Big Asses

Reddit Big Asses, r/BigAsses! Who wants to get off the faptastic content on Reddit? The answer is simple; anyone with a functioning libido. After all, Reddit is one of the largest adult community sites on the internet and caters to practically all tastes. From fetish and kink to wild hardcore or vanilla action and everything in between, whatever floats your boat is likely to be found on Reddit. Perhaps the best part of this site is that all of the posts being shared are subject to the same Reddit rules of upvoting and downvoting. This means that all the crappy posts are relegated to the bottom, and only the best bits get seen.This nicely brings me to a sub that I have been waiting to write about for a long time. This place is going by the name /r/BigAsses, and if you thought it is about big horses, think again. This sub is solely dedicated to pictures and GIFs of hot women showing off their desirable big booties. I have always had a hard time deciding if I'm an ass or boobies guy, but why the fuck do I have to pick one over the other? Why can't I appreciate a bitch with a jiggly ass and a pair of perky boobs? I have banged a generous number, and I can assure you it is a potent fucking combination at any time of the day.I don't think too many [straight] guys are against the idea of a babe having a nice big butt, though. There is every reason for you to have a big ass fetish. After all, there is so much you can do with a huge ass, and that includes the usual, spanking it, spreading it, and fucking it. Does the thought of hitting a pussy from behind with the balloon ass shaking and bouncing up and down keep you hard and awake in the middle of the night? Then you will certainly love the lineup of huge butts on display up on /r/BigAsses. Read on as I tell you everything you need to know about this source of fat booty babes. You will surely find a bitch worth shaking your dick.But first, let's get down to numbersBefore I tell you about the thick juicy ass cheeks and girls with bountiful behinds that you will be getting off here, let's crunch the numbers, shall we? r/BigAsses was created on Nov 9, 2011, and is approaching a decade of serving y'all ass loving fucks with the biggest bums. Not bad for a platform with fetish content. It is a pretty popular destination with Redditors and currently boasts 446k members. The numbers put it in the top 80 NSFW subreddits out there. You will find hundreds of them lurking in the shadows at any given time, either drooling on the palatable pieces of asses or posting them. As a result, this place is full of activity, and a quick look around shows that around 100 new submissions are posted every day. Good luck exhausting all those bums.Welcome to the big booty paradiseLike the name suggests, it is all about hot women flaunting the well-endowed rear ends. It is based on a pretty straightforward premise; Big asses on beautiful ladies. It is where ladies with ample backsides parade them to be enjoyed by random assaholics like you and me. There is no place here for whores who look malnourished with flat backsides and shit. All the women you will find here are asstatic and rock those jiggly bums that sexily sway as they walk. I'm talking Kim Kardashian, Nikki Minaj, and Iggy Azalea kinda booties if you know what I mean.There are all kinds of booties here as long as they are huge. You will find Caucasians, Latina, Asians, and ebony booty queens with great futures behind them. Some of these images belong to professional models. Still, there is also an array of pictures from random bitches who can't fight the itch to help y'all horny fucks get off their massive bums. Needless to say, all the people posting stuff here like fat booties, and if you do, you'll feel right at home. And why wouldn't you when there are such perfect asses immediately available for your fapping pleasure?These curvy babes can be seen posing in all kinds of places. You can see them on their beds, in the balconies, in the kitchen, in the comfort of their sitting rooms, and everywhere in between. I even saw a few sluts riding dildos and others getting fucked from behind, giving you a perfect view of their backside and how it would look if she was actually riding your cock in the reverse cowgirl position.Who doesn't like a nice, phat ass?You won't believe just how round and shapely some of these bums are. Whether in thongs, in yoga pants, in bikinis, in fishnets, or completely nude, if you are an ass guy like yours indeed, trust me when I tell you there is nowhere else you'd rather be. Of course, I'll do one better and find myself a big booty slut and make her feel the full force of the dangling thing between my thighs. Your ex can relate.Like is common with the content at other subs, the submissions at r/BigAsses include both images and GIFs/short clips. The clips show these women dressing and undressing, shaking their booties, and occasionally getting fucked. I browsed over 50 links during my stay here, and I can tell you this place is so full of nice bums you'll have to see to believe. You don't even have to be into gigantic booties to stroke your prick to the content on offer here. They are all picture-perfect.Joining the community is a no-brainerReddit is a community-based site and allows you to interact with other Redditors, post your own content, comment on the posts, and much more. With a Reddit account, you can join pretty much any subreddit you want, and there are hundreds of them dealing with all sorts of fantasies. Considering the registration process is absolutely free and only requires a username and valid email address, you'd have to be a fool not to consider joining. However, I'm not your fucking mother, so I'll leave the decision in your cock stroking hands.Everything runs smoothly until you misbehaveIf you have used Reddit before, then you know Reddit is one of the most straightforward platforms on the internet. They have a standard layout and design with background colors changing according to the subreddit. They have the usual options to sort the submissions by Hot, New, Top, and Rising with the first two proving especially useful. They have Login and Sign Up buttons on the top right and a drop-down feature with several options, among them a fantastic night mode feature that should allow you to access the big booties in ungodly hours. Also, you can change your view using the Card, Classic, and Compact options.On the right sidebar are the r/BigAsses details that include the number of members, date of creation, a list of moderators, and a list of rules. Those right fellas. This place is governed by a few rules that you should read before considering becoming a member of the community. You can read a list of rules, can't you? They are not too strict to be fair, but you still need to familiarize yourself with the regulations before you blunder and get yourself banned. Needless to say, underage pictures are strictly out of the question.The best of r/BigAssesLoads of big booties; this is the place to be if you are a fan of big booties. There are enough big bums here to last you a fucking lifetime.Regular updates; this sub is among the most active, and around 100 new submissions are posted every day.Relaxed moderation; many subreddits are [in]famous for their strict moderation, but the team running r/BigAsses has heard your cries. The rules of engagement here are considerably more relaxed. You'd have to be the asshole of the year if you get yourself banned.Possible concernsNothing; I didn't find anything on r/BigAsses that is worth complaining about other than the fact that the booties you will find here are so damn addictive. Good luck doing anything constructive after you see what is on offer.Final wordIf you are a big booty kind of dude, drop whatever you are doing, and check out the type of jiggly asses they have in store for you at r/BigAsses. I'd spend the whole day telling you how juicy and fapworthy each of the booties is, but then you'd still have to go see it for yourself. So, what are you still doing here reading this?