Reddit Lips That Grip, aka r/LipsThatGrip! Tight pussies. They’re the pinnacle of sexual pleasure. You can forget about shagging a chick and having fun while doing it if she’s as loose as undone shoelaces. You need something firm and robust to grip that cock nicely while you fuck! Well, if you haven’t guessed already, there’s a community on Reddit.com dedicated to precisely that. It’s called on /r/LipsThatGrip, and it pays homage to the tightest pussies on the planet with the most hardcore gripping power you’ve ever seen. These babes can grip your dick so hard that you’ll feel it even stronger than when you’re jerking off with your hand. And let’s be clear, I think most of us guys have a pretty good grip if you know what I mean.Amazing free pictures and videosOkay, so what is /r/LipsThatGrip made of? Are we talking about pictures? Are we talking about videos? Well, for the most part, it seems that videos are the thing that gets posted here the most. But images aren’t trailing far behind, and there’s a pretty apparent reason for that. If you have a perfect picture that was taken in the ideal frame when a pussy is gripping a hard cock, you’re going to have one of the sexiest images ever. These get posted here all the time, and you can see the pussy as it’s grabbing hold of the cock and suffocating it in the walls of the vulva. I think that’s what they’re called. Don’t call me out on it; I don’t want to go over elementary school biology just because you want me to be correct.Let’s move on and comment on the spectacular videos here. Yes, I know I just said how amazing a still frame could be, but wait till you see these videos. With the videos, you can see the pussy as it’s getting stretched while trying to hold onto that dick. Of course, it’s not always a dick. Sometimes it’s a dildo; sometimes it’s another kind of sex toy. What’s in common with all this content is that it’s always a pussy gripping something, no anal is allowed. And this is the essence of what the community on /r/LipsThatGrip likes. They want to see lips, pussy lips more precisely, and they want to see them working hard.Only tight and firm pussiesI want you to think about the last time you had sex. For me, that was five minutes ago. What can I say? I can’t go for longer than a few hours without smashing some pussy. If you’re Porn Geek, you probably never had any sex, so we’ll leave those people out of the equation for now. So, if you’re not a virgin, think about all the pussies you’ve fucked in your life. Which ones were the best? They were probably young, right? What else? Well, they were small… And so, what does all of this imply? Yes, exactly! They were young, and they could grip your dick so that you could feel the firmness all-around your shaft. You didn’t even have to ask for anal with those chicks!Now, think about the worst of the worst that pussy had to offer you. What was it? It was probably messy, sloppy, all used-up. A hoe pussy has no place on /r/LipsThatGrip. This community makes sure that all loose pussy lips instantly get downvoted into oblivion. This is great because it means that fewer whores are trying to get karma here than on other subreddits. You probably want to see the best pussy out there, and the way you do that is by filtering out all the garbage that comes along when you’re looking for pussy pictures and pussy videos. Vaginas can be beautiful to look at if you’re looking at the right ones.No time wasted exploring vaginasYou probably have to have a lot of time and patience if you are ready to go through a standard porn tube website in search of some tight pussy lips. The /r/LipsThatGrip community does everything for you! You don’t have to spend hours searching for the perfect porn video with a pornstar that has tight pussy lips. All the best pussy lips are right here. I think we all need to value our time more and thank /r/LipsThatGrip for allowing us to get all this fantastic content without having to waste so much time and effort while searching for this shit on other porn tube websites. Reddit.com is just great like that because it has a subreddit for everything, tight vaginas included.Let’s be honest, when’s the last time you saw someone searching for a video where you had a vagina so sloppy and loose that it looked like the Predator’s face when he opens his fucking mouth and takes off his mask. I don’t think anyone in their right mind would want that, and yet we have so many porn videos out there that have chicks who have had more cocks inside them than tampons! If you ask me, that kind of bullshit is unacceptable, and it’s one of the main reasons why we need a place like /r/LipsThatGrip to enjoy all of the best firm pussy content that we can get. The last thing we need is to start paying for that content.Massive community with free contentOh, that reminds me, did you know /r/LipsThatGrip is entirely free? That’s right; you get all that this community has to offer without having to pay a single dime. And all of that is thanks to the massive crowd that this place inspires to post new content every single day. All the material that gets uploaded here is uploaded from community members who are subscribed to the subreddit. And that’s not the end of community interaction with the content. After it’s uploaded, the image or video gets sent to the New section. That’s where other community members are going to upvote it up to the Rising page or put it so far down in the voting scale that you won’t ever see it in your life. Only the best content gets to the Hot section this way, which is precisely what we want!It’s not hard to pin the success of this subreddit to the community. There are over 650k members on the sub right now, and new ones are joining every single day! Now, I don’t know what to say about that except that this is one of the most surprising membership numbers for any niche NSFW category on Reddit.com! I know many more generic subs that have way fewer people join them. I guess people are just really into the material that gets posted here. Whether it’s a picture or a video, it always seems that /r/LipsThatGrip has something to offer! I don’t know why the number is so high, but it’s undoubtedly a good thing!The design could be betterWhat isn’t a good thing is a boring design. In truth, /r/LipsThatGrip hasn’t done anything to spice up the look of their subreddit. They are using the default settings and have even gone one step further in making their community look boring by making it have nothing but gray colors. I mean, how the fuck can you fuck up that much? I don’t know a single person who has ever said that they want more gray in their lives. Okay, maybe I have heard that from chicks who are into guys who wear gray sweatpants. But you need something to compliment that color! For me, that’s orange. For you guys, well, luckily, the Reddit logo is still orange, so you get a pass.But hey, while /r/LipsThatGrip might be incompetent when it comes to using the best colors for an erotic subreddit, at least they know how to run the damn place. They have plenty of rules in place which don’t allow off-topic shit. It clearly states that the pussy has to be gripping on something, whether it’s a dick or a dildo. And, of course, no assholes are allowed. I mean that both as a literal sense of no assholes being penetrated (there are a time and place for that and it’s not /r/LipsThatGrip) and I also mean when you're an asshole to everyone else in the community, so you get banned into another dimension.