She Likes It Rough

Reddit She Likes It Rough, aka /r/SheLikesItRough! So, you’re here to find out what the subreddit /r/SheLikesItRough is all about? Well, can’t you guess from the fucking name? It’s about rough fucking! It doesn’t matter where either. These bitches get roughed up and fucked in every way possible. It’s not just the penetration part that ends up being rough with them. They also get slapped, hit, spanked, choked, and so on. Reddit is a place where all communities get to have a say with what kind of content they want to see, and /r/SheLikesItRough has one of the most perverted and sadistic communities that I have ever seen as they seem to relish in the punishment that these tight babes receive in all of these hot porn videos and pictures.So many free extreme porn photos and videos to enjoyYes, you heard that right, this place isn’t just a front for videos. You might think that you can only show extreme porn and rough sex through videos, but that’s not the case. More often than not, you can tell that a bitch is being roughed up just by looking at the pictures. For example, I saw this set of pictures on /r/SheLikesItRough that I really liked here. It was a bitch posing with a huge monster cock. One frame she’s got it over her head and showing off the length, and the next frame is her gobbling it up in its entirety. She looked like one of those sword swallowers, except she was swallowing a cock and you could see the bulge go right down her throat and neck.It’s pictures like these that I really appreciate this subreddit for. But we have to make a mention of the videos too. I think that videos can definitely project how rough things are for these bitches better in some cases. For example, I saw a video where a bitch was getting mouth fucked while she was upside down and, again, we could see that neck bulge from the cock inside her throat go back and forth. I don’t know why my thing with neck bulges caused by cocks inside of chicks’ throats, but I guess I have a fetish all of a sudden! Anyway, as I already stated, mouths and throats aren’t the only things getting fucked here. Everything is on the table.The roughest porn content you’ll ever see on the webThis isn’t a place where you can stay safe and just watch at a bunch of softcore and safe porn. In fact, you can expect the exact opposite when you go to /r/SheLikesItRough in search of porn. This place is full of some of the vilest and most sadistic shit that I have ever seen. Bitches really get treated like absolute garbage here. It’s like they’re sluts, whores, slags, and they don’t deserve to be treated with decency. In some cases, I even think that the actors are getting a bit too lenient with what they allow themselves to do with these bitches. For example, one dude starts slapping the shit out of this babe while he’s sitting on top of her, and she seems to be fighting back too!I guess that you can’t really go to /r/SheLikesItRough without witnessing shit like that. After all, it’s in the name of the subreddit, and you should expect things like that when you come here. You shouldn’t expect any kinds of walks in the park or other kumbaya bullshit like that. There are no flowers here, no sunshine, no rainbows—just hardcore sex. Just bitches getting their cunts, assholes, mouths penetrated, their tits violated, their body spanked and hit, their face absolutely messed with and so on. It’s like a really bad trip for some people, but for me, I think that it’s some of the best porn content out there. After all, these sluts are getting paid extra to do these extra extreme scenes that you see here.Huge community that filters through the contentNot every model can step up to the plate when it comes to content like this. Some people will call failed extreme porn videos good even when they aren’t, but we all know that it has to be good shit in order to be featured on /r/SheLikesItRough. If you want to get that spot in the Hot section of this subreddit, you’re going to have to fight your way through the New section where there are plenty of peeps checking out all the brand new content being posted and upvoting the good stuff and downvoting the stuff that just doesn’t make the cut. I have no doubts that some extreme and hardcore porn gets rejected here, but that’s just what you should expect from this kind of crazy perversion of a community.Speaking of which, did you know that the membership of /r/SheLikesItRough goes all the way up in the hundreds of thousands? That’s right; this place has one of the biggest membership counts that I have ever seen in my entire life! Alright, I might be exaggerating a bit, but the number is still huge. We’re talking about over 388k subscribers to this community who are always hard at work trying to bring the best possible content to people who want to see it. If you ask me, it’s definitely a great community filled with many people who only want the best possible porn that you’ll ever see out of extreme movies.Uninspired subreddit design with no customizationThe community is one thing; the design of the subreddit is a completely different thing. You already know where I’m going with this, don’t you? Yes, I think that this place looks like a piece of trash that has been chewed up, spit out, and then landed in a pile of dogshit. Why am I so harsh with /r/SheLikesItRough? Well, it has to do with the fact that the people who run this place put literally zero effort into the subreddit. Not only did they not choose colors, they change things up from the default bullshit that we see here, but they didn’t even change the description all that much! The ‘About the community’ section just reads, “Give it to her rough.”That’s not enough if you ask me, and they should get straight to making this subreddit a better place for people to experience extreme porn in. I mean, with membership numbers like that, you can’t expect to see a broken-down subreddit with no customization options for far too long. I don’t think that people are going to put up with that. After all, if you have a community busting its ass off trying to make for a great NSFW subreddit and you don’t give a shit, that just means disaster in the long run. I would know, I’ve seen subreddits in the NSFW category come and go, and the thing that always spelled disaster is when the people running the subreddit failed to make the community work well.Reddit still offers amazing features even on this subHowever, I still have to say that they can get away with it because of one reason and one reason alone. It’s the fact that /r/SheLikesItRough is situated on Reddit. This platform is an absolute killer when it comes to the various options and features that it offers, and it’s definitely the one thing that /r/SheLikesItRough counts on to keep it afloat. Not to mention that it’s an unspoken rule that advertisements aren’t really all that allowed on Reddit and that all content should be free, and this is the reason why people just love /r/SheLikesItRough so damn much. They get to see free extreme porn and don’t have to pay for it. I would call that a win.All in all, like many other subreddits, /r/SheLikesItRough is a great place to go to if you’re into the niche that this community represents. In this scenario, it’s one of the most perverted and one of the harshest niches you could think of. We’re talking about sadistic and extreme porn with bitches who like it rough in bed and wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’re into that, then you should check this place out. On the other hand, there are some important aspects of /r/SheLikesItRough, which I think could be better, and I hope to see that moving forward. Anyway, check this place out if you like rough porn.