r/PornhubComments, aka Reddit PornhubComments! Masturbating increases mood and even boosts immune system function, so by now, people who masturbate several times a day like the PornGeek should be invincible, right? Well, not exactly, I mean too much of anything isn’t a good thing, but then again there are always other ways to make yourself feel better and not end up being miserable and self-loathing - and one of the most effective ways to do this is, believe it or not, through laughing. And no, I didn’t just watch the Joker and suddenly have a thing for laughing now, I genuinely mean that laughing has its benefits.Sure, doing it too much might make you seem like a lunatic, but at least you’re laughing right? Laughter is really one of the key things people get from using the internet and various popular social media platforms nowadays anyways - I mean there are tons of memes floating out there that can make anyone laugh for eternity if all they do is sit on their phone and look at memes all day. Some of these memes are relatable, some are NSFW, some are outright surreal and borderline retarded, while others can come in the form of comments on PornHub…Yep, you read that right - there is a whole trend going on now with memes on all social media platforms (basically just Facebook Twitter and Instagram), and people really get a kick out of them. They’ve been popular for years now, and are in no way dwindling down in popularity thanks to their ever-flexible format, which is merely just an endless supply of funny, quirky comments that can make all kinds of people laugh as opposed to being one fixed thing like the ‘dat boi’ meme was. PornHub comments are even popular enough to have their own Subreddit, and it has a whopping 718 thousand members in total, making it one of the most popular meme formats today. But can you masturbate to PornHub comments, or even enjoy them enough to give actual porn a break? Keep reading and you’ll find out.This is The Social Media of Porn Sites After AllPornHub itself has become a meme nowadays - it’s the most popular porn website on the internet, beating out other popular porntube sites like XVideos and XHamster harder than the people who visit it beat their meat. This site is so damn popular that by now it’s very likely that any people you know who are 16 and older have probably used it in the past few days. It’s the epicenter of internet pornography, giving its visitors the perfect porntube experience, equipped with a smooth UX/UI and a fresh video algorithm that makes sure you don’t keep seeing the same bunch of video recommendations every time you decide to frantically switch to a new video because the current one wasn’t making the cut.PornHub’s gained such traction in terms of popularity that all kinds of people have made accounts on it, even people who up until a year or two ago thought that having a profile on a porn website was something appalling. This site even got its own award ceremony that’s attended by popular stars like Kanye West and costs millions just to put together. It really is the internet’s porn social media, and there are all kinds of popular pornstars on it that put down comments under videos from time to time such as “Like this comment if you came”, which is really just ingeniously cheeky. It’s a great way to connect with their fans, and I honestly think it’s hilarious.There are also several verified accounts on PornHub that don’t belong to pornstars but are named after famous celebrities and historical figures like Bob Ross and several US civil war heroes and Roman emperors, not to mention accounts that are named “The Coca Cola Company”. It’s really a meme renaissance for PornHub’s comment section, and Reddit’s “PornHub Comments” subreddit contains all the best examples of savageness and unrelenting "memeage" that has ever occurred there. And here’s why these PornHub comments have managed to last so long...Some of These Actually Point Out Something In The VideoThis subreddit contains the best of the best examples of comments made on this gigantic porntube, and that means that there are different kinds of comments too - some are more akin to toilet humor while others point out interesting and at times even mind-blowing observations about the video. These observations aren’t exactly about how the couple on the video fucked or how huge the girl’s ass is - they’re more miscellaneous, and that makes them extremely hilarious.For example, there’s a comment that points out a certain shower curtain in a porn video, mentioning that it contains several paintings by French artist Toulouse Lautrec, or another comment on a different video mentioning that the computer mouse shown in it briefly is a powerful G502. It’s these comments that help keep this meme format fresh (yes it is a meme, I so decree) and make sure that we get actual funny memes on our Instagram timelines instead of those stale ones that have been around since 2015, which you’d know to be a distant, bygone era if you knew anything about meme culture.It’s on Reddit, so It’s 100% Accessible Via MobileOh yeah, these can all be looked at from your phone while you’re slacking away and ignoring all your responsibilities - smartphones really are a great way to waste time aren’t they? I mean don’t get me wrong, I’d love to jack off to some porn I played from my phone while in the bathroom on my work break, but believe it or not, there isn’t really anything to jack off to on this subreddit - sure it’s accessible from a phone since it’s essentially on the actual Reddit website, but I don’t think you’ll need any actual privacy when getting on there from your phone, which brings me to my next point...No Actual Porn ThoughThere isn’t anything fappable to here - the comments aren’t even erotic, so this whole review is essentially based on a comedic Subreddit that contains comments from the world’s most popular porn website. There is no way anything here would even get you remotely aroused, and the way I see it, the best way you can get some actual fap-worthy content out of this Subreddit is if you asked any of the OPs for a source link of the video whose comments are posted. That’s really this whole Subreddit, in a nutshell, it’s worth a laugh or two, but I don’t think it’s worth a fap or two.