College Sluts

Reddit College Sluts, aka r/CollegeSluts! Is there a more perfect time to get pussy than in college? There’s something about bitches in college that makes them infinitely hornier. Maybe it’s because they’re not tied down at home anymore, or perhaps it’s because they have instant access to cock – all they have to do is walk across campus and go to a dorm room. Hell, nowadays all they have to do is hail an Uber, and they can get dick anywhere in the city where mommy and daddy are nowhere to be seen (they’re probably getting their bit of strange since the kid isn’t in the fucking house anymore!).It's as if a tiny bit of freedom makes them dripping wet. It’s a perfect time, too, because they’re at that ripe age between 18 and 25, where their bodies are at peak sexiness. Good God, now I want to volunteer on a college campus to see if I can sniff out some college pussy!In the meantime, browsing will have to suffice. That’s not to say I’m complaining, either! The content here is so fucking hot and amazing that you’re going to wonder how you ever missed this subreddit. Add to the fact that a lot of the content is posted by actual college sluts and…excuse me; I need to step away for a few minutes and tug one out to this slut, letting a random mall shopper eat her out in the parking garage.Over 850,000 members and countingNow that I witnessed one of the luckiest mother fuckers alive, let’s talk about how many people are subscribed to the subreddit – over 850,000! That’s an insane number, and while it’s nowhere close to a subreddit like /r/gonewild, the fact that is nearing 1,000,000 subscribers isn’t anything to scoff at. That’s an insane number, and very few subreddits reach these numbers. For a non-default sub to be hitting nearly a million – whether it’s a NSFW (Not Safe For Work) subreddit or not – is something that the mods on the sub should be proud of.Not only that, but there are at least a few thousand users online at any given moment. It truly does not matter what time you visit the subreddit either: there are always people here lurking or posting new content. And it’s consistently posted content, too – but more on that later you horny mother fuckers!It's worth mentioning that is also a legacy subreddit. It’s been around for over 10-years – a hell of a long time considering how long Reddit has been around and how many subreddits there are. It’s not going away anytime soon, and with so many content having being posted on the subreddit over the years, it’s a fantastic place to sort by top and all time to see the best of the best that’s been posted in the sub’s 10+ year history.Browsing the subreddit is simple and identical to other subsIf you can use Reddit, you can use this subreddit. Even if you’ve never used Reddit (and if you haven’t, do you know how much hot, amateur pussy you’ve been missing?!?!) using is going to become second nature faster than you can nut to one of these college sluts making out with your older sister (you’re into that sort of thing, right?).As you can see at the top of the homepage, there are convenient sorting options. Users can sort content by hot, new, top, and rising. That’s not the only suitable method for organizing the content, though. Beyond that, users can also filter content when sorting by top: filter by now, today, this week, this month, this year, and all time.I highly, highly suggest that you at least sort the content on by top and all-time at least once. Here, you will be able to look at the hottest fucking images, GIFs, and videos ever to grace this subreddit. Let me tell you something: you’re going to have your jaw on the fucking floor as you browse through and look at all the content. Between GIFs, images, and videos of college students getting fucking nasty and showing off their tight bodies and even tighter pussies, your floor is going to be semen-infested before you’re finished browsing here. Better call the carpet cleaners and some ointment for that chafe dick you’re inevitably going to get.When you’ve recovered from the sight of seeing perfect college sluts in their prime, you’re going to want to sort the content by new. During this review, it felt like there was something new posted every 10 minutes! And most of the time, none of it sucked, either. Sure, there are those neckbeard Redditors that post images of pornstars posing as a college-age students to rack up the karma (and there’s nothing wrong with that shit anyway). However, surprisingly (or not surprisingly considering how slutty college girls can be), a lot of the content here is posted by real, amateur college chicks that want to show off their tight, banging bodies.During this review, I came across hot bitches rubbing their pussies, a college student wanting to cuckold her boyfriend in her DMs, a black beauty showing off her best assets, and so much more. And that was all within about 30 minutes! Dude, this place is fucking hopping with hot college pussy: you’ve got to come visit – by orders of ThePornDude!New content posted regularlyYeah, no shit, there’s new content posted regularly! I couldn’t seem to keep up with how much new college slut porn was being added to the subreddit. It was hard to keep up with it all (and that’s not the only thing that was fucking hard about it!), but who could possibly bitch about that? That’s one of the best problems a subreddit like can have: a near-endless supply of porn featuring real sluts showing off the most fuckable parts of their bodies.Granted, not every hour is going to be full of hot bitches posting their nudies for everyone to see. The content was flowing for most of this review, though it may slow down when it’s late at night in the Western Hemisphere. Still, for those that only check once a day, there’s going to always be a treasure trove of amazing content to sort through. Even if you check it out every few years, there’s always something hot and compelling to look at here. With a good combination of images, GIFs, and videos on occasion, you’re never going to get bored of looking at the hot sluts that make so special.Amazing fucking contentIf you enjoy looking at young sluts showing off their tits, perfect pussies, and asses, or if you enjoy watching them get eaten out, get fucked, or cum for the camera via images, gifs, and even videos, this is the place for you. From cuckolds to sluts flashing themselves after graduating to bitches showing themselves fingering themselves and moaning for the camera, there’s always something you’re going to want to see.Not only that, but the content here is mostly exclusive. That’s because this is true amateur content. And because the females are of a certain age (18-25 give or take), they are in the prime of their life. Browse by top and all-time as you will be jacking off before you get to page 2 – get to page three, and you will have already cum. Sure, users are going to come across content featuring pornstars dressed as college students and other pseudo-college-themed content from time to time (blame it on the karma whore on Reddit) – for fuck sake, I ran into that in real-time during this review). Still, it isn’t even close to the majority. Ignore this content if you feel like it; it doesn’t lower the caliber of the site by any means).Only female college sluts!Look, I know that since I’m talking about a place called, the assumption is that only college girl content is posted on the sub. But with that being said, you never know how many guys call themselves sluts, so don’t think for a moment that there’s going to be any dudes sneaking their peckers into the sub and flooding new with penis content that nobody asked for. The rules state that only female content can be posted on the sub. Sort and browse with confidence, knowing you’re not going to run into some fat fuck’s tiny dick who spends his free time staying in his dorm grinding on is one of the best destinations on Reddit for finding consistently hot content featuring drop-dead gorgeous, horny sluts that will get you off in record time. With much of the content being amateur and user-uploaded, it’s a truly one-of-a-kind resource that you can’t find anywhere else. The subreddit needs to continue doing exactly what it’s doing (i.e., keeping the ban on male content) to ensure that it will continue to thrive for years to come.