Reddit 18 19, aka r/18_19! When you’re looking for good NSFW subreddits, then you’ve probably already gone through most of the popular ones. Now you want to know where you can find some of the more niche, but also tighter content. You know what I’m talking about, right? I’m talking about babes who are 18 and 19 years old. These gorgeous slags are always difficult to come across unless you look for them in professional porn. Aren’t there any of them out there promoting their bodies and showing off their bodies in free amateur porn pictures? As it so happens, there’s plenty of them, and they all come to /r/18_19/ to show off their stuff. Why this subreddit in particular? It might have something to do with the welcoming nature of it.Gorgeous barely legal amateur teen babesListen, I know this sounds like bullshit, but the babes on /r/18_19/ are really treated like queens, and it plays to their ego. The mods make sure that all nasty comments are removed, and that makes a lot of sense when you think about what bad comments lead to. If you let trolls and dicks run rampant on your sub, you can kiss all your self-posting babes bye-bye. Those chicks aren’t going to be sticking around if your subreddit is a place where they’re going to be berated for showing off their tits and pussies. Now, me personally, I don’t give a shit about how these sluts feels. I just care about getting my daily dose of hot teen porn, and it doesn’t matter which amateur babe provides it as long as I get it and jerk off.Tiny babes who have just hit their legal age are all over this subreddit, and that’s the only thing I really care about. If I cared about the feelings of every chick I ever fucked and left the day after, then I would be in some seriously bad karma. Listen, if you just want the content, then this community is the perfect place to go to. Now, if you don’t want to get your ass banned, then you’ll refrain from commenting and shit like that. Also, you can check out the content without even having an account, so there’s that. You don’t even need to create an account in order to get into all of this amazing hot free amateur content.Daily free amateur teen nude picturesBut the main reason people come to /r/18_19/ isn’t because the content is free. You can find free porn all over the internet, including many other NSFW subreddits. The main reason people come to /r/18_19/ for content is because of the age of the babes who post. It’s in the name of the sub, and you should pay attention cause we’re about to get into some pretty funky and pretty niche porn content here. I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t the ‘teen’ category or genre really popular in porn? Yes, it’s popular in-studio porn, but there isn’t a lot of legit amateur teen porn content out there. /r/18_19/ aims to change that.With this community, you can hope for a daily dose of some of the best amateur content from babes who are barely legal. You know what that means as well, don’t you? These chicks have just turned 18, and they’re already posting nudes all over the internet. Now, that’s something I can get behind any day of the week! You show me a nice pair of small teen tits, and I’ll always prefer it to some kind if pornstar who has huge tit implants. Don’t get me wrong; I won’t say no to a pornstar if she wants to get shagged by me. In fact, I never said no in the past, so if any pornstar wants o bang, just shoot me an email!Insanely high-quality amateur teen photosThe best part about /r/18_19/ comes with the quality of the posts, I think. These days it’s like all teenagers have sick-ass phones! Well, mostly white teenage girls, at least. That’s why you see so many high-quality pictures being taken and posted to /r/18_19/. When chicks have rich parents and don’t have to do anything for a living, then they need to find new ways in order to stay interested in shit. They won’t get it through school that’s for sure, and so posting nudes online and getting showered by compliments seems like the perfect way to get some of that ego back up and get into more productive shit. I’m not gonna say that most of these babes become pornstars, but I have to think that some do!And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that once they do that, they are no longer valid for being in the amateur category of any kind of shit. It would be fun while it lasts, however, and that’s the main issue that /r/18_19/ is concerned with. The community here is very supportive of the teens here, and I have to say that I would really be supportive of any slag who wanted to send me nudes as well! It just seems like the perfect transaction! They get self-esteem pumping, and we get to see some barely legal porn pics that are shot on some pretty sweet phones which results in some of the best picture quality that you have ever seen, and not just in porn. I’m talking about grade-A amateur teen porn here!Plenty of customized graphical elementsWhat about the design? Is it any good? Well, unlike many other NSFW subs, this one actually has some design aspects to them that I think we would all appreciate. Stuff like a custom banner, a custom avatar, and shit like that is all present here. And for what it’s worth, I’m actually pretty impressed by the quality of these customized graphical elements. Now, the only thing that is missing here are some custom features. You know, shit like amateur babe verification and things like that. If you streamline and automate the process, you would get a lot more amazing teen content coming from the New section straight into Hot just because it’s authentic and genuine. This is one thing that we can all agree upon.Other than that, I have to say that for a NSFW sub, these guys have things pretty much under control. The right content seems to be getting out on the Hot segment of the site, which is pretty important to all communities, not just NSFW ones. Then you have the fact that there seems to be a lot of activity which I would attribute in part because the design quality looks so great. I would attribute the fact that most other NSFW subs don’t have customized avatars and banners to the fact that they’re still using the old Reddit.com design and not switching over to the new one. Well, /r/18_19/ seems to have done it.Huge community with very active user baseFinally, let’s touch on the community because this is an important aspect of any porn site or porn community on Reddit. When we look at the size of this community, I think that it would be just above average as far as NSFW subreddits are concerned. There are over 475,000 people who are subscribed to this community, and they’re all here for one thing and one thing only. Yes, you guessed it, free teen porn. However, unlike with many other NSFW subs, this one seems to have a rather active community that does a lot of upvoting, downvoting, content filtering, and so on. I have to hand it out to them for that.The only problem I can see with this subreddit is the lack of videos, and also the fact that they allow non-nude shit as well. All content is flagged as NSFW by default, though some of it is not even close to NSFW. All the chicks here have a right to post themselves even with clothes on. I guess that’s fair, but it just makes me scroll down more if I’m looking for more nudes to jerk off to. It just seems like a hassle in that sense, and I wish that they did more to promote the nudes. I mean, I guess the community upvotes and downvotes content themselves, but I’m sure that means that some amazing shit gets left out.