Girls With Glasses

Reddit Girls With Glasses, aka r/GirlsWithGlasses! There’s just something so hot about a girl wearing glasses - it may sound like a cliche to say that people who wear glasses are nerds, but I personally have never encountered a dumb girl wearing glasses. And let me tell you, these glasses-wearing girls can be a real handful in a positive sense. Nowadays, you have your fishnet-wearing, hair-dying e-thots running around everywhere ruining men’s lives and getting them hooked on drugs, and those kinds of women are about as simple and toxic as a woman can get.But smarter girls who are actually involved in academia and want to study in order to preserve the wellbeing of their future are totally different, and fucking them provides a whole new kind of pleasure. I mean, I’ve had sex with toxic goth girls who laid down flat on their backs like dead fish even though they talked a lot of game beforehand. And I’ve also laid some smart, glasses-wearing nerdy girls who look like they’d be bad in bed, but really it turned out to be the exact opposite. Quiet, nerdy girls who don’t boast about their sex skills might just be the freakiest of them all, and this Subreddit centralizes on them.So If you’re turned on by glasses-wearing babes and MILFs, then /r/GirlsWithGlasses might just be your one-stop-shop to everything your heart (and penis) desire. It’s a Subreddit full of content that features the cutest glasses-wearing babes, and the hottest thick-rim sporting MILFs. There is a lot to see and fap to on this Subreddit here, and the one rule that the content has to pertain to is to make sure that the girls featured in it are wearing glasses. So without further ado, let me break down all the finest and not-so-fine points regarding this Subreddit and help you determine whether it’s your cup of tea or not.Most Content s OC HereSo one thing about this Subreddit which you should know is the fact that almost every post on here is original content. Reddit encourages its users to be creative, and with that being said, a lot of them post themselves on XXX Subreddits, whether for fun or to gain internet fame. /r/GirlsWithGlasses isn’t the only Subreddit that contains a lot of OC - there are many others who follow the same content creation formula. So if you were planning on finding famous pornstars or semi-famous XXX models here, then you might want to recalibrate your expectations because it’s gonna take you a while before you run into any known faces.And With That In Mind..Now that the whole world is anxiously hiding away at home safely in quarantine, we can all agree that life itself has become pretty boring. There’s no more going outside and socializing with your friends, so the chances of hooking up with someone are very slim. But where there’s a negative, there’s always a positive hidden away in it too - since everyone’s bored and horny at home, there are a LOT more people uploading content onto the internet nowadays. Reddit is exploding with new music, art, and other creative pieces uploaded by its community, and of course, that also means that the XXX side of Reddit is blowing up with pornographic uploads too. Tons of lonely, bored girls stuck at home in quarantine are uploading themselves online for the world to see, and it’s really a great time to be alive if you’re an amateur porn fan.Not Much Besides Still-Images ThoughMost of the content here is in still-image format because obviously, it is - I mean, you can’t expect a bunch of amateurs to make whole videos with little to no experience. And besides, snapping selfies of your body is like the easiest thing ever, so you can be sure to expect a lot of still-image content here on /r/GirlsWithGlasses. I know that a lot of you can’t masturbate to pictures alone, so if you don’t have a specific glasses fetish, then I suggest you recalibrate your expectations of this Subreddit here, especially if you exclusively fap to videos because only about 5-15% of all the posts here are in video format.A Lot of Softcore Stuff HereIn addition to the overwhelming amount of still-image content here on /r/GirlsWithGlasses here, there’s also a lot of softcore stuff. Even though the world is on standby with this whole quarantine situation, that still doesn’t mean that the lonely, bored, and horny girls stuck at home have to completely whore themselves out on the internet. A lot of them just post candid and softcore photos of themselves wearing a cute or sexy outfit, complete with glasses, and I guess a lot of glasses-lovers can blow a load or two to even this stuff if they love the fetish enough.Since It’s Reddit, You Can’t Really Organize The Content ProperlyBut Every Picture is Guaranteed to be Good QualityReddit still lacks a decent content categorization and separation system. There are still no categories or tags on the site whatsoever, and they could really benefit from some. That’s because I can’t for the life of me pinpoint a post on here that contains a glasses-wearing redhead since there are no tags and categories. The only way to actually scry through the content here effectively (or at least semi-effectively) is to use the in-Subreddit search bar.But the search bar only targets words in the post titles, and that’s not really an effective strategy for sorting content on Reddit since a LOT of post titles don’t even properly convey what they feature. I bet there are over a thousand posts on this Subreddit that contain redheads without even one of them having the word “Redhead” in its title.In addition, a lot of XXX Subreddits such as this one contain posts that come in a few different media formats. Usually, they’re split between pictures, GIFs, and videos - and it’s virtually impossible to separate the three. That’s a big deal when you’re fapping because I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of guys out there who want to masturbate to videos or GIFs on these Subreddits but can’t really do it effectively because most of the posts are still images.The Reddit App is a Godsend for Remote FappersIf you wanna sneak off to your bathroom in these dark times of pandemic panic and squeeze one-off for some stress relief, then the Reddit app will do you just fine. The app is designed to work near-flawlessly on any smartphone or digital device - not only does it not take up a lot of storage, but it also works fast and is designed with an effective UI aspect in mind when browsing its posts. The app lets you flip through any format of post effectively in a slideshow-like style, letting you have the remote fapping experience you deserve.