What's up at Pornstar By Face? In today’s world, there is a near limitless number of pornstars that are all kinds of ages (18+ of course) and hail from all kinds of backgrounds. With that being said, one of the greatest novelties in porn that just about all porn connoisseurs love is finding a pornstar that looks like a girl or woman that they know and want to desperately fuck in real life. 20 years ago and beyond, people who jacked off to porn couldn’t choose what kind of pornstar they’d bust their load to – they just considered themselves lucky enough to even be able to get to jack off in the first place.But nowadays, porn is literally accessible from our phones in just a few seconds, and not only has it exponentially grown in supply but in demand also – there are so many pornstars today that you could literally jack off to a new one every single day and not stop for probably around a decade or so. And of course since there’s so many of them, the novelty of jacking off to one that looks like someone you know is something that just had to be monetized in a way, shape or form: enter PornStarbyFace.com, the one and only website/app that lets you find a certain pornstar that looks like a certain girl or woman you know in real life. The way it works will stump you…Before AI Enslaves Mankind, It Will Do Things Like This For UsThe way PornstarByFace’s main feature works is pretty ingenious and was definitely put together by some really smart programmer nerds who probably make a bag full of money on an hourly basis. Any software made to recognize visual patterns such as faces, numbers, letters, objects and other non-virtual things that can’t be put into actual code is put together by training a simple artificial intelligence software to recognize what something is by mapping out its dimensions. This is done by giving it thousands upon thousands of images that let it train itself and eventually start mapping out a certain repeating pattern in them (which happens through a very arduous and long process). Once it learns the most common patterns of something, in this case, a face, the programmers proceed to give the AI program even more images of things that ‘almost’ look like the thing it’s trying to learn to recognize.In this case, they probably gave the software pictures of things that look like faces but aren’t really faces – this lets it learn how to differentiate between what is a face and what is not a face. Afterwards, these people most likely filled the software with data on the faces of pretty much every female pornstar in existence, so that the software can use them as a result reference and actually work as intended by comparing your example image with the most similar-looking pornstars it has data on (which seems to be all the pornstars/models that ever existed). For example, you give it an image of the face of a person you’d like to fuck, and in a matter of seconds, "Pornstar By Face" gives you a bunch of results that are either kind of similar to your example image or extremely similar to it (depending on what kind of example you give the program).Fap To (Almost) Any Girl You LikeThis breakthrough in the world of pornography allows you to fap to XXX actresses that look similar to some girl or woman you want to fuck in real life, but can’t either because they’re either taken, are out of your league, are your blood relative, or all three perhaps. This person could be your cousin, the milf next door, that girl who works at your local coffee shop, your friend’s girlfriend – whoever. The facial recognition pattern software will do it’s best to give you the pornstars you ‘probably’ want to jack off to. Once you get your results, which will always be at least a few pornstars who look eerily similar or kind of similar to your given example, you can browse through and find one you like that you deem worthy of blowing a load to.Full Model ProfilesMost of the popular models that show up in your results can be thoroughly inspected by you before you make the decision to give up your load to them, and by thoroughly inspected I mean checking out their dedicated profile set up right here on this website. Now, the catch here is that not every model you encounter in your results will be as popular or accomplished in the XXX industry as some of the most well-known ones like Lisa Ann, Lela Star, Tori Black and so on. But if you do encounter one that’s a well-known icon in the porno world, you can bet that you’ll be able to enjoy a full profile dedicated to her right here on this site, full of XXX image galleries and PornHub videos that you can enjoy right on the spot.In addition, if a list of PornHub videos (where the model’s name is officially tagged) and image galleries isn’t enough, there’s also a chance to encounter a link that containing a video gallery of a given pornstar that’s hosted on VPorn, RedTube as well as YouPorn. It’s only fair to say that all the videos that are linked to these models are videos that are officially tagged with their name so you won’t find any rare strays that happen to feature your model of choice but haven’t tagged her in them for whatever reason. In addition, I know that most of you know that the videos on PornHub, RedTube and YouPorn are usually cut-out scenes that don’t show you the whole ‘shebang’, which means that if you really want to get the most out of your result, you’d best get to Googling her name and look for those videos that contain her name which are posted on lesser-known XXX tubes.Need to Find a Certain Model?Most experienced masturbators develop crushes on a certain model that manages to win their hearts and dicks by the way she fucks on camera and completely disregard falling in love with a real girl because that takes a lot of effort and time. But there’s one common thing that happens to people who develop virtual crushes by stumbling upon a random video of a hot XXX model that sadly doesn’t include her name – they’re left with no information on how to actually find that model, and their best hope of actually finding out her name is by asking fellow porn connoisseurs about her by showing a picture or video of her. PornstarByFace.com has a section dedicated to just that, which allows you to post a video or picture containing a model whose name you want to find out, and wait for your prayers to hopefully be answered by the site’s community.Pick Your GirlSince this site’s facial-recognition app is linked to a plethora of pornstars that are individually stored in its database, it’s only right that there’s a section containing all cataloged models that can be browsed through by anyone looking to develop a new virtual porn crush. As of now, there are a total of 2964 individual girls stored on the site’s database which the app can use as results. But if you prefer to go straight to the database and ignore the site’s main feature, you can easily do it on the site’s ‘Girls’ section. All the girls are listed in alphabetical order, but it’s a little heartbreaking to see that you can’t filter in/out the models by using search filters such as hair color, age (milf/babe/teen) or ethnicity (Asian, ebony, etc).This is even more heartbreaking once you find out that a lot of the more popular models have a lot of information on their profiles concerning their personal appearance, which could have easily been used to create a filtering search system. The only way you can search through these models is by using a search bar, which means you’d better know their name if you want any hopes of finding them, something that kind of defeats the purpose of having a built-in pornstar directory.