Reddit Curvy, aka r/Curvy! Perhaps you are a huge fan of Reddit. Maybe you depend on it every day for updates on your favorite music bands, for news, for some really fucking hilarious shit, etc. But have you ever tried using the site to find pictures and videos of sexy amateur and professional babes posing nude or performing in erotic action? Well, honestly speaking, I used to think Reddit was one of those weird-ass places that are full of high-level computer geeks, innocent virgins, thick-bearded anime nerds. Not to forget those NoFap losers, who believe if they resist the urge to polish the pole, they will somehow get some weird superpowers.But that was before I came across numerous subreddits that are just chockfull of some of the best original porn you’ll find online or some sexy amateur and professional bitches posing naked – all in one, user-friendly location. That’s why I am always trying to find an opportunity to take advantage of the fact that Reddit has numerous subreddits for virtually any topic in this goddamn world, including all the dirty porn ones. And today I happened to land on one named, which I thought is worth my precious fucking time for a review.Intro PromisesI guess by now you’ve already figured out that I am a big fan of reviewing subreddits dedicated to different NSFW content. You can probably tell from the name, r/Curvy, what the purpose of this subreddit is. Simply put, this site is all about curvaceous sluts with nice juicy asses and big tits. The sidebar describes it as a subreddit for curvaceous cuties, hotties with hourglass figures, voluptuous vixens, buxom babes, chubby chicas, plump peaches, and all-round luscious ladies.From the first pic I saw of some really juicy, well-rounded boobs in the very first post on the page, I must admit that this site looks quite promising. Well, since ThePorndude will be talking about what’s going on at r/Curvy, will that be what it actually offers, or is all that just some bullshit? Let me crack on and take a more in-depth look!History and the NumbersLet me kick off by mentioning that the r/Curvy community has been around for quite a long time, 10 years to be precise. It was established in November 2009 by some dude who goes by the name HornyUnicorn. I guess there’re no surprises there! With its current membership of 48K members, this subreddit is probably one of the top 50 when it comes to subscriptions and looking solely at NSFW destinations.I decided to sort the posts here based on “new” subscriptions just to see how often the site updates new content. I noticed about 25 to 30 new posts in the last 12 hours, which is a fairly solid rate, according to me. So far, I have to admit that I’m starting to love what I’m seeing on this site. It seems the community is pretty active, has some reasonable rules set, and even a sneak peek at the thumbnails actually got me craving enough for a quick fapping to some thick bodies. I don’t think there’s more to say here about the history and metrics of this subreddit, but I have a lot to talk about the submissions, though. That should be the most crucial aspect of any adult subreddit review, right? Read on to find out!Loads of Original ContentI can’t go without mentioning that I have grown to really love original content when it comes to consuming porn. I don’t know about you sick fucks, but I tend to find it more creative that the ordinary scenes you’ll normally find in most of the free as well as premium fucking porn tubes and sites out there in the porn world. Personally, I find original content more captivating; it makes the action more realistic, fires up my imagination, and of course, fires up the equipment in my pants so vigorously that I always almost jerk off in my pants.And that’s why I have to give r/Curvy the thumbs up for keeping it real. Almost all the submissions you’ll find here are original content. That means the hourglass, voluptuous hotties you see in the videos, and images are in reality posting the clips and photos up for your viewing pleasure. I bet if you look closely, you’ll notice that most of the ladies posting their photos and clips here look like the ordinary girls in your neighborhood that you often so much wish you could bust a nut into.However, I found one photo that stood out featuring a real model, the busty Laura Amor. She’s posing while dressed in a long, waist-high slit dress showing only part of her huge melons, but displaying enough for you to see her pink pointed nipples. Apart from that, every other submission I found features amateur girls.I proceeded to sort the content based on the number of upvotes, checking for posts that had been submitted within the past month. Approximately 80% of the posts were photos, with the remaining 20% being short clips uploaded to GFYCat. Honestly speaking, I found a bunch of jizz-worthy photos and clips featuring busty babes with big booties displaying their bodies for guys to jerk off to. I also found a couple of clips featuring curvy hotties masturbating using their fingers or dildos.One thing that is notably missing on r/Curvy is hardcore material, which is kind of a disappointment since I also love to beat the meat to some buxom babes in hardcore action. I also couldn’t help notice that there is a scarcity in the number of submissions by chubby ladies from different ethnicities besides white. I guess if you have a thing for curvy ethnic girls in porn action, be they ebony, Latina, or Asian; you’ll have to check out some other site that caters to that category.The GoodOn the upside, I must say this site is great because it has regular daily updates. That's always a good thing on any free porn site because it simply means you can always find something to help you polish the pole without spending a dime of your hard-earned fucking money. Secondly, the community is active and well moderated since all the posts seem to pretty much keep in line with the main theme of the site – curvy. I also love the fact that most of the curvy babes featured on the site are hot, so you’ll always have something nice to please the eyes and excite the junk in your pants.Moreover, I like the fact that unlike many other subreddits that I have come across, r/Curvy does not have a shit load of fucking rules. I mean, some of the rules you’ll find on some subreddits are too many and ridiculous, if not weird. Last but not least, I love the fact that the material here is mostly, if not always, original content.The BadAs much as this site is great, ThePornDude always has a few negative things to say about any porn site. First, there’s a shortage of clips on r/Curvy. I would love to see more clips on the site because, honestly, it’s a lot easier and faster to get in the mood for a fap session when watching erotic clips compared to still images. I guess with still images, you have to engage your imagination so much and overwork your mind just to get a hard-on. Lastly, I don’t appreciate the fact that there’s a scarcity of ethnic babes featured on the site. I occasionally like to sample ethnic girls, especially ebony, since they can be really curvy on the backside. Imagine hitting that shit from behind…oh! It’s always an instant turn on.ThePorndude’s Final TakeI must say I had a great time on r/Curvy and I’m cocksure most of you sick fucks reading this will love it just as much as I did. The site has a regular flow of new submissions, and most of the content looks great. Virtually all the posts are original content, so you get to see and jerk off to real curvy babes sharing their sexy selfies. If you have a thing for curvy ethnic cuties, I would suggest you find another site that caters to that category since r/Curvy has a shortage when it comes to submissions by ethnic girls. Otherwise, you should definitely head to r/curvy if you want to jerk off to curvy white cuties.