ImageVenue.com is a free image hosting solution designed for you to share your digital images with friends, post the images on bulletin boards, and blogs. Whatever variety of photos that may be in your possession, Image Venue hosts them for you with unlimited bandwidth and the option to upload as many photos as you possibly can. With an evolving world web that is increasingly becoming more visual, having a free image hosting platform is the Holy Grail, so to speak.If you are still reading this, it means you are looking for free web hosting for your images. You may be interested in what Image Venue has to offer.First impressionThe site doesn’t go out of its way to give you a fancy layout and design, but it sure looks like a place where you can upload your image collection to keep it safe. I immediately discovered that the site doesn’t require you to register to host your photos. Types of images hosted include jpeg and jpg while the photo uploading looks like a fucking simple process. All you have to do is choose the file you want to upload, choose the thumbnail size and you are ready to go. Image quality and aspect ratio are preserved when resizing, and the site allows you to resize big pictures to reasonable dimensions. Sounds like a good deal to me?Site design and navigationAs mentioned, Image Venue doesn’t have a fancy or attractive design. It is based on a very simple platform, perhaps to keep you focused on what brought you to the site. The site also doesn’t have a logo, but they do have a fitting tagline: Free image hosting for auction sites, message boards, and bloggers. They have pronounced themselves loud and clear. The main page looks clean, and you will encounter no pop-ups and ads. I’m sure you don’t need someone reminding you that there are women in your location looking to be fucked or how you can have a bigger penis.Just like with the minimal design, I encountered no problems whatsoever with the site navigation. You can access the flash upload and the basic upload options, login and register links from the main page. Below that you can access the home button, the site’s FAQ section and the terms of use (which I’d advise you to read before uploading). The site has also availed the option to choose the kind of photos you want to upload (adult or family friendly). Image Venue is all about uploading photos, so there are only a few links to click which works just fine if you ask me.Adult friendlyIf you are not a five-year-old, then you know that adult content was the reason behind the expansion of the World Wide Web. In any case, there is a high demand for adult photos around the world, so a half decent image hosting site has to allow upload of adult content, albeit with terms and conditions. I know you have a chock load of adult images you’d want to store in a safe place for whatever twisted reasons you may have. Whether they are just porn images or nude photos of your ex, any site that allows users to upload adult images is already in The Porn Dude’s good books. You only need to select ‘adult content’ from the image type option, and you are ready to go. Fucking awesome, right?There is a catch; absolutely no child pornography is allowed on the site. Violators of this rule will have their IP addresses reported to the relevant authorities such as the FBI and Interpol. Consider yourself warned.Easy upload processSome sites make the upload process unnecessarily complicated, but you won’t have any of such issues here where the process is simple and straightforward. You can choose from the different thumbnail size with the largest size being 300*300. That said, you have the choice to add links to your photos and resize them. If you are not a professional in this sector, you will still be able to upload your photos without problems.The site avails two upload options; flash and basic. Needless to say, you will need to download the latest Flash player to use the Flash upload option. However, if there is an option to make your images private or public, I must have missed it.Unlimited storage hosting periodThere is even better news; the storage period for your images is unlimited, and you won’t have to worry about the site deleting your images. You won’t even be required to delete a photo you are no longer using; the site has enough room in their cloud servers for that. But you can always contact the site via email should you want some of your photos deleted for whatever reasons; maybe you got back together with your freaking ex, and you no longer want her photos on an image hosting platform. However, if your images have not been accessed for over one year, they will be deleted from the site’s servers. Sounds fair if you ask me.Multiple uploadsYou will want to hear this: the site doesn’t limit the amount of pictures you can upload, and you can upload up to 6MB per image file. You may upload as many images as you want. Additionally, you can hotlink thumbnails leading to large images although you will need to open a premium account to use that option. Remember only people you choose to send a link to will be able to see your photos.RegistrationFor purposes of clarity, Image Venue does not require you to register to upload photos. You can go ahead as an unregistered user if you so wish. However, registration is a free and fast process that only requires a username and a valid email. You will be registered in less than a minute. And what do you gain for registering? Good question. You will be able to keep track of all the images you ever upload. You can create a folder or use one of the existing ones. Remember to limit the size of a single folder to 200 files.What I love about the siteThere is plenty to love about image venue. For starters, the site hosts all your photos for fucking free. It doesn’t matter what amount of images you have; Image Venue has you covered. You may take it for granted that you have been allowed to upload adult content, but I can assure you that it is not every image hosting site has that option. I also love that the site hosts photos for an unlimited amount as long as they are accessed within a period not exceeding one year.The site also has an easy upload process that allows users to upload multiple files with a minimum file size of 6MB. I also didn’t encounter any single ad or pop-up. Additionally, the site gives users the option to resize large files with image quality and size ratio preserved upon uploading. There is also no bandwidth limitation meaning there will be no downtime if traffic increases.What I hate about the siteImage Venue is not 100% perfect, and there are a few things that need improving. For instance, the site only allows jpeg and jpg image types. There are no GIF, PNG or ICO options which is a disappointment. Also, customer support doesn’t seem to be a priority and only basic tools are provided. In addition, that design could definitely do with an upgrade.Suggestions I have for the siteIf only the site could allow more extensions like GIF, PNG or ICO. As it is, the options are limited. I’d love to see the site taking care of every type of photo.ConclusionAnyway, if you are looking for a free image hosting website, Image Venue like the name suggests is your go-to destination. The site allows you to upload as many files as you want with unlimited storage hosting period. You can basically keep your photos as long as you like with the site also providing unlimited bandwidth. Image Venue is free to use even as an unregistered user and should provide a perfect place to store your huge collection of adult photos. It is certainly worth a try.