If you sent me a link to Only Leaks a few years ago, I would have assumed it was a free tube devoted to golden showers or a hentai site with thousands of drawings of Pikachu peeing on stuff. Times sure do change, huh? Unless you just escaped from a sex dungeon where you were completely secluded from the world for years, I bet you already know what is peddling. I’d give you a couple of hints if the name didn’t already have them built in.In case you were in the slow class, I’ll spell it out for you: is a free porn site full of OnlyFans leaks and social media porn. One of their taglines is “World’s Biggest Database of Leaks,” which is a bold fucking claim. I guess I’m occasionally prone to exaggeration, so with that in mind, I slung my 4-foot dick over my shoulder and went to see if their claims were true.Only Leaks, and Lots of ThemThe very first thing I noticed about OnlyLeaks is that it’s fucking slow. Holy shit, I didn’t think the site was going to load at all at first. After waiting for what felt like minutes, the front page finally appeared. There’s a good chance this is just growing pains, though, and the problem will be resolved by the time you check out the site. They’ve had a fucking ridiculous growth in traffic over the last few months, and they haven’t quite adjusted to that heavy torrent of visitors just yet.As of this writing, the site was getting nearly 2,000 visits a day. If you look at their traffic graph, you’ll see a steadily rising mountain beginning at the site’s inception back in June. While I’m sure the Insta-porn offerings on their menu are a big part of their recipe for success, the genre itself has been seeing huge increases in popularity since the start of the pandemic. Masturbators and OnlyFans models alike are stuck at home, and dirty videos turn out to be an excellent way of passing the time.The presentation of those dirty videos at is simple as fuck. The site resembles a torrent site in its simplicity, and in fact has its own torrent section we’ll get to shortly. Beneath an all-text header, a selection of the most recent links fills the bulk of the page. It’s a relatively short list compared to the endless scroll of content you’ll find on a lot of sites, which is a little disappointing. This does not look like an easy site to browse.The site doesn’t actually host anything, as stated in a message at the footer. “ is using crawled data and doesn’t store any of the pictures of videos shown on the website.” It’s a CYA statement that protects them from DMCA takedowns as well as a general disclaimer; the availability of the content is dependent on factors outside of OnlyLeaks. That said, it is a pretty deep fucking collection of links. As of this writing, they had a quarter of a million links to celebrity nude leaks, OnlyFans photoshoots, nip slips and foot fetish vids.Fresh Social Media Smut Served All Day LongBecause of their crawled-content setup, OnlyLeaks is constantly updated with a steady stream of new content. Those spiders are always crawling the web and bringing dirty videos and nudes back to the nest. With the slow load times, I’ve got to wait a few seconds every time I hit the Refresh button, but each time I’m treated to some new porno.As mentioned earlier, the site gives you a shortlist of the newest material to browse. They just added crawled links featuring social media sluts Sillywulf, Tanya Virago, Sofia Hayat and Mi$$Bunny69, as well as Sexy E-girls Megan Hansen, JamzJemmaX and lucifersexdoll. A lot of the links pull directly from, and I’m not complaining. If you’ve read my review of the site, you know I’ve spent more than a fair share of time stroking myself to their collection of Internet-famous chicks in different states of undress.Probably my biggest beef with is that this brief list of new content is the only apparent way to browse the site. There’s no master list of babes, genres or media types, no selection of social media sites to dig through and no thumbnailed directory of their top content. You get a couple dozen of the newest links and nothing else at all.They do have a search bar, so it’s easy enough to look up your favorite Insta-thots and Patreon babes. That’s all well and good for longtime fans of the genre with established favorites and masturbatory fantasy regulars, but newbies to the genre aren’t going to have much to crank it to. Hell, I do have a lot of favorites on OnlyFans and the like, but I also really appreciate the ability to find new girls who make me all hard and drippy.Twerking Vids, Foot Scenes and Cosplay Masturbation ClipsMaybe I’m just easy to please, because I did manage to find some new favorites among that all-too-brief front-page list. You’ll get a preview thumbnail on hover-over, and most of them remind me why this new genre of amateur porn is taking off so hard and fast. This whole site is full of young cuties, tatted-up badass chicks in lingerie, cosplay bimbos and babes in bondage gear. A lot of legit prominent pornstars have been supplementing their income with OnlyFans vids, but I fucking love how the genre attracts sexy girls-next-door with exhibitionist streaks.If you’ve been beating off to the social media stuff for a while, you already know what to expect. Since they’re mostly homemade movies, you’ll see a lot of solo shows and photoshoots, with girls fingering themselves or going to town with dildos. It always feels like a special treat when you see actual fucking, twat-licking and cock-sucking, because it feels so real. You’re getting a look into the daily lives of these horny girls, watching them play with themselves and bang their actual partners instead of somebody they met this morning at a rented mansion.I also love how the genre has given a real boost to certain kinks and fetishes, which you’ll find in abundance at Cosplay is fucking huge now, with a few chicks right on the front page showing off their bodies in anime costumes and cartoonish wigs. There’s a babe stroking a dildo with her nylon-clad feet, and another offering some ASMR whispers to listen to while you jack off into your headphones.ASMR has really seen a huge boost over the last few years as people have discovered what it even is. You can strap on your Sennheisers and experience a virtual haircut on YouTube, or you can find something on OnlyLeaks that’s more conducive to helping you ejaculate into an old gym sock. Just for shits and giggles, I typed ASMR into the search bar. Nearly 700 results and over a thousand links came back. Time to lube up those earbuds, I guess.This Shit is B-A-N-A-N-A-SOne of the links in’s super-simple header simply reads “Bananas.” Having beaten off to quite a lot of webcam shows and OnlyFans masturbation videos, I naturally assumed this was the site’s collection of girls stuffing themselves with yellow, elongated fruit. Bananas are technically berries, and they can also pop cherries.I didn’t find any fruit-diddling vids, though. No, for some reason, they refer to porn torrents on this site as “bananas.” Maybe it’s some youthful reference I’m just missing because I haven’t tattooed my face yet, maybe they’re trying to throw Google off track or maybe they’re just being goofy. Whatever the case, it’s a rich collection of OnlyFans and other social media porn torrents.OnlyLeaks has a promising setup. Their crawled-content model means they’re constantly adding new Insta-thots and Patreon sluts to the site, ensuring plenty of new social media porn content. The site’s lack of browsability is going to be a dealbreaker for casual fans of the genre, while regular masturbators will be able to find their favorites via the search bar. With some minor tweaks, this could be a great free porn site.