At first, I was confused when I visited Pimp And Host, I am not going to lie, but it did not take me long before I fell in love with their crap. This is a free image hosting and photo sharing place, and I am sure that at one point in your life you needed something like this. They are definitely my dream come true, and if you think the same, continue reading to see just what else they have to offer.What is this place exactly?I guess that is why you are all here, to learn more about this place and how it functions, right? Well, I will tell you all I know and believe me, I know enough. This is an adult-focused hosting place, where you have some additional shit to enjoy, such as editing and doing all sorts of shit, which I will talk about a little later.I would say that they could have made their design better, but the only thing that could be changed is the color of their site. I think that a darker layout is always the way to go, but I guess for the purpose this site was created for, what they already have is not bad at all. When you open the site, you will have a place where you can upload your file, and you can choose how you want to do it.Now, most sites like that will only have that, but on pimpandhost.com you get to explore all other shit they have to offer, which will be listed on top of the site. I mean, overall there is a lot they have to offer, compared to other sites that serve the same purpose. I know, I visited a lot of sites like this one, so I obviously know what the fuck I am talking about.One very annoying thing is that they offer an option to register and that is free and all shit, but they do not say why the fuck you would want to register. You will learn why the registration is useful as you try to explore the site, which is again quite fucking troublesome. Writing simple sentences of pros for registration is really not rocket science.As I review this place in detail, I’ll make sure to cover everything you need to know, so do not worry. I like to take my time and cover all the details, because I am sure that while I might not care about the formats they support, others do, and shit like that. I mean, again, this all depends on what the fuck you are actually interested in.So, how does pimpandhost.com function?I know that not many people use such places, and thus you might not know how they function, and I am here to tell you everything you do need to now. They will have the upload option right off the bat, and you can choose if you want to upload the image, or you can just drag and drop the picture instead, which is a simple and very nice feature.You could also upload your picture from the URL if you want. A good thing about pimpandhost.com is the fact that they accept all kinds of images, but their main focus is porn. So you do not have to worry about the shit you are uploading because basically everything is allowed. I say ‘basically’ because I have not tried to upload any sort of fucked up shit, simply because I am not an idiot.So once you have the picture uploaded, you can choose what the fuck you want to do with it. You can either choose to share it on Facebook, Pinterest or Reddit, for those you have a direct link. You can also choose to edit the image, but that function is not the best if you are not registered which was annoying to find out because they did not really state that anywhere… so at first, I thought the whole shit is broken.Oh well, it is not broken, it just does not work with free members. You can choose some other crap, as I have already mentioned, nothing special, but still better than most sites like this one, that do not offer anything at all. As a member, you will also be able to leave your naughty comment son the picture and choose some other shit.There are lots of options for the users.On top, you have the Explore page, which is labeled as new. You can check out the latest activity from members, the trending page, categories, users and pornstars. The latest activity is filled with just that, but the feed is listed in a very unorganized way… you do not get to see their activity you just get to see what that activity is… and that makes 0 fucking sense.You can also visit the trending page, where you have actual content. You can check out what is trending and see the naughty details from the members, the comments as well as who uploaded the image if they chose to share their identity.Now, I was very surprised to see that they have a section for the categories because I’ve seen some porn sites that did not even have that. I mean, I am not gonna lie, it was interesting to see that shit. So, if you already know what the fuck you want to see on this site, you are more than welcome to start browsing, it really is that fucking simple.They offer tags such as amateur albums or different acts, femdom, GF exposed, boobs, Russian moms, and so on… I think that their categories are a bit fucking weird… you even had a category labeled as ‘Onion’ and of course, I had to check that shit out…. I will just say that checking the category out did not really help me learn what the fuck that is supposed to offer.Of course, you will have a section that is dedicated to the members, and this is important because you can check out their stats, how many followers they have and how many shits they have posted. I think that their crap here works basically like Instagram with a naughty twist. You can follow the users or post your own shit and get followed instead.The last tab will offer a list of naughty pornstars, and I am pretty sure that there is no need for me to explain what the fuck this section is all about. I mean, you have pornstars, and when you click on the bitch you are interested in, you will be redirected to a page where all her kinky images from this site relisted… quite neat.Now, if images are a bit too boring for you, there is a section for the gifs, and I am pretty sure we all know what that means! You do not really have any kind of videos and all that shit, but again, that is to be expected, since this is a host site for images and not all the other shit. At the end of the day, that is why the fuck you even decided to visit.All the content pimpandhost.com has to offer is downloadable and you can also list it one by one if that is what you prefer. When it comes to their content that is as much as I have to say, so if that sounds alluring, just visit the site and enjoy wanking all you want.Some other features you might be interested in.The main shit that I find important I have already listed, this is for all the bitches out there who need more and more shit to like a simple place. There is a forum section for everyone who likes to talk about crap that makes them feel good or anything along those lines. I mean it is a very simple forum site, there is not much for me to say about it. Visit the site, create a profile (or don’t), post your shit, and talk to the members; easy peasy, lemon squeezy, as Negan would say.Overall, as a hosting site, I think you will love what pimpandhost.com has to offer. You have simple options for uploading shit and sharing it with the rest of the community or whatnot, and you also have an option to do other crap that most sites like this one do not really offer. It is free, so check it out.