Reddit Asstastic, aka r/Asstastic! All men definitely love girls with curvy, bouncy, and well-rounded asses. I guess you’d really have to struggle to find a man in this world that doesn’t appreciate a thick juicy ass. And I'm cocksure there's a ton fuck of lesbians and ladyboys who do too. I think that’s perfectly normal for anyone even for those of you who have a fetish for big asses. Maybe it all has something to do with how a nice well-rounded ass brings out the hourglass shape on a lady. Or it’s simply the thought of hitting that pussy from behind while that big butt is bouncing up and down your dick and pussy cream drips down. Regardless of your reason, one sure thing is that the idea of banging a girl with a big nicely-shaped ass always gives me an instant boner and makes me want to jerk off immediately.Intro PromisesWhile virtually all me have some love for thick juicy ass cheeks, girls with bountiful behinds always love to get their equipment recognized. And that’s why places like r/asstastic on Reddit exist. Here you’re going to find a ton fuck of high-quality photos, and a few videos, featuring lots of amateur girls just dying to show off their well-endowed rear ends for your viewing and fapping pleasure. The idea behind this subreddit is quite straightforward: bitches with fine asses post their awesome booties to be enjoyed, rated and commented on by other assaholics on the platform. The content here is 100% amateur and original, and the moderators typically require proof of posts to be made so they can confirm that indeed the asses posted here are exclusively published on this subreddit.That’s why today I will be heading over to this community of ass-loving assholes to see if what they have to offer qualifies as masturbation fodder. All I can say for now is that this might be a really good destination for adult material or fail to meet your expectations. But then again I can assure you that if you’re a real sucker for nice big butts, you must keep reading ThePornDude’s detailed professional analysis on what r/asstastic is bringing on the table. So, dive in and get yourself some booty.The Numbers and HistoryBeing the self-proclaimed assaholic that I am, there’s no way r/asstastic would have missed my radar. So, yes I’ve used this platform before. And that’s a ringing endorsement for a product serving adult content. Currently, this subreddit is sitting on 480K assaholics and has managed to secure this massive subscriber base over the past 7 years. It was established in 2011 December and from the look of things it is still on a rising trend. The “Hot” section of the site is updated with new posts at a rate of approximately 25 entries within 15 hours. I must say that is a decent rate that shows you this place is doing a fucking awesome job when it comes to attracting new submissions of great homemade ass. Trust me when I tell you this is not just an ordinary place for big booties; there’s something special!Design & LayoutWell, what can I say? It’s fucking Reddit, and if you’ve ever used any Reddit platform you already know that they have a pretty standard layout and design. The only thing that changes when it comes to layout and design is the background color and a few features such as the rules by moderators. R/asstatstic is not very different. Of course, when you first visit the site you have to confirm that you're over 18 years. On the up top right corner of the homepage, there's one white tab for "log in" and another blue one for "sign up." Right below that there's a header with the slogan "where every day is hump day!" Then there’s a blue tab labeled “Join.” The bright posts appear on a nice dark background, which is always ideal for a porn site.Right above where the posts begin there are three sorting options; one for "Hot," one for "New," and one for "Top." On the right side, there's a drop-down menu for choosing three viewing layout options. You can choose from Card, Classic, and Compact view. And on the right column, you'll see information about the community and right below that you'll find the fucking rules that moderate the conduct of ass-lovers on the group. Apart from that, you just scroll down the page viewing each post. All posts have a brief title describing what is going on in the picture or video. You can also see the member who posted the material and after each post, there's a comments section. That's just about everything you need to know about the design and layout.The ContentWell, simply put, the content on r/asstastic is all about some good fucking asses that need some spanking. But note that unlike some subreddits that have general themes, this place only permits content that has been submitted by the people who actually feature in the images and clips they are providing. That is really fantastic because it means you'll be beating the meat to the original content by genuine amateurs sharing their asses with the whole fucking world. And you don’t only get to see asses only. Sometimes you’ll come across an image of some big butted bitch bending over so that you also get to see her wet fleshy pussy joyfully popping from behind.But that’s not all you sick fucks. I also came across this sexy full-body image of two hot chicks with nice asses and cup-size pointed boobs touching each other in the shower. I couldn’t help thinking maybe that's the reason girls take so long to get ready. I always love some lesbian action because it always gets the junk in my pants throbbing with excitement. I would have had a really fucking great time if the content was in the form of a video rather than a still image. But then I think the image is still great because at least it leaves something for the imagination.As far as the content on r/asstastic goes this place is just teeming with amateurs dying to display their well-endowed behinds. In fact, the place is so full of ass that you rarely get to see the faces of the girls posting content. But you don’t have to see the face to get a boner. In fact, my mantra when it comes to, smashing girls with big butts has always been “cover the face and fire the base.” Anyway, to hell with my fucking mantra! All I can say for now is that if you want to get a really good taste of the booties that are featured here, I strongly suggest you check out the top-rated submissions.I browsed through the most popular 25 links and dude – even if you’re not all that into ass, you’re definitely going to want to polish that pole of yours in no time. Approximately 80% of the content is image-based while the remaining 20% includes short clips and other kinds of videos.The ProsHonestly, I like many things about r/asstastic, but three things really stand out. For starters, there’s great original content by amateurs with nice asses. Secondly, this is a pretty active community so you can always be assured of regularly updated content. That’s always a good thing on any porn site because it means you’ll always have new amazing asses to help you beat the meat in your next fapping session. Lastly, this is a well-moderated community so everything you’ll find here is in line with the general theme of the platform.The DownsideFirst I must admit that this place can be as addictive as hell. And that’s because if you are a true ass man, you’ll never get bored watching images of nice asses. Just imagine them in different positions while you’re smashing that shit from behind and spanking those thick, juicy ass cheeks as they slap against your big balls. Oh boy! It can’t get better than that. However, I don’t like the fact that most of the content here is image-based. I would really appreciate if they had more videos. It’s always more exciting to watch a nice bouncy butt in motion.The PornDude’s Final TakeI must admit I really had an asstastic time while on r/asstastic. I think anyone who loves booty should also come along and subscribe. It’s all free and the fact that all the content is submitted by users of the platform means you will always enjoy original content featuring big amateur booty. I bet you’ll want to bust a big fucking nut the moment you visit this place and browse through a few posts.