Watch It For The Plot

Reddit Watch It For The Plot, aka r/WatchItForThePlot! Like you well know by now, Reddit is one mammoth platform that gives you a quick fix if you are looking to rub one out to tasty images and GIFs. The community-driven platform has loads of porn covering pretty much all your tastes, with hundreds of NSFW subreddits filled with porn hungry fucks chasing a quick fap. The advantage with my line of work is I get to feast my eyes on some of the tastiest smut on Reddit. I spend countless hours scouring the dark parts of the internet to provide you freaks with the best sources of smut to feed your lust demons. It might sound like loads of fun, and while it is to some extent, it is back-breaking work and you thankless, sick fucks have no idea just how tiring it is.But it's all good; I'm the fucking porn dude after all. It is all part of the job description, so I won't be complaining. I leave no stone unturned when it comes to pointing you to places where you are likely to find something to polish your small cocks over. No wonder y'all can't get yourselves some freaking hot girlfriends. I'm all you got, and you know it. Fuck, you losers should build me a fucking statue.Anyway, I came across an NSFW subreddit that may as well have the most ambiguous title; /r/WatchItForThePlot. At first, I thought I had landed on a sub where freaks talk about movies and shit. Still, it turns out is all about professional TV shows, films, and associated productions that feature nude, erotic, and sexual scenes. I wasn't too far from the point after all. However, the name doesn't immediately alert you of the erotic nature of the content here. Instead of people talking about entire scenes, they just go ahead and show you the steamiest parts. Anything for the nut, right? Cum with me as I give you the lowdown on the fap materials that lie ahead at /r/WatchItForThePlot.The numerical analysis of /r/WatchItForThePlot.Before diving headfirst into the content, you will find here, how about we start by gauging how this sub stacks against other NSFW subreddits? The first thing of note is the date of creation, and it turns out /r/WatchItForThePlot is has been around for quite some time, having been created on Dec 31, 2012. It has been on an upward trajectory and is currently teeming with 551k horny fucks who can't get enough of seeing the nude and raunchy side of their favorite actresses.A large number of members put the community in the top 50 of the most popular NSFW subreddits. A look at the rate of upload shows that around 8-10 new posts are added every day. The numbers are not the most impressive compared by the rate of the update with some other NSFW subs, but it's quite understandable given the nature of the content. Nude scenes are not exactly readily available, you know. Still, I'm not letting them off the hook, and the numbers could be much better.All for your next "Netflix and chill" seshGoogle' sex scene' and I can promise you your screen will explode into a hub of NSFW videos and sites. With countless options to pick from, you can't be sure which one is living up to its promise. Luckily for you, Hollywood pussy loving motherfuckers, /r/WatchItForThePlot has done the dirty work for you. Here they highlight some of cinema's most authentically sensual private moments caught on camera for your fapping pleasure.If you are familiar with how Reddit operates, then you know how they present their content. Posts are mostly in picture and GIF form. The good news with the content on is WIFTP (I'll shorten it for your own fucking sanity) is they actually want you to watch the clips. Otherwise, how are you supposed to follow the 'plot'? As a result, the majority of the posts are links to clips hosted at GFYCat – an MP4 sharing service that specializes in short pieces of content. Granted, there are a few images in the mix. Still, your lusty attention will inevitably be drawn into the short clips. You fucks will certainly love seeing your favorite movie stars in action. Expect to get off stars like Emilia Clarke of the Game of Thrones fame, Keira Knightley, Sydney Sweeney, Nathalie Emmanuel, Naomi Scott, Rose Leslie, and Aimee Lou Wood among hundreds of others.Strictly no fakesThe good news about the content on WIFTP is there are absolutely zero fakes. Whatever you find here is the real fucking deal as all the content comes from movies and TV shows. It is all good, well known Hollywood stars getting nude. I know you may not recognize some of these stars as some of the movies are a few decades old, but I'm sure your prick doesn't discriminate.One of my favorite scenes is from a movie called Earned It, which is a threesome featuring two female actors and one lucky bastard. It is a one minute clip, but it brings you the steamiest and most intense parts. I didn't even know who the fuck the stars were, but I can promise you that you will struggle to keep your hand from between your legs. That's just some of the hot action that lies in wait. You can see sluts like Joslyn Jensen's perfect full-frontal nudity, Sara Malakul Lane showing off her perfect body in barely-there bikinis from Jurassic Park, Erica Durance giving you an eyeful of firm breasts and nipples in House of The Dead, and Emilia Clarke being fucked from the back in Game of Thrones and so much more. The sub ultimately sticks to availing something hard to find at times, and it's fucking admirable.No hardcore smut, then?That's right, fap mate. The downside of a sub that strictly deals with erotic Hollywood content is the lack of explicit, hardcore fap materials. You will get plenty of nudity, which will no doubt cause some movements in your pants. Still, if you came here looking for hardcore penetrations, whores furiously riding cocks, blowjobs, and such hardcore stuff, your crazy fantasies are better off fulfilled elsewhere. As a matter of fact, the content here requires you to put your unimaginative brain into use as you won't be getting any full views of pussies, dicks, or full-on penetrations. It is all about the tasty, softcore content. You should still find plenty to squeeze that hog over.Remember to be on your best behaviorThere is just so much to see on Reddit in general, and if the content on this sub is not hardcore enough for you, what is stopping you from joining the community? The good news is a single account should give you access to the entire, which is filled with NSFW subreddits. No matter how picky you are, there is bound to be content worth jerking your dick to.Before joining the WIFTP community, be sure to familiarize yourself with the fucking rules. They are actually necessary to ensure everyone tows the line. After all, a community with over half a million members is inevitably going to have a bunch of assholes. There are some strict guidelines, including a no porn policy, no fakes, and absolutely no anime. Typically, there is a group of moderators who ensure the content sticks to the sub's mission.The best of /r/WatchItForThePlotGreat content; if seeing your favorite Hollywood actresses starring in sensual sex scenes in blockbuster movies is what gets your juices flowing. Then you should find loads of fap materials from the collection of sex scenes on this sub.High-quality clips; the bulk of the submissions here consists of short clips that can be watched in pretty solid quality.Good moderation; the community is well moderated, and the list of rules are absolutely reasonable considering the sub's mission.No fakes; there is a strict no fakes/photoshop policy, and each one of the clips represents real situations since content comes from TV shows and movies.Possible concernsSlow updates; new updates are reluctant to come by, and the rate of 8-10 new posts per day could be much better.No hardcore content; the videos are mostly softcore in nature, which is pretty understandable since the material is from mainstream sources. It only means you won't be able to get off explicit videos.Final ramblingsUltimately, r/WatchItForThePlot is a pretty solid sub for anyone that loves Hollywood nudity. There are hundreds of photos and short clips showing steamy sex scenes from famous movies, and if this kind of crap gets you hard, you couldn't have picked a better community. The sub is a bit slow on content, but they still have enough in the locker to pull a massive crowd of over half a million.