Today, we're taking a look at X Fantazy aka X Fantasy! Are you all ready for one of the sexiest free porn tube sites on the planet? I hope you are cause Xfantazy.com aka Xfantasy.tv is one of the biggest repositories of free porn videos on the planet. You won’t believe how huge this place is and all the amazing things that you can do here. But we all know the one main thing that you’ll be doing here, and that’s jacking off to the thousands of videos on this website without any limitations whatsoever. Just be careful not to end up like that one kid that died from a masturbation overdose.Over half a million videos that you can watch for freeI mean, you have to be a rookie in order to die from masturbating. I mean that’s just some next-level crazy right there. But with X Fantasy it’s definitely going to be difficult to contain yourself. I know I said that there are thousands of videos on here but when you find out the actual number you’re going to be shitting bricks, cause this is just unbelievable, to say the least. I mean I’ll tell you but you better brace yourself cause I don’t want to be responsible for your mind being literally blown out of your skull. I can’t carry that on my conscience, my dude.Okay, ready? There are over 584000 videos on Xfantasy.tv. And no, there’s no typo there, I didn’t add an accidental zero or anything. In fact, let me spell it out for you. That’s five hundred eighty-four THOUSAND videos. Yeah, I don’t know many other porn tube sites that can beat those numbers that easily. You can bet your ass that no matter what you’re looking for in terms of porn, it’s gotta be around here somewhere within the huge pool of over 584000 videos that are served on Xfantasy.tv.All the videos on here are available to you for freeAnd the best part about it? They’re all goddamn free. You heard me, you won’t have to pay anything in order to watch these videos, and all you’ll have to do is choose what you want to watch and then enjoy watching it. Simply incredible to say the least. All that being said, NOW do you understand why it’s going to be hard to contain yourself once you’re browsing the amazing videos on Xfantasy.tv? I guess you’re going to need some more convincing if you aren’t blown away by all the fact I just threw at your face. Well, there’s still a lot I haven’t mentioned, so get ready for that as well.The top is a bit cluttered with the various category and tag buttonsBut before I continue complimenting this behemoth of a website, I want to mention a few things that I definitely think that could’ve done a better job with. Xfantasy.tv definitely prides itself in the ability that you have to choose tags and categories when browsing amazing videos on the site itself, however, maybe they’re a little bit too proud since they cluttered the entire top part of the website with links that lead you to different categories and tags. I mean it’s just a mess up there, and it’s going to be really hard to find your favorite tags or categories in that jumbled chaotic layout.It’s not all bad though, since the layout is what you’d expect from a porn tube site. They’ve got everything that you’re already used to such as the different tabs at the top of Xfantasy.tv which will lead you to different sections of the website. Xfantasy.tv definitely has an easy learning curve to it and you won’t need to spend a lot of time getting to know the ins and out of the site before you’re able to use it yourself. Just make sure that you figure out where you can find the different sections and you’re good to go.Thousands of pages of videos that you can check out First of all, you won’t be able to access all of the videos straight from the homepage of Xfantasy.tv, you’ll have to go to a separate section for that which can be found if you click on the More Videos button on the far-right side of the screen. From here, you can pretty much see every single video on the site. You can navigate the page by using the numbers at the bottom. Of course, this will be a problem if you want to check out any of the pages in the middle of the number spectrum. You can get around this by typing the page number into the URL. Just make sure that you aren’t going overboard with the number since right now there are just under 2000 of them.You can download all videos without even making an accountWith that many pages of porn at your disposal, you’ll be able to pretty much camp it out on this site and watch any video you want whenever you get the sudden urge to beat your meat. And better yet, you can download any video that you want since there is always a download link on the video page. The best part about it? You won’t even need to make an account in order to download the videos which you can’t say about many other porn tube sites. Most of them make you create an account before you get that option. So kudos to Xfantasy.tv for making all of this a reality, we’ve been waiting for a site like this one.I mean just the ability to make one of the best porn stashes in the history of porn stashes has to be a massive thumbs up from me. Imagine all the possibilities. It’s gonna be just you, your computer, and a 20 GB Homework folder that nobody ever opens because they all know what they’re gonna find inside there. Come on dude, you aren’t fooling anyone with that classic switcharoo with the folder names. Just accept that everyone knows what a dirty bastard you are and continue on with your meat beating session.A standard design scheme though it could definitely look more modernThe design is as standard as porn tube sites go, though they could really make a better logo and round some of the corners up in order to give it that modern site look. It’s not the end of the world though and you definitely won’t notice some of the things I’m complaining about here. In fact, you probably won’t notice any of the things I’m complaining about. I’m just complaining for the sake of it. Gotta keep my reviews real. You guys know I gotta keep it real with you 100% of the time. Anyway, at least they made the background really dark which is really cool to see.Channels, categories, tags, it’s all here and readily availableYou can check out the many other sections that you can find on Xfantasy.tv, such as the Categories section, the Tags section, and even the Channels section where you can find some of your favorite channels which upload pretty much all the time so you can always count on them to bring some fresh and interesting content to your virtual doorstep. Also, check out those Categories cause they’re really extensive and you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for here. There are so many categories that you’ll be sure to get your niche as well.I’ll be real with you guys. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t check out Xfantasy.tv. They’re a great porn tube site that you can always count on when it comes to releasing new and fresh content. There are hundreds of thousands of videos on it that you can both stream and download for free, and you can rest assured that you’ll find something that you enjoy on this website. Xfantasy.tv is just one of those porn tube sites that you’ve gotta check out and I’m that you’ll find the place really enjoyable and time worthy.