Pale Girls

Reddit Pale Girls, aka r/PaleGirls! These girls don't get much vitamin D, but they want plenty of D! Pale girls aren’t such a rare sight nowadays, what with all the Tumblr and emo-aesthetic girls running around in fishnets taking as many drugs as they can and making the worst decisions that they can possibly decide for themselves. But your local high school sluts aren’t the only girls who are known for their alarmingly pale skin. Internet-famous E-girls are also pretty pale too - I mean most female Twitch streamers out there are pretty pale if you haven’t noticed, because those bitches really stay gaming 24/7.And they don’t even have to go outside and find a job because all that Twitch cash combined with that Instagram affiliate marketing money keeps them well-paid (until they get old and lose their beauty). But believe it or not, it’s not just Twitch streamers and E-girls on Instagram who are pale - there are also plenty of cam models out there who lack melanin in their skin too. A lot of these cam models even have their own respective Reddit profile, which they use to post pictures on /r/PaleGirls here. Yes, you read that right - there is a subreddit dedicated to girls with fine, porcelain-pale skin.It has virtually half a million subscribers, and it’s a hub for some of the hottest pale-skinned girls on the planet. Not only are there tons of hot porcelain skin babes on this subreddit, but there are also plenty of MILFs and even some cougars dwelling on its pages too. But yes - the main aesthetic here is edgy, emo-like Tumblr girls who wear fishnets and probably put out for a gram of cocaine.These drug-abusing millennial bitches are all the hype nowadays - most of them probably have an Onlyfans, premium Snapchat or a Patreon, and the ones that don’t definitely have some sort of website or perform as a cam model on a certain platform. Let’s check out this pale skin-themed, daddy issue-ridden subreddit and help you determine whether or not you’d like to spend some time and loads on it.There Are Plenty of Genuine Original Submissions Here Yeah, if it wasn’t clear before, it should definitely be clear now; a LOT of the posts here are original content. The girls you’re drooling over on this Subreddit’s picture are very often the same girls who posted the picture, which gives you a chance to leave a nice, kind comment like “I want to bury my face in that ass” or “I would feed you my cum all day.” You never know when one of your comments might get read by the original poster - it could just make her day. She definitely won’t think you’re a creep because she’s already exposing herself in front of half a million people anyway.And A Few Random Posts From Contributors TooThis subreddit also has its fair share of randomly contributed pictures uploaded by people who are such big fans of pale girls they decided to post here regardless of the fact that they’re not a content creator for the subreddit. Case and point; there are a fair few randomly posted pictures that feature hot pale-skinned cam girls, porn stars, and models. Most of the time, these pictures have a name attached or a source link that lets you see more of the person featured on them. It’s almost never a GIF or a video, which brings me to my next point...Most of the Time It’s PicturesThe content on this page is pretty much 90% images - the good thing about this otherwise slightly-depressing fact is that these pictures are almost always original content. Not only can you not find them anywhere else, but they’re also pretty hot most of the time too, which should be enough to warrant a fap from you, especially if you have a thing for pale-skinned, emotionally-unavailable goddesses.With a Few GIFs and Videos Here and ThereThe rest of the ~10% of the content on this site is either GIFs or videos. Now there’s good news and bad news regarding this; The good news is that they’re not images, and provide a better fapping experience due to their media format. The bad news, however, is that most of the time, they open up on an alternate link that usually redirects you to Imgur or Gfycat. This shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you’re browsing the subreddit via a desktop or laptop, but if you’re on Reddit through the phone app, then you might experience some badly-optimized transitions if you get redirected to one of the aforementioned image-dump sites.Reddit Doesn’t Have Content Organization Tools I don’t expect Reddit to start making tags and categories for all its XXX subreddits and make it easy for everyone to, for example, find “big boobed” girls within /r/PaleGirls. But it would really be appreciated if the fine people over at Reddit’s HQ decided to implement a content filtering system that can divide pictures, videos, and GIFs separately. I mean, there are tons of XXX subreddits already, and some bright mind over there must have had this idea already, right?Yes You Can Fap to All This Pale Goodness From Your PhoneI mean, I virtually said this in the last paragraph, but let me make it crystal clear: It is totally possible to download the Reddit app and jump on this subreddit from your phone, all in under 10 minutes (provided of course you have a decent internet connection). The Reddit app works so well on phones - you can browse through all the posts made on a subreddit in a slideshow style instead of having to open and close posts all the time. It’s definitely worth downloading if you have a thing for X-rated subreddits.