Reddit Pussy, aka /r/Pussy! What the fuck is it about Reddit that makes a guy like ThePornDude gladly throw hours of his life away just browsing the bullshit people post? Where else can you find some half-baked theory on liberalism that’s so hilarious it makes you spew soda out every hole only to find yourself watching a video of a fat ass woman stomping on a little kid’s balloons at a birthday because, ‘I hungry t’ day?’ Reddit. That’s it.There’s no other place on the Web that will satisfy whatever kind of sick interest you’re in to. Like to show off your weird ass eggs like you’re in a county fair in 1950? There’s a subreddit for that. Want to get rid of that shitty gift card grandma got you to, ‘The Craft Bucket,’ and trade it for cold, hard cash? There’s a place for that. Want to buy someone pizza that’s assuredly creating a sob story and lying about it just to make yourself feel less shitty for a night? Dudes, there’s even a fucking subreddit for that.Reddit is like a goddamn flea market of useless information and content (safe to say that the type of people you’d find at a flea market lurk around Reddit). But like a flea market, there’s always that one fine ass chick that doesn’t look like she belongs. You know what I’m talking about bros: short skirt, looking through vintage watches for some reason, you can see the outline of the panties if you stare a second too long. Give me a second, PornDude may have to…take a little stroke break if you get my drift.Fuck that, gotta stay focused. Reddit is apparently full of fucking hot ass chicks because when I took a look over at Reddit.com/r/pussy I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. You expect me to believe bitches like these are posting their hot pussies for neckbeards (not like you, of course) to crank their yank? I don’t fucking get it. Then again, I don’t go around the Internet posting my dick for just anyone (you gotta earn it to PornDude’s holiest of holies) so maybe I’m missing something.Enough about why the fuck these bitches are posting their pussy pics. Who fucking cares, right? You’re getting to see pussy so that’s all that matters. Is it good pussy, bad pussy, or should you get your pussy fix elsewhere? Let’s muff dive right in!You already jack off on Reddit so you know how to use itReddit seems like it has a million subreddits for beating your dick and getting off. If you’re looking for pussy pics you’ve probably already visited such subs so you already know what you’re getting. If you’ve never used Reddit, it’s just like any shitty forum you’ve used on the Internet in the last 30 years. The appeal is just how many communities are out there. Unlike most sites, the mobile version and desktop version of Reddit actually work equally well so you don’t have to pick one or the other. Whatever your kink, Reddit probably has something that’ll scratch that itch. For PornDude, one of those itches is pretty pussy pics and vids. I’ll admit, it satisfied this itch pretty well until…Not every bitch needs to post her pussy on Reddit.com/r/pussyLook bro's, if you browse Reddit.com/r/pussy by, ‘Top,’ and, Hottest,’ you’re going to find some amazing pussies that’ll make you cum faster than a politician interviewing his next intern. This is Reddit though so content is mostly user-generated. The bad news is chicks with a false sense of attractiveness seem to lurk this sub because I spotted some pretty fucked up pussies. I’m not saying they look like Mike Tyson punched their pussy for 14 rounds, but what I am saying is that the world doesn’t need to see some of these. I saw one pussy that looked like the bitch had a fucking pelican growing out of a patch of skin where her clit should be.That’s not all. One pussy looked like a fucking vacuum cleaner from the 1940s. Another looked like snow. Not impressive or ugly just that fucking bland. So your mileage is going to vary. Are there more pretty pussies than goddamn ugly vaginas? Hell yes. Are there also vaginas that’ll give you limp dick faster than an SPCA commercial. FUCK YES!Like amateur porn? You’ll love this shit!Fucking disgusting pussies aside, the bottom line is that you have women posting their pussies for the world to see. If you have an amateur porn kink and want to imagine hot bitches are sending you their own personal vids and pics this is totally what the porn doctor ordered. It’s fucking hot as hell, there’s always new content, and 99% of it feels amateur by nature. The one thing I want to know is if it’s actually real fucking amateur porn?Are these hot pussies actually posted by the users that own the hot pussies?If you’ve browsed adult subreddits as PornDude has then you’ll know a lot of subs offer a verified feature. This lets the dudes jerking off to the pics know that when they’re jacking it and about to explode all over their mother’s WebTV keyboard from the 1990’s they can take solace in the fact that the bitch their splooging over actually posted the pic. It makes it a lot easier to explain to their mom when they have to explain why the keyboard that doesn’t have a USB port is sticky and the, ‘N’ key won’t work.Reddit.com/r/pussy doesn’t have this though. How the fuck is anyone supposed to know if the pictures and videos being posted are actually from the user posting it? Most of it looks legit and real but all of that can be easily faked. Is that not important to the moderators over at reddit.com/r/pussy? Because it’s sure as fuck important to PornDude!I mean what the fuck? Why the else would you go to a sub who’s entire purpose is to have a place to show off actual user’s pussy pics? Unless they don’t give a fuck and it’s a free-for-all. If it’s the latter, they need to advertise it appropriately. People go to reddit.com/r/pussy fully knowing they’re getting pussy content from someone that could just as easily live in their neighborhood as they could halfway across the world. It’s the appeal, and to not have a verified feature so people can know that the pussy they’re looking at actually belongs to the poster isn’t honest and it’s fucking bullshit. Address the problem so people know they’re looking at a real, amateur pussy instead of a bullshit picture that’s over a decade old and has been run through a filter to make it look new! It’s not fucking hard mods, get it together!This shit feels old afNo other site can beat Reddit in terms of original content but it doesn’t change the fact that it feels fucking old. It’s hard to search for certain types of content (check-marking a box to search all of Reddit versus /r/pussy is tedious) and there’s nothing to filter by except by, ‘Hottest,’ ‘Top,’ etc. When you’re used to browsing quality free tube sites like Pornhub and you’re used to finding amateur content (VERIFIED amateur content) in a matter of seconds looking at pussy content on Reddit.com/r/pussy can feel slow and almost prehistoric.Reddit goes down all the timeNo, Reddit isn’t down for hours and days like a bottom bitch website that doesn’t know what it’s doing. It does routinely stop working for minutes at a time due to site overload, though. When you’re trying to get a nut off the last thing you want to do is see that annoying Reddit mascot throwing his hands up like some stupid faggot and declaring, ‘sorry we’re down you’re going to get blue balls just fucking deal with it.’ When seconds count as you build up to busting a load this is the type of annoying bullshit that’ll make you go somewhere else.Not too many rules on Reddit.com/r/pussyBrowse Reddit long enough and you’ll find some subs that are run by moderators that have no fucking life and have a million rules to prove it. Reddit.com/r/pussy is fortunately not managed by neckbeards that have no fucking life. While they should create a system for verifying submissions users at least feel free to post without risk of their content being taken down (the only rule is the vulva must be in the picture). It gives users the freedom to post without whatever pretty pussy pics they want to post but it does the same for the bitches that shouldn’t be posting their ugly pussies anywhere on the Web too.Take the good with the bad, ignore the disgusting pussies as they crop up, and you may find something to nut over. It won’t be as quick and maybe not as satisfying as getting a quick nut off on a more known free tube site but if you’re into amateur porn and want to make your dick sneeze its balls off over amateur pussy content (that may or may not be authentic) it’s at least worth bookmarking and visiting from time to time. Just avoid any of the pussy pictures that look like bird necks because those are fucking disgusting.