Think of your favorite porn site. You know, your go-to. The site that you default to when your brain is on autopilot and all you can think is, ‘I’m horny, I need to cum.’ What URL do you plug into your browser? Is it Pornhub.com? Redtube.com? Maybe xHamster.com? Whatever it is, what are some of the flaws that come to mind with that site? What are some things that you would like your default site to do that it just does not?Maybe you’d like a larger selection? A better, more streamlined site design? Fewer ads? More customization? More variety? Whether your site suffers from one, a few, or all of these fatal flaws, I’m sure that we can all agree on one thing: there is no such thing as a perfect porn site.While this may very well be the case, I think we can also all agree on the fact that some sites come much closer to perfection than others, right? That’s probably how your go-to site earned that status in your browsing habits to begin with; you visited once, fell in love with how intuitive it was, how many videos it had to choose from, the diversity of content to be found on it, or whatever the reason may have been, and you’ve been frequenting it ever since for all your fapping needs.What if I told you, though, that there was a site out there, hidden somewhere in the great expanses of the internet, that combined all your favorite popular porn tube sites into one easy to use, enormous, and powerful search engine without any of the usual pitfalls of the big-name sites? Would you call me crazy? Well, I might just be, but that’s beside the point.That is exactly what Porndex claims to be: “The world’s biggest index of porn.” The creators of the site are self-proclaimed tech nerds who know that the experience of visiting a porn site is just as important as the porn itself. It wouldn’t be unfair, I don’t think, to call them porn purists.Not only does Porndex likely draw from your personal favorite tube site in their search engine algorithm, but they draw from all of the largest, well-known tube sites on the web. Say, for example, you love Porn Hub; well, on Porn Dex, search through every single video available there, as well as every single video available on Beeg, xVideos, xHamster, Spank Wire, Keez Movies, Tube 8, Red Tube, You Porn, Dr. Tuber, Nuvid, You Jizz, TNA Flix, and Extreme Tube. All in one easy to use, convenient location.Good Tech = Great PornBut let’s let them describe the site in their own words: “Essentially, this website was created by a couple of guys who have a keen interest in technology. Now, you may wonder, what does that have to do with Porn? We think lots! We have experience in building search engines and we've also had one of the best website builders/optimizers around give us a hand.“What we've came up with is Porndex in its current state. A very powerful search engine. From looking at websites that provide a similar service we came to the conclusion that most of these websites were built with revenue-raising in mind. And while there is nothing wrong with this (every site has to make money eventually!) we feel that many of these alternatives neglected their website functionality.“So, we hope that you enjoy using Porndex and take note of the ongoing development that is occurring. The development will never stop... There is always room for improvement and if you've got an idea or suggestion feel free to pop us an email. We would love to hear from you.”Finally, a porn site that is more concerned with providing quality porn and a positive user experience than it is with profits. What a breath of fresh air. Honestly, I wish more techies would team up to inject the online porn industry with an increased sense of pride and concern for users, as opposed to the overwhelming majority of porn site developers who seem to be saying something closer to, ‘ah, fuck it, it’s fucking porn, this shit sells itself; people will visit our site no matter how much time, energy, or advertising we put into it.’Awesome Site Design, Impeccable OrganizationThis difference in attitude makes itself immediately clear. From the moment you land on Porndex’s home page, the level of care and consideration put into the site is palpable. The site design is clean, sleek, and minimal, and the site is so easy to use. At the top of the page, you have a slender menu bar, featuring nothing but “Home,” “Categories,” “Porn Stars,” and “New.” Easy enough.Below that, you will find a white background with a pink Porndex logo that pops right off the page, just above the search bar. If you don’t have anything specific in mind to search for, Porndex also provides you the option of browsing the site by quickly clicking “Popular” or “Random,” to generate a random search of the sprawling Porndex.Underneath the site’s bread and butter (its great search engine capabilities), you will be able to browse thumbnails the same way you would on any of your go-to porn tube sites. You can also easily toggle the gallery of thumbnails into Trending, Most Popular, Recently Added, Tagged with Porn Stars, Categories, Tag Cloud, or Latest Searches.Not a fan of how the thumbnails appear? No problem, at the bottom of each page of results, you have the option to change the thumbnails’ size! Just click the + or – button for a quick and increase or shrinkage. This is a completely unique feature that I’ve never seen anywhere before except for Porndex. I love when sites are built freely, to let me choose my own experience. It’s that extra mile that can elevate a site from “pretty good” to “incredible.”Another area in which Porndex shines is its organization. Everything on Porndex is extremely well organized and easy to find. It makes browsing the enormous amount of content on this site such an easy task, which is not an accomplishment that every porn site can boast, that’s for damn sure. Clicking on the site’s Porn Stars section, for example, brings you to an A-Z directory of every single girl featured on the site.This, of course, is not necessarily novel. What is novel, though, is that you can easily organize this list of models by latest update, the number of videos, most liked, and most popular. These are the seemingly small differences that make for huge improvements in the porn viewing experience. This is just one of the many ways in which Porndex stands out from the crowd.Only One Minor ShortcomingAs far as being an extremely powerful porn search engine is concerned, Porndex definitely excels. My only complaint with the site is that videos are not at all embedded into Porndex.com. In other words, clicking on a thumbnail brings you directly to the source site, which means you will likely be left with a dozen or so tabs open on your browser. I understand that this is kind of just the nature of a search engine, but it’s still a minor inconvenience and should definitely be brought into consideration when weighing the options of all the types of porn sites there are to choose from.All in all, I think that Porndex is a great site. I love the huge selection, the variety of all the sites that the search engine draws from, the awesome site design, the minimal ads, the passion that went behind making it, and the superior organization to it. Although the search engine model might not be my personal favorite way to casually browse porn, I certainly can’t argue with the fact that a site like this is going to exponentially increase the amount of porn one is able to choose from.I would, personally, treat Porndex like a porn Google. I mean, that is, essentially, what it is. If I’m looking for something specific or something more on the niche end of the porn spectrum, this is where I will go. Without a doubt. However, if I’m just looking for a quick fap and go, I am likely to hit up a site that is a little more self-contained, making it so I don’t have to have so many tabs open, potentially slowing down my buffering times.I think that there are valuable lessons, though, for all porn site developers to glean from the makers of Porndex. Put some effort and thought into your site design, user experience, and organization, and it will pay off. So, thank you, Porndex, for reminding the world that a porn site doesn’t have to be some ad riddled piece of shit; a porn site can provide pleasure beyond just the porn on its pages. A porn site truly can be great.