Reddit FreeUse, aka r/FreeUse! Finally! A fetish I was looking for. Reddit is a place filled with so much random crap that you never know what the fuck you will get to see. Well, r/freeuse/ is a section of Reddit where women get treated as they should. Basically, this subreddit is dedicated to the fetish of doing whatever we want to women, and they just taking it as it is because let’s be honest; that is their job.Of course, none of the shit here is illegal or done against the women’s wishes, so all the feminists and others can suck my balls. This place is designed to fulfill all your dirtiest wishes, in case you love to dominate the slutty girls. If that is the case, and you enjoy the idea of being completely dominant over sluts, you are welcome to explore what r/freeuse/ has to offer.Lots of great fappable content.Before I go through with explaining what I mean, you need to understand that Reddit is not really a porn site. The majority of the videos they offer are not that long, and thus they might not be perfect for fapping, depending on how fast you are. So, if you are just looking for porn instead of this, you might want to check out a different site instead.As for those who are here for actual r/freeuse/ shit, I am happy to tell you that this subreddit is really accurate with their description and what they have to offer. You will be given thousands of amazing posts, and each of them will feature either a series of images or gifs. Most of them will actually show gifs, which is probably why I really appreciate what r/freeuse/ is all about.For example, one of the first videos I checked out featured a scene from a site called SisLovesMe, and I am sure most of you pervs have visited that site at least once in your life. Those who say that they’ve never heard about it are lying 99%. Anywho, there was a chick who was playing with her phone, and her step-brother basically barged in her room and slammed her in a doggy style… it was quite fucking hot.The titles of the posts are pretty descriptive as well, which I appreciate. You had lots of posts that will tell you exactly what you can expect, and I was not disappointed at all. I love watching these sluts get pounded every which way, as that pleases my superior boner. Now, they do say that you have this shit another way around, but I have yet to find a post like that.Keep in mind that this does not have much to do with domination, but it still has a lot to do with it. The fetish is weird to explain, but I think you already know what I mean. You have a place that is dedicated to putting women in their place, which is to please us, men. We know that men are the superior gender, and it is fun to see that there is a section dedicated to that.However, I am not here to blabber about that. r/freeuse/ is a subreddit filled with all kinds of content, from stepsibling fucking to chicks playing games and being fucked at the same time. I’ve seen a slut dressed as DVA from OW as she played DVA< and got rammed in a doggy style at the same time. I tell you, these people can get pretty creative with this fetish, which is what makes the fetish so fucking hot.Some of the videos are pretty obvious, and others are amateur. Some are done professionally, which you will be able to see since most of the time, you will get to see the logo of the site. Some of the videos are very mellow, while others are hardcore, and some are posted by the actual users of Reddit. There is a lot to be explored here, and I loved this place… so did my dick, even if I did not masturbate, yet.Great layout, user-friendly!I’m pretty sure that there is no need for me to tell you that Reddit is a pretty user-friendly website. It is Reddit, that should have been implied. You have a site that is driven by the community and does everything for the community as well. This is why I appreciate Reddit, and this is also why I am sure that you will enjoy it as well.Take r/freeuse/ for example. All you need to know about this subreddit is listed on the side of the site. They basically explain what they have to offer, why it is necessary, and why you might like it. The information that is provided is pretty nice, and a lot more than some other sites provide about their overall niche.Now, there are thousands of subreddits for you to explore, and in most cases, each subreddit will have an explanation of what it offers. If you do not find the explanation on the side of the site, you might find it as the first pinned post. Basically, the subreddit will either be self-explanatory, or you will have the rules provided… simple as that.This subreddit is pretty big, and it was created in 2014. Overall, r/freeuse/ has about 487k+ members, and usually, there will be about 700+ users on the subreddit. It all depends on when you visit or whatever. The updates of the subreddit and anything else that you need to know will always be on top of the site.Become a member, contribute.What makes Reddit superior are the user-features. As I said, Reddit has amazing user-features, which is not often seen with other sites, if you ask me. You can become a member of the site if you want to since it is completely free. The registration process is also very simple, and as soon as you create your profile, you can access whatever the fuck you want.Some of the NSFW subreddits are locked for those who do not have a Reddit account, so you might want to start by creating one. Trust me; you will not regret becoming a part of Reddit. As a member, you can vote on all the posts in any of the subreddits, as well as r/freeuse/. You can also submit your own shit if you want.Maybe you have a slut who loves to be dominated, or she loves to film videos that basically go well with this fetish, in which case you should definitely think about posting your own shit. Not to mention that you are allowed to post anything in any of the subreddits that are given. But, of course, each subreddit will have their own rules of posting, so keep that in mind.The rules will also be listed where you have the description, but at the same time, they should be pretty obvious. For example, if you want to post shit at r/freeuse/, you might want to post crap that is actually appropriate. This means that you should post stuff that goes with the niche of this subreddit. Otherwise, you might get banned. Of course, first, you will get a couple of warnings, but if you continue being an ass, you will get banned.You could say that Reddit takes their stuff seriously, as they want to create a place that actually has a structure and a community that follows the rules. Honestly, I am not sure how can one even get banned on Reddit, when all the rules and everything is very straightforward and obvious. So do not worry, unless you are retarded, you are bound to stay here for a long time.A great subreddit, and lots of other subreddits.First of all, I think that r/freeuse/ is one of the better subreddits, but this is only because I really like the fetish in question. It might be a completely different story for you. This all depends on what the fuck makes your dick hard, and lucky for you Reddit has thousands of other subreddits, some NSFW some just meant for comedy, or even serious issues. It all depends on what the fuck you are searching for.This is why I always say that Reddit is a perfect place for everyone. Whether you came here to enjoy some fappable content, like the shit, you can find on r/freeuse/, or you would like to laugh at some memes, make connections, or whatever. Reddit has your back. Not to mention that you can post and create your own subreddits, and you can also chat with the community.