Body Perfection

Body Perfection Reddit, aka r/BodyPerfection! Being in shape is something that a lot of people strive for nowadays. A lot of your former high-school or college peers could be pumping iron at the moment, and even though a large portion of the world sees it as a shallow means of increasing one’s own beauty and becoming more attractive, it’s actually a lot more meaningful. People who don’t go to the gym and are out of shape are always resentful of those who do, and why wouldn’t they be - I mean I work out too, and not only does it make my body feel strong and look good, but it also helps me feel way better during the day.Working out tires me out, but it makes my energy levels much more stable throughout the day instead of them oscillating between spikes and crashes. And it also gives me a shot to have sex with one of the babes here on /r/BodyPerfection. I mean, let’s face it, at the end of the day fit people belong with fit people, and unfit people belong with whatever people they can get with.I’m sure that even that little dweeb the Porn Geek could get some pussy if he started working out, but he’d much rather play porn games and watch anime while listening to video game OSTs instead of hitting the gym. And that’s just too bad because there are plenty of fit girls out there who need some dick in their life, but of course, they’re not gonna accept just any random dick that comes around. The dick they’ll accept has to be pretty fit like they are; otherwise, it’s just not a fair trade at all.And until they find that faithful, fit dick to envelop with their vagina, they’ll just continue to flaunt their bodies on /r/BodyPerfection here. It's one of the most reliable online destinations for content that features nothing but the fittest, most physically-perfect babes who are so damn fine they might as well be Amazon warriors. Let me break down all the highlights that /r/BodyPerfect here has and help you determine whether or not you’d like to spend time (or a load) on it.No OC Here At AllSo usually Reddit enforces a “content-creator mindset” on its users, and a lot of people actually upload their own unique creations, arts, crafts, talents, and just about anything a human could possibly create onto the site. That also includes nude pictures and even whole videos/GIFs of people having sex with an object or another person (or whole groups of people sometimes). However, this time around, there doesn’t seem to be much of that going on.I’ve been browsing this Subreddit for some 20 minutes now and am yet to hit a post that contains actual user-submitted original content. All I see here is just fit girls from around the internet and social media who have e-clout and rake in upwards of a hundred thousand dollars per year just from their fame alone. While that’s nice and all, I am yet to see a post that actually contains a normal (or semi-normal) human being who is in shape.You’ve Got Directly-Linked Still Images…So the entirety of this Subreddit’s content boils down between videos, GIFs, and pictures. The pictures are most prevalent, making up around two-thirds of all the content in total. There are still-images here from every caliber of e-thot, ranging from twitch streamers gone e-girls to e-girls gone pornstars and all the way back again. You really can’t go on this Subreddit for more than two minutes and not see a familiar e-thot or pornstar; it’s virtually impossible. And that brings us to the GIFs...Some GIFs…Now, these can be split between GIFs of actual porn and GIFs of just plain old nude models prancing around and having fun in front of a camera - both examples being paid obscene amounts of money for it. And they’re pretty decent if I do say so myself, I mean normally when you think of a perfectly fit body you imagine people who are under their 30s. However, there a lot of fine MILFs in porn and MILF models in general who have pristine, rough-cut diamond bodies that look like they’d cost at least 100 euros per hour if they were ever up for rent. And last but not least, there are plenty of videos with actual sound here too...As Well As Some Videos TooAll of the videos uploaded on this Subreddit are, in fact, video links, meaning that you can’t really watch them here unless you open up the link and proceed to be redirected onto a site like PornHub, XHamster and so on. Now where the GIFs were, for the most part, a split between solo nude models and actual porn, the videos tend to lean more on the porn side. However, there are also plenty of videos that are excerpts or whole sessions from webcam models as well as photoshoots for nude erotic models like the kinds over at XMetArt.No Real Means of Content Organization ThoughYes, it is Reddit, and we all know that Reddit only has a search bar and some “tags” that it creates for unique Subreddits. Those tags, however, are very much not like the typical tags you can find on pornographic websites. There are also no categories here too, and that leaves us with a lot of different kinds of bodies that can’t be deduced into a singular type of content due to Reddit’s lack of content organization.Like for example, there’s literally no way to find posts that only include girls with abs here, and if I wanted to use the resident search bar to search for the keyword “abs,” I won’t find all of them. That’s because the search bar only covers post titles, and not every post title will specify that there are actual abs in the post at hand. This is why Reddit desperately needs tags and categories, at least for it’s XXX Subreddits, if anything to keep a level playing field with actual porn websites.And Last But Not Least: /r/BodyPerfection Is Fully Optimized for Smartphone AccessYes, of course, you can go to the bathroom at any time, take out your phone, go on the Reddit app and enter this Subreddit in an attempt to start jacking off to a post here, all in under a minute. It’s 2021 people, they’ve been able to grow a whole human organ from stem cells for like, at least five years now. Of course, mankind’s already perfected a way to make pornography portable for pretty much anyone who can wield a smartphone nowadays, which is like everyone. So next time you’re feeling frisky, no matter where it may be, know that mankind’s advancement has enabled you to go to a bathroom and look at porn like, for example, this Subreddit here. It’s awesome, isn’t it?