Finding a free image hosting site like Image Bam is not that difficult, but most of them do not allow adult content. Well, that is why I am here, to find a site that does actually allow that crap, and that is where steps in. This is a place meant for everyone; whether you want to upload some family-friendly crap, or you would prefer to upload pornographic shit, it does not fucking matter.We all know that sites like don’t come easy, but this is an exception since they allow adult content as I have mentioned. I mean, if that were not the case, I highly doubt I would be here reviewing this site in the first place. So, if you want a site that helps you upload all kinds of nasty shit, you have just found it.How does work?I am sure that the first part you will wonder is how the hell does this place function, and I imagine that for the majority of you who never saw a place like this before, everything can be rather confusing. Well, is a very simple place, where everything is explained, and I think that even without my tutorial on how to use this shit, you will still get a gist of it.As you scroll down, you will see a small description of what has to offer, but I think that everyone already knows what the fuck to expect. All the way down, you have an option to upload an image or gif, or the whole gallery. The images you are uploading can also be put into different online galleries if you would prefer that.After you have chosen an image, make sure to filter the crap below; you have to choose what kind of content this crap is. Make sure that you are not a complete ass when it comes to this because all of these kinky images will be available to the kids. Now, make sure to check the necessary boxes, and choose the shit that suits your request… aka select Adult or adult content…After that, you will have the image uploaded, and you will be able to share this with anyone you want to. That is the beauty of this program if some of you were wondering. Imagine having a stack of images you want to share with your buds, but sending them overall can be rather time-consuming. However, this way you can just upload everything and share it through the link to no matter how many people.This site is mostly meant for people who prefer to do that, share everything online instead of sending each other files. On one hand, this can be a much easier way to share your shit, but on the other, if you have fast internet, I highly doubt that you will need this program at all. Now, I am sure that you have already seen their shit somewhere online, as they tend to host many naughty pictures of hotties from known porn sites.The design is pretty sloppy…While I did enjoy the fact that all of their shit is in plain sight, so you will be able to see whatever the fuck you are searching for at the beginning, they could have made an overall better-looking website. I have nothing against their functionality or whatever the fuck, but the aesthetics could have been fucking better.Now, I understand that I am talking to a bunch of cheap-asses, simply because I am one of them as well, but creating a site that at least looks presentable is not really that difficult. This place basically looks like it has come out of the 2000s, and that is never a good thing… I mean, there are not many things that came out of that era, to begin with.Adding a bit spunk, or something to make them seem a bit more memorable is something that they should have thought about. Now, the first thing you will see is the free image hosting program, how it works and the free features that you are offered. This is one thing I can appreciate because it is very annoying when you visit a site and you have no idea what the fuck is happening for the most part.Here you have an actual description of what offers, how to use it and whatever the heck. Although I think that should have been pretty much obvious to anyone who simply takes a glance at the website… all of their features are in plain sight, not to mention that there is not much they have to offer…On a bright side, everything they offer or say that they offer is actually true, which is not something I can say for a lot of porn and other hosting sites. It was refreshing to see this shit, but then again it was also quite fucking annoying because the aesthetics really make me uncomfortable. I refuse to believe that they could not have created something better in 2k19.User-features you should look forward to.As I have said many times, is a free hosting website, so there is a lot for you to see here and you do not have to worry about the money. The features that will be given to every person who registers for free make the registration actually worth it. You will be given a 10 MB file size, unlimited uploads, and downloads… together with the fast, and reliable services that are easy to use.In addition, you will be able to access the photo management tools, organize your galleries and images, and add titles and descriptions to your galleries. However, I think that what makes so attractive to most of us is that this is a site that actually does what it is supposed to do, whilst offering other features for the free users.If you are thinking about uploading random shit to, you should check the shit listed on top of the site. You can choose the Multi-upload, which is exactly what you would expect it to; you have an option to upload multiple shit at once, and not put it into galleries if you do not wish to. Then you have the Zip-upload, which allows you to upload zip files, and share everything within those files with anyone online.That can save you a shit ton of time, believe me. There is also the basic upload, that allows you to upload one by one images and other crap. The last option is the video upload, where you will be allowed to actually upload videos, and that is not something you often see. There are some good video upload places out there, but I must say that pleasantly surprised me with this crap as well.I guess, what matters now is what you came here for… I assume that you are no a complete idiot, and you’ve come here to upload your content and share it with a chosen community, right? I mean, if that is not why you are here, then you must be a special kind of stupid, to sit through my whole review of a site you are not even interested in.Conclusion.The biggest complication with sites such as is their speed and readability, but I think that this place pretty much checks out when it comes to sharing shit. This place is not slow and will give you the quality you were searching for, without leading you through a complicated and unnecessary process. It is as simple as just clicking on a button, trust me.In addition, can handle any file you decide to upload, not to mention that it supports the .zip files, which is a big fucking thing, as I have said. You can upload .zip files up to 250MB, and that is a lot. The 10 MB size limit is for the picture downloads, but there is a zero limit when it comes to uploads or downloads.If you are looking for a perfect place where you will be able to dump your huge collection of memes or pornographic scenes, you have just found. While does not require you to register, you can access a lot more shit if you choose to do so. However, I think you will still be able to use the site fine if you choose not to become a member. So, if you have any shit you want to upload and share, you should check out (often misspelled as "imgbam").