Reddit HomeMadeXXX, aka r/HomeMadeXXX! Why is amateur porn the best type of porn out there? Hell, I don’t know. Maybe it’s because it’s raw, unedited and not produced by a guy behind the camera who’s waving instructions at the girls like a spastic aircraft marshaller. Imagine you’re viewing a particularly sexy triple-A production and your dick is rock hard, then imagine that instead of looking into your eyes, the girl is actually seeing some suit-wearing yahoo waving stroking instructions at her until his forearms are sore. That’s not sexy, that’s mechanical shit. You want the real stuff and so does the rest of the internet, that’s why amateur porn has been winning the race since 1989.The Homemade VibeTriple-A industries have known about this since the beginning and they have not been very happy about sharing such a large piece of the pie with people who are willing to post smut of themselves online for free. That’s why they often hire pornstars and instruct them to act out homemade-looking scenarios. Every single stepsister this, stepsister that video you might have seen advertised to you in the past few years is just that – an attempt at getting you to believe it’s real. It’s not real, it’ll never be real, skip it if you want to see real shit.I don’t mean real stepsister stuff, that’s probably fucking impossible. I mean real amateur stuff. Videos that people took on their own, by themselves, alone. The kinds of videos I like to take with a bunch of consenting babes at the end of a long day’s work. I don’t share those though. I’m a classy fellow. You can give up hope on ever seeing my cock on camera.But other dudes don’t have my amazing restraint, so they’ll throw their homemade smut all over the place. Maybe they’re hoping that randoms on the internet will complement their cocks. Or maybe they’re not really into the chicks they’re fucking so they want some second-hand satisfaction. That’s some weird shit. Personally, I’ve never felt the need to share the girls I’m with anyone else, but to each his own, I guess.So the porn industry is constantly putting out new productions that try to look homemade and the porn consuming community is working hard to wade through it and get to the good stuff. Let’s just be perfectly clear, a professional porn production cannot be homemade. They can call it amateur, but that’s more of a genre than a type of porn. Real homemade stuff is without exception, porn that was made by civilians – that is, not pornstars. There’s no director, no audience and definitely no profit to be made, although you are technically free to sell your homemade videos, I guess.Homemade Smut Across the WebSo where do you find real homemade porn? On mainstream tube sites, of course. But wait a minute – I just made a big stink about how the mainstream world is flooded with professional productions. Well, it is, and porn tubes are suffering the brunt of this saturation. Still, the homemade smut gets there one way or another.PornHub, in particular, has been really friendly to homemade porn uploads as of late, encouraging people to upload their own smut and profit from it. I’m not sure why the trend has become so much more popular these days as opposed to the early days of the site, but whatever they’re doing, it’s working. These days it seems like every other nubile 18-year-old wants to bend over on camera for a PornHub video. All praise the porn gods for the smut they have laid onto us. But I’m dancing around the point. How DO you find real homemade amateur smut on tube sites?Oh sure, you could browse through every single video on the amateur section and look for the one that looks like it was recorded by a potato. By my estimate, you’ll unearth one homemade video per 1000 results, and it should take you roughly seven years to gather enough smut to jack off for 30 minutes. Even if you’re a two-pump-chump, that’s still a boring-ass way to spend your night. You want to get to the smut quick and easy, not go on an anthropological dig through PornHub. So remember this rhyme, boys and girls, when your pole needs a good grease, you can always call upon the porn police.The Porn PoliceAlso known as /r/HomeMadeXXX, the porn police is a subreddit where people work around the clock to comb through every single porn video that gets uploaded these days and unearth proper homemade smut. Then, they post it on the sub along with a tagline to give you some context. They even tag a specific time in the video that they recommend you see. I’m not sure why they do this when most of the videos are extremely sexy throughout, but it’s nice to get to skip straight to the action. I’m sure as shit not complaining.On top of listing all of these videos, they also have healthy discussions about what does and does not constitute proper homemade content. Then there are various comments about fetishes and what people consider particularly boner inducing. I absolutely love it when people are brought together by their mutual love for pussy, and if that pussy is homegrown, then I’m that much happier.What Are the RulesA simple subreddit comes with simple rules, and the rules on /r/HomeMadeXXX are no different. They are kind of lengthy though because apparently a lot of people don’t want to respect the sacred value of proper homemade smut, so the mods made sure to write the same thing in seven different ways, so that everyone understands what the sub is for.Basically, the one major rule is that whatever you post has to look properly homemade. That doesn’t mean it has to be recorded on a potato camera, newer videos are more than welcome. And of course, the external links lead to popular porn tubes, so that’s also perfectly fine. Just make sure that whatever you do post looks believably homemade, not to the point that it’s passable, but to the point that you personally believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s real.The other rules on the sub are pretty basic and at this point, they’re pretty much implied. No content featuring minors, duh. Also, no revenge porn. The people in the videos have to have consented to the videos somehow. Linking to PornHub pretty much covers your ass there, as they have to vet that kind of thing themselves. But, if you post your own homemade smut on a smaller site that hasn’t had time to catch up with a review, you might try to sneak revenge porn in here. Don’t do that. Your video will get taken down anyway and you’ll just get yourself permabanned. There’s more than enough homemade smut out there without having to resort to forced shit.And speaking of forced shit, videos that depict non-consensual sex are also not allowed. I have zero problems with these rules because I’ve never slept with a woman who wasn’t enthusiastic about taking my cock. Maybe that’s just my experience, but seriously guys, nut up on this. If the girl you’re with doesn’t want you to record her gaping asshole after a long anal session, the next one will. Trust me. The right woman for you is out there. You just have to believe.You’re WelcomeEveryone is welcome on /r/HomeMadeXXX as long as they have a deep passion for proper homemade smut. If you’ve had sex, you should know exactly what to look for in these videos. If you haven’t, well, you have a lot to learn from them. These videos are equal parts educational and entertaining, because nothing can beat the sexy vibe you get off of videos that show a girl actually getting off.Guys will cum to anything. Hell, if they recorded me busting a load onto a pornstar I’d douse her so hard she’d be having cum on the brain for weeks. But when it comes to girls, they’re a bit more demanding than that and I love it. It takes dedication to get a girl to really feel at home. Pornstars don’t get that experience often. I mean, some of them do, on those primo websites that try to capture the feel of female erotica or what have you, but that’s a bit too soft for me.I want to see a girl take a hardcore dicking while also hearing her moan in pleasure. I’m not asking for too much. Well, amateur homemade pornography is exactly where I find everything I’ve ever wanted, and you can too. Just head on over to /r/HomeMadeXXX and give this sub the respect it deserves. They’re constantly posting new videos so the chances of you running out of fap material are zero to none. Enjoy!