Rear Pussy

Reddit Rear Pussy, aka r/RearPussy! I’m assuming everyone reading this is old enough to know what Reddit is about. If not, get off my page, you fucking toddler. Reddit is the perfect place to be to browse, view, and learn about topic-specific content. Hell, it is one of the easiest places to spiral down a dark wormhole of no return and trust me when I tell you I’ve been there, done that. One of the perks of being The Porn Dude is being able to stare down at some of the top NSFW subreddits on the web. I can tell you for free; there are absolutely zero limits. There are subs for practically every sexual topic your dirty mind can conjure. Hell, I’ve been to some subs that left me wondering, ‘how the fuck did I get here?’Anyway, Reddit is a treasure trove for adult subreddits waiting to be explored. With a fuck ton of mouthwatering GIFs, short clips, fapworthy photos, and a chance to interact with other sick fucks. You may as well take fapping as a full-time job because there is no way you are exhausting all the adult content on Reddit.Who wants to see muffs from the rear?Today I introduce you to yet another subreddit called /r/RearPussy. As the name suggests, this is a community where users post images/short clips of girl’s sin slits taken from behind to give you a fucktastic view of the honey pot. The rules are simple; images must show women showing both ass and pussy, which is probably why they insist on the shots being taken from a specific position. As a result, most of these whores are pictured in the doggy style position. The view is just out of this world. Let’s take a look at /r/RearPussy and see what they have in store for y’all pussy lovers.Cum get your pussy fixThe moment you land on /r/RearPussy, you won’t believe what your lusty eyes are seeing. There are just so many pussies doing rounds you’d wonder why such hot chicks would post their muffs for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to crank their yank over. But I guess the fact that you get to see all these damn cooters is all that matters, right?The sub has actually been around for some time, having been created on September 18, 2012. You would say it is relatively aged. Oh, and they have been pulling the crowds since and currently boasts over 402k members. They are certainly up there in terms of popularity. I made a point of sorting the posts by new and discovered that around 15-20 new submissions are uploaded daily. Those may not be overwhelming numbers compared to other subreddits. However, it still means more fresh pussies for you to bash the bishop over. At this rate, I don’t see you ever getting a girlfriend. Not when pussies are this readily available.Tasty pussies everywhereBy now, you know damn well that it is all about the pussies and boy, are there an abundance of them! There are all types of twats here, and to say you will be spoilt for choice would be a grand understatement. There are no toys, no dicks, or any fucking. This subreddit stubbornly sets its eyes on the prize, and here the focus is solely on the sin slits. There are blondes, redheads, brunettes, ebony goddesses, whores with big round bums, petite, and everything in between. They all have one mission; to bend over and give you a perfect view of the Promised Land.These babes can be seen in all kinds of situations. You can see them in the showers, in the kitchen, on their beds, on their couches, and just about anywhere in between. Some of these whores have some fat pussy lips and nice round booties, and I couldn’t help but get distracted. How could I not? I mean, most of them are not professional pornstars but ordinary sluts feeling naughty (and some visibly horny), and you might as well have bumped into some of these whores on the streets. I couldn’t see some of these sluts’ faces, but I’m pretty damn sure I have banged quite a few! There are a few pornstars in the mix as well, but most importantly, they rock some quality fucking muffs.As is the norm with many subreddits, submissions are a mixture of pics and short clips/GIFs of these girls messing around with their pussies and welcoming your lusty eyes to drool. I was almost tempted to stop this review from rubbing one out, but I had to keep my fucking focus, you know. In any case, I’ve got myself a real meaty pussy waiting for me as soon as I’m done here. As for the rest of y’all fucking commoners, you can jerk off as much as you like. Just don’t be too enthusiastic lest you turn your small prick into one sore piece of sausage. Actually, who am I even kidding? You can go ham on your dick if that’s what you want.You’ve used Reddit before, haven’t you?If you are as addicted to porn as I think you have, then you must have come across Reddit in your quest for fap materials. I’m therefore assuming you will find your way around with ease. The site’s simple approach sees to it that you don’t get lost here amidst all the pussies and stuff. As a matter of fact, Reddit has a pretty awful outlook with their white background that makes you feel like you are staring at the fucking sun, especially when browsing at night.In all honesty, Reddit is a pretty average platform when it comes to aesthetics. I’d go as far as to say that they should be taking notes from ThePornDude in terms of making their site a bit more visually appealing. As a matter of fact, the appeal with Reddit is not how good the site is constructed, but the sheer number of NSFW communities. I guess that’s what ultimately matters, right?Beware; not all pussies are worth the hypeWell, the difference between a good pussy and a bad one depends on the fool on the other side of the computer screen. Still, I can assure you not every single pussy here will make your dick hard. Some look like they have been pounded by Antony Joshua for all of 10 rounds. Maybe it’s just me being a picky asshole, but some of the pussies I saw here made my dick go limp faster than a bushfire can spread in the drylands of Australia. The fact that the content is user generated is a factor, but some of these bitches don’t have to post their snatches here is all I’m saying.Excellent mobile appThe issues with the aesthetics aside, let’s give credit where it’s due; Reddit is one of the few adult sites that have a well-functioning desktop and mobile versions. Well, the mobile version is actually an app, but it works perfectly. The official Reddit app makes it easy to find the topics most relevant for you, with an infinite scroll of content streams, including GIFs and videos, night mode, and a lightning fast-loading interface. It is all you could have asked for, really. Whatever you are looking for, there is every chance that Reddit has it, and that includes the tantalizing collection of rear pussies.The best of r/RearPussyGreat pussy pics; it is all about the hottest rear pussy pics, and you have loads to pick from with pics and tasty GIFs dropping left, right, and center. You are guaranteed to find some really yummy cooters.Loads of amateur content; there are a few professional shots in the mix, but the bulk of the submissions are from ordinary sluts who may as well be living in your neighborhood.Easy to use; well, it is a pretty straightforward platform if you have used Reddit before. You can quickly join the community and interact with other pussy loving freaks.Possible concernsSome not so enticing pussies; to tell you the truth, not every pussy here will have you scampering for your lubes and tissues. Some are pretty disgusting, to be honest.Final wordDid I enjoy my time on r/RearPussy? Well, abso-fucking-lutely. I’m a pussy kinda guy, and I had the best time sampling loads of rear pussies on display here. If you like this softcore niche, then you are going to love your time here as well with hundreds of beautiful babes gleefully displaying their butts/gashes. I appreciate you reading the entirety of my review, but now its time to head over to r/RearPussy to find some fap materials.