Reddit PAWG, aka /r/PAWG! When it comes to tastes in porn and tastes in girls, I think that I can speak for many people when we talk about how different races of chicks handle themselves. Now, I’ve definitely had a fair bit of pussy from each race. I fucked ebony babes, Latinas, Asian chicks, and many, many white girls. As it just so happens, I think that white girls can be the hottest chicks in town if they have the necessary assets. Sadly, most white girls are just average and nothing more. However, if you take a look at the exceptional white girls out there, then you might want to see what else these babes have to offer. Well, you can do just that if you visit the exceptional subreddit called /r/pawg.White babes with huge fat assesWhat does PAWG stand for? Well, if you did your research, you would know that the acronym actually stands for Phat Ass White Girls. And boy oh boy, do I love me some white chicks with fat asses. If you ask me what I like the most about white girls when I fuck them and have a good time, I would most likely tell you that I appreciate the size of their ass. However, sometimes the season is dry, and I don’t get to see as many PAWG bitches as I Would want to. As it turns out, there is another way that I can watch these babes, and yes, it includes going to /r/pawg for some amazing PAWG content.I can’t get enough of these pictures and videos which are pictured here. There is just something mesmerizing about these white girls and their big asses that I cannot explain. It’s like their massive asses are always a handful for anyone who wants to be a part of what they have to offer. If you want to be able to enjoy yourself with these beautiful babes, then you’re going to have to check out this sub. There are many subreddits and communities out there dedicated to big asses, but none of them do it quite as well as /r/pawg. The people here definitely know what they are looking for, and it shows when you look at all of the amazing pictures and videos which are hosted and posted in this community.Colossal community with 727k+ subscribersSpeaking of the community, did you know that when it comes to the number of subscribers, /r/pawg is actually one of the bigger NSFW subs out there! Yeah… I know it’s hard to believe, but it actually is. I know you’re used to those big-name subs that have millions of subscribers, but let’s be honest for a second. Those general purpose subreddits with porn in them are absolute garbage. You need to look for some niches if you want to dig out the good stuff, and you definitely want to find niche subs that have plenty of members because this means that you’ll be able to enjoy more amazing content with these subreddits. It’s something that you should always keep in mind when deciding which NSFW sub you wanna enjoy next.There are 727k people subscribed to this community as of the writing of this review, and I’m one of them. Hey, don’t look at me so weird. You guys know that I’m a huge fan of fat ass white chicks, and I love fucking them too. That’s why whenever there aren’t that many white girls with fat asses who are down to fuck, I have to have a good time by doing something else. That’s when I hit /r/pawg, and I start exploring through all the content that it has to offer, just like the thousands of people who are online at any point in time. I know that seems incredible, but those are the actual numbers, and you can look them up.The quality of the content can sometimes be badWhat’s more is that you can expect a fair bit of quality here. Sometimes you might feel that the quality of the content could be better, but I guarantee that this community tries to post the best of the best on the Hot page. There are so many people who are working tirelessly in the New segment of the subreddit, and they’re weeding out all the bullshit stuff so that you’re left with only the cream of the crop at the very top in the Hot segment of the community. Of course, that means that there are plenty of posts that end up breaking the rules that /r/pawg has in place to protect the integrity of the content.You see, the New section of the subreddit is filled with people who either don’t know what PAWG stands for or they just don’t care what /r/pawg is about. There are people out there who post Asian babes and Latinas who have huge asses. You see, nobody cares about that because those are different niches. Besides, everyone knows that Latinas have huge asses. I know Asians are a different story, but this sub is dedicated to white chicks and only white chicks. Not to be racist or anything, but the last thing I want to see when I go to /r/pawg I some color on the chicks who are showing off their ass. It’s not racist if it’s a fetish that you prefer, so don’t worry about it!Strict rules, but they’re really necessaryThere’s a time and place for watching ebony babes and Asian chicks with huge asses, and you can definitely find communities that are meant for that kind of content. Not to mention that there are rules that you have to abide by if you want to enjoy all of this amazing content. The mods have become a bit stricter recently, and they not only get rid of content that doesn’t have a white girl in the piece, but they also remove content that doesn’t perfectly show off the ass. Sometimes this is good. In fact, most of the time, it’s good. However, there are times where a girl is showing a bit more thigh and hips rather than ass, and the content can still be fucking amazing despite that.Anyway, these rules can only be good in the long run seeing as how the subreddit is attracting more and more people who want to subscribe to this content every single day. That’s why I get the need for these rules, but sometimes they can feel really draconian in nature. Maybe they should tone it down whenever there isn’t too much new content being posted anyway. But that’s on them to decide, not me. I can only give them some advice, and I hope that they take it to heart so that we can have an even better subreddit which is dedicated to some of the hottest white girls with huge fat ass cheeks.Green just really doesn’t suit this placeThe design is iffy. The green color reminds more of a vegan subreddit than anything else. They should probably change the colors to suit a darker tone as well as more seductive accent colors such as pink, red, and so on. With green, it just feels like I’m watching a nature subreddit or a Nat Geo documentary. Not to mention the fact that they have nothing else customized other than the colors. There is no custom avatar, and there is also no custom banner, which I think many people would like to see seeing as how popular this sub is. If you have many subs you’re subscribed to, seeing the avatar quickly when listing them could be a lifesaver.Anyway, that’s just a minor gripe that I have with the subreddit; however, I still think that /r/pawg has some of the best content when it comes to hot white girls who want to show off their big asses. The photos and videos here are also as free as they get, so you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to suck out some hidden fees out of you before showing you the content. There isn’t any of that going on here, and besides, modes are quick to remove that kind of content whenever it breaks the rules. All in all, it can be an amazing experience for all fat-ass white girl lovers, so check out /r/pawg today!