members - this means that you can request for something specific (whether it’s a ginger girl spreading her asshole in order to receive a special surprise, or a ginger girl being banged by three black dudes) - so long as it involves a redheaded ginger babe, you can freely ask for it. You never know when your request could be delivered!No Actual Organization of Content - Mostly Random Ginger BabesThis subreddit’s greatest asset is arguably it’s hubris, that is to say, the fact that there’s a random content dump of quality ginger-based images and videos on this subreddit also means that this site is a random content dump of quality ginger-based images and videos, leaving out any and all content organization options and search filters. Sure, there may be a built-in search bar which lets you search for whatever you may need on this subreddit, but that’s just about everything it has in terms of content organization.For example, there’s no way to filter out everything that isn’t ass-related or milf-related, which is honestly a real bummer because a lot of porn websites depend on search filters for overall quality and user experience - just imagine how crappy it would be if you were to go on PornHub and not be able to open up the ‘Milf’ category? Content organization is without a doubt this subreddit’s (and Reddit by extension) biggest flaw.Need Hot Ginger Porn On The Go?I know that a lot of you spend the majority of your lives at home sitting in front of the computer, but believe it or not there are also plenty of people out there who function within society and lead dynamic or semi-dynamic lifestyles complete with 9-5 job schedules and healthy social lives, not to mention romantic lives, and these people also fap to porn on Reddit.But the way they fap to it isn’t from sitting in front of a PC - these guys don’t have that kind of time in their otherwise busy lives, so instead they opt for fapping to XXX content on their phones, and /r/ginger is one of the many, many XXX portals which are fully optimized for mobile users, allowing them to enjoy all kinds of fuck flicks and X-rated still images alongside all of you stay-at-home porn addicts out there.