Busty Petite

Reddit Busty Petite, aka r/BusyPetite! What’s one thing that makes men get an erection that’s literally unstoppable because they’re biologically programmed to respond to it that way visually? Big tits. What’s another thing that has the same effect on most straight men? Small waists. What happens when you combine the two? You get a community-made image and video-sharing forum dedicated to nothing but busty petites which has over 831 thousand people subscribed to it, and that’s not something that should be taken lightly in any way shape or form - big tits, in combination with a small waist, are literally something men have fought, bled and died for.Why do you think Napoleon started so many goddamn wars, for his country? Hell no, for him France could pretty much go fuck itself if it meant that he could impress some busty petite girl and make her see him as the only man in the world in her eyes. You might be an ass man, sure, but the combination of big boobs and small waists will definitely challenge your opinion of your favorite part of the female body, hell, that combination is so damn dangerous I’m sure there are some gay dudes out there who’d reconsider coming back to pussy after making the switch to meat if they had it right in front of them, sitting in their lap.But sadly, making big-boobed, small-waisted girls appear in your lap out of thin air isn’t possible, and while technology works towards achieving that marvel we’re left with the next best thing: Reddit’s ‘BustyPetite’ subreddit, which is a nifty little place on the internet where you can see nothing but girls whose boobs are oversized, but waist is otherwise slim. This is definitely one of those places on the internet to visit if you’re into busty petite girls, and you should really check it out if you’re a man who respects healthy website communities like the one on Reddit here, because it really does ‘separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to sorting bad porn from good porn...No, This is Not an Actual Porn SiteTo kick things off, I’m gonna tell you straight from the start that this is NOT an actual porn site - Reddit is a community-built forum-based content sharing website which is frequented by over 5 million people on a daily basis, and while it’s great and all in its own regard it’s still not a pornographic website, which effectively makes it a website that doesn’t make your porn-viewing process easy and doesn’t just hand you XXX content on a silver platter. There are no categories or tags here, and the content you’re viewing can’t exactly be organized (a little more on that later), but there are dozens upon dozens of existing subreddits which all focus on different aspects on pornography, from tattooed girls to GIFs of Asian girls sucking and fucking. /r/BustyPetite isn’t the only subreddit on this site that contains pornography, but it is one of the better ones since the niche is simple and the people who provide for it are individuals who really take their pornography seriously...But The Content is Hand-Picked By Master-Level Porn Connoisseurs(831k members) The dudes (and at times even dudettes) who upload content on this website aren’t slouches - they know a hell of a lot about porn because they watch a hell of a lot of porn, meaning that if they do decide to upload something it’s probably gonna be something that’s good in quality and not easy to find on free porno domains.The people who are subscribed to this subreddit are subscribed to it for a reason, and they’d rather die than let their post be removed by Reddit’s many policing admins and ever-vigilant bots who always keep a lookout for low-effort posts and low-quality shitposts and make sure to remove them in under a minute - sometimes they give the original poster a chance and let them edit their post if they don’t want it deleted, but rest assured that any new posts which make their way onto any subreddit on this website are almost instantly inspected to see if they’re worthy or not of remaining posted.Reddit’s community works this way, and it’s mainly why this site is so damn cool - not only can you make friends and get all the latest information on just about everything here the fastest, you can also fap to some porn-themed subreddits too, how fucking awesome is that?And There Are Videos In Addition to the Standard ImagesIt’s safe to say that roughly 80% of all the content uploaded on this subreddit is images, with about 10% of it being GIFs, and oh that last 10%, that small little portion of content is videos, and these videos aren’t those basic fuck flicks which you’ve probably seen uploaded all over those popular porn tube sites like XHamster and PornHub. These videos are usually amateur flicks made by the very girls who are featured in them, and they all fill the criteria of small waist big tits, and they’re all pretty damn good if I do say so myself (at least the ones I managed to see on the first few pages).Moreover, in addition to being made by the very girls who are featured in them, these videos are also sometimes uploaded by those same girls, which gives you a chance to say hi, compliment and even get a little chit-chat going with one of those small-waisted, big-boobed divas you might stumble upon here on this subreddit. Fapping to a girl that you can actually talk to online should definitely provide a feel-good chemical-boost which should make your orgasm and overall fapping experience that much stronger, because the brain absolutely loves it when you masturbate to a person that you can otherwise communicate with in some way shape or form.Some of It’s CandidA considerable portion of this stuff is merely candid photos and videos of girls who happen to have small waists and large breasts - candid pornography is not something that would get a daily masturbator’s sex drive going, but it’s good enough as an appetizer which leads up to the main course. Nothing like browsing through some candid, fully-clothed photos to create some buildup for your arousal and then treating yourself to a main course/early dessert consisting of some hardcore X-rated stuff…Some of It’s X-RatedLet me reiterate - some of it’s X-Rated, yes, but by somewhat I really mean is about half of all the pornography on this subreddit contains some form of intercourse, whether it’s solo or with a partner. Of course there’s actual explicit porn on this subreddit, I mean it’s practically run by people who’ve been fapping to internet porno for years, so you can bet all the sperm cells in your testicles together with your ‘good arm’ that there’s plenty of XXX fuck flicks and images on this subreddit to kick into gear any sex drive, regardless if it’s a fresh healthy one that responds to porn as expected or one that needs several doses of hardcore porno scenes to get started.No Actual Way to Organize The Content Here ThoughOne thing that’s always annoyed me about Reddit’s porn-based subreddits is that you can’t organize the content on them, which is annoying because the stuff that gets uploaded to them is usually top quality and deserves to have its own organization filters. Sadly all you get when it comes to organization is the search bar, which localizes all the search queries to only apply to the subreddit you’re on - now this, of course, means that you’ll have to know what the title of something includes in order to find it, and what that could be is pretty damn ambiguous, so unless you know exactly what to search for, you might just be led on a wild goose chase.