Tiny Tits

Reddit Tiny Tits, aka r/TinyTits! Believe it or not, small tits matter too. While The Porn Dude normally prefers whores with big tits, I don’t mind mixing it up with petite sluts. If they have small tits, so be it. I’ve actually learned to like small tits over the years. I mean, sluts with small tits can go braless whenever they feel like it, and I certainly love the sight of sharp nipple beneath a top. Also, sometimes I do like to be able to put my whole hand on one boob or both hands on both boobs, which is practically impossible where big jugs are concerned. My apology is not really an apology to all my big tittied sluts out there.If you are a small tits kind of dude, today is your lucky day as I’ll be talking about flat-chested bitches. That’s right, fellas. Today I’m reviewing a subreddit that makes chicks with tiny tits their sole focus. With a name like r/TinyTits, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what it is about. If you love your tits tiny and your whores petite, this looks like the place to be. It is teeming with thousands of members and loads of hot sluts showing off their small chests.Well, you will catch a glimpse of other areas of their body that will create some movements in your pants, but ultimately, the main focus is their small boobs. Does that sound like a plan? Well, drop whatever you are doing and read this honest and professional review of this faptastic community.For the love of small titsObsessed with finding a perfect pair of small breasts? Well, there is no going with r/TinyTits. These fucks make sure you have a boundless collection of boobs. You know how the good folks at Reddit do their thing. And if by any means you thought you are the only small tit loving freak in town, well, think again. This is a community of 448k members, and you will find hundreds of them online at any given time, either drooling on the limitless supply of tits or adding some themselves.The site was created on Jul 17, 2012, with tit loving freaks like you in mind. It is arguably one of the biggest NSFW communities devoted to this particular topic. A quick look around shows that around 35-40 new submissions are added to the community daily. It may not be an overwhelming number, but I don’t think there will be too many complaints either. In any case, you can contribute to the collection by adding your own images of tiny-tit babes.Where petite women shamelessly go shirtlessWell, I’m a tit-job enthusiast, but I fail to see how sluts with such tiny tits can possibly perform that task. That doesn’t mean I hate to see them shirtless. I don’t mind coming across a bunch of drunk college girls showing off their chests. We need to encourage these women to get as naughty as they possibly can, you know.Like is mostly the case with Reddit, at r/TinyTits, you don’t have to search for anything. All you have to do is scroll down and take in all the boobness. Only The Porn Dude is allowed to coin such words. As I was saying, just scroll down and drool at every one of the pairs and go slow on the dick lest you bust a nut after the first few pairs. Trust me; you want to have a closer look at every one of these titties and pay a proper cock tribute.You have a shit ton of titties to look at. Well, there are other subreddits you can check out dealing with all types of boobs. However, since you are still here reading this, I have a feeling you are a member of the Tiny Tits Loving Association. This bunch of exhibitionist sluts doesn’t mind going shirtless for your fapping pleasure. They actually seem to get off the fact that some random freak somewhere is beating meat to their sexy pair of twins. There is all kind of women here from blondes to brunettes to redheads, all united by their common goal of showing off their small titties.My only gropes with the collection is the lack of diversity as far as the girls’ ethnicities are concerned. r/TinyTits only seems to present petite Caucasian chicks, and I wouldn’t have minded seeing some Nubian queens and a few Asian sluts in the mix. That aside, all these sluts are doing fucking public service by parading themselves in this manner. As a bonus, some of the shots are taken in excellent angles that allow you to steal a glance at gorgeous bodies and fuckable pussies. It should add some spice to your fap sessions.The community is fucking loving itA good chunk of these images is posted by the girls themselves while others are submitted by horny freaks like you and me just for the love of tits. I think around 30% of the submissions are original content. At the same time, the rest are images of professional pornstars and amateur with small tits that members of this community have stumbled across.Another thing about the content on r/TinyTits sib, the submissions are mostly images, and I certainly didn’t see any videos for GIFs during my stay here. There seems to be a bias against videos for whatever reasons because I didn’t see any rule against video content. However, that is hardly the end of the world. After all, Reddit is a big fucking platform. If the lack of videos/gifs is a deal-breaker for you, there are loads of more subreddit with content suited to your particular tastes.Oh, motherfuckers love this shit going by the comments. I’m thinking most of them are typing their comments using one hand with the other taking up permanent residence between their legs. You guessed it; the comments are really colorful as horny fucks fall over themselves to tell these sluts how they would suck their tits and such crap. We all know Donald fucking Trump has a better chance of becoming an Iranian prime minister before y’all weirdos get a chance with these babes. But you can keep dreaming.Understandably, not all the tiny boobs look sexy. I saw quite a few pairs that looked awful. Some of the sluts here are too flat-chested. You’d wonder how they figured out they had boobs, to begin with. But like they say, to each their own. In any case, what you consider a perfect pair of boobs is probably trash to another dude. I’m sure the tits I found unpalatable are masturbation fodder for some of you who would give up their dominant hands if you were offered the opportunity to suck them. As for me? No pair of fucking titties are good enough for me to lose my right hand. What if she is not good enough, and I still have to bust a nut?Wanna join the community?If you are a boobs connoisseur like I think you are, then I’m sure you don’t mind joining a community that’s all about tiny boobs. The best thing about joining the Reddit community is that it’s free to do so. With a user account, you can leave your comments, interact with other tit loving freaks, and even contribute to the collection. Be sure to read the rules of engagement before you get your ignorant ass banned.Things to love about r/TinyTitsSexy petite babes; if you like petite babes, then I’m pretty sure you are absolutely going to love the lineup of hot petite babes whose only aim is to feed your lust demons with their tiny titties.Loads of titties; well, it is all about the small boobs in this platform, and boy, are there hundreds of pairs! You will be spoilt for choice picking from the largest collection of tiny titties.Relatively active; tens of new pairs of titties are added to the archive every single day. There are also prospects of interacting with the vibrant community, and there is never a boring day.Possible concernsSoftcore content; this sub is for softcore content only, and those looking for hardcore stuff will have to look elsewhere.Few to no clips; the sub seems to be almost entirely focused on images, and clips/GIFs are tough to come by.ConclusionThe lack of short clips and hardcore content notwithstanding, there is plenty of masturbatory joy to look forward to for anyone who loves tiny tits. There are thousands of posts, and tens of new submissions keep popping every day with plenty of sexy petite babes showing off their tiny pair of twins. With everything available for free, there is nothing to lose for checking it out, don’t you think?