Reddit Thick, aka r/Thick! There is a silky, fine line between thick and fat gentlemen, we’re looking at the r/thick subreddit today and if there’s anywhere online that straddles that line this place is it.Thick and ThinAs you and I both know there is just something to be said about them slim girls with tiny asses you can just hold in your hand or lift up off the floor when you’re fucking her. You’re not gonna be getting any kind of workout cause these tiny girls are just that easy to put the sex to while you’re holding her up.That’s not what we’re talking about here, these are the kind of girls where your arms are going to be hurting after supporting those sensual pair of ass cheeks in the air for those glorious dozen minutes or so as you’re porking her. These girls have just the right amount of extra flesh to give your boner an incentive to come out from hiding that much faster. We’re here for them thick bitches today and the subreddit that is just all about that perfect extra pound of ass flesh that makes certain girls just that much sexier.Have a hop on over to the r/thick girls subreddit, I’m here already and just fucking loving the view because there’s nothing but asses ahoy over here and they’re on the bigger end of things in case you were unfamiliar with the term thick. Not too big though because keep in mind we’re treading that thin line here between thick and straight up fucking fat. There’s probably a subreddit for that too but there’s no way I’m going there.Thick Ass For You & You & YouThis subedits is great because anyone at all can make the post if they think they qualify, and I do mean anyone. Any bronze skinned Latina or any white trash college girl out there getting an education and showing off how much junk she’s got in her trunk has the perfect place and qualification to show it all off here. There are rules of course for actually posting like any subreddit, like not being able to say something is original content unless they go through their rigorous fucking vetting system first. Anything watermarked is also a no-no just like posting anything else on here other than thick asses isn’t going to fly either. I understand the need for different kinds of porn probably better than anyone fucking out there but there’s a time and a subreddit for everything and this one is for thick lady butts. So even hardcore porn is fucking off limits.That might all sound harsh you to guys but really it just makes it so this is the best place to come for this sort of thing. They’ve got a team of mods paying attention to every post that gets made in the subreddit which is basically quality assurance for thick lady posts. If you’re gonna post some requests for thick nudes or you’re posting a big old gallery full of different shit from another group then you’re gonna get the post banned and only quality thick asses will be left for us to enjoy, as it should be.That Word, You’re Using It WrongIt’s not all scented soap and roses here though, the rules state that anything “thick” qualifies and like I said before that line is some god damn thin. So even if there are some girls and fuck even some guys too that post something that’s over the line a little, the mods really can’t do too much about it because it’s still technically following the rules.That sucks honestly, because we all know how some girls like to feel good about themselves by posting pictures on a site where people are literally not allowed to be negative in the comment section, rather than you know, actually going to the gym, exercising and eating healthy. There’s a correct way to feel good about yourself and then there’s the lazy fatass way of doing it and unfortunately for everybody in this subreddit, we get more than a few girls in here who don’t want to feel good about themselves the correct way. Meaning our eyes are the ones getting punished when some fat lazy bitch’s post slips through the loophole/cracks and the mods of the subreddit just kind of have to let it go. Well, I’m not letting it go, it’s called “thick” and not “fat” for a reason goddammit and everyone posting in the group should have a good look at all the previous posts that are definitely causing boners before they post one of their own that will most likely do the damn opposite.The Good Posts Are GreatThe uggos fucking suck yeah, just like in any group, but don’t let that make you think that’s all you have to really see here because that wasn’t my point at all. The posts that do it right, do it very right and there’s a damn good reason why it’s got that special “NSFW” red label to the right of every post name and directly under the title for the subreddit’s name itself. It’s a rainbow of different kinds of thick asses for the posts that do it right. When it’s good it’s really god damn good and even spending a couple of minutes here is gonna remind you that there’s just something ingrained in our bodies, in our DNA that makes staring at asses just so soothing. Follow that up with another thing that is also very soothing and you’ve got a good place to come to settle your nerves if you’re leading a stressful life, or even if you’re not.Now, I know I’ve been just talking about the asses, and yeah that is what you’re thinking about when it comes to thick girls, and no shit that’s basically what they’re known for. Thick girls have great asses and are just automatically good and getting their twerk game on. But for the sake of making this clear and setting the record straight, thick isn’t just referring to asses here. If you want to fight over the urban dictionary definition for it then go ahead and sit in the corner over there and have at her, I’m not joining you. Point is that for this subreddit “thick” refers to the meat all over some fine bitch. Having a little extra flesh for some hard loving in all the right places is how “thick” is classified here and I’m not arguing that with the mods.More Than Just An AssSo even though we’ve been talking about thick bitches and fine asses, on all the good posts that actually matter you can expect to see any part of a girl that counts as thick. Face, upper body, just tits, just ass, or any combination of them all is a possibility here because despite the harsh rules they have they’re trying to be as inclusive a group as they can. If a real nice pair of tits is sitting on the chest of a nice full-bodied thick sexy beast of a bitch then it’s definitely god damn possible you’re gonna find her here.Try to remember the criteria, though, we’re not looking for any box-shaped ladies whose asses are only thick because of that second box of oreos they like to finish off after every evening meal. The ratio is thick ass, slim waist and the size of the tits are really just debatable, I’m not gonna tell some fine piece of ass that just because she’s a B cup she doesn’t qualify.ConclusionBut yeah, welcome to the r/thick subreddit, honestly just click on a few quality posts and you’re gonna see this is a land of dreams for guys. You don’t even have to be here to jerk it really though no one’s going to blame you if you do. This place is just like kicking bank on the porch or a back deck during sunset on a beach in Hawaii, you’re really gonna appreciate one of the best fucking views this world has to offer.Yeah, there’s gonna be some shitting seagull or dumbass littering tourists that comes into view every now and then in the form of some ugly bitch posting here and getting away with it. But just pull your shades over your eyes and try not to start directly into that black sun. They’ve got hot ass porn stars, random hot bitches from around the world, amateurs, professionals and thick ass from most places you can think of here and what a time it is to believe alive to see it. I’m not saying to stay here long enough to see it all, just long enough to appreciate the view.