<p>When you read /r/NSFWIAMA, you probably have no fucking idea what the acronym stands for. Well, let me really quickly unravel that mystery for you. It stands for Not Safe For Work I Ask Me Anything. Actually, even I’m not fucking sure what the “I” in the acronym stands for. It can be anything, and I have no way of verifying any of it. So, in order for us to not waste time with figuring what the fuck that letter is supposed to mean in the acronym, maybe it’s a better idea to just simply check out the content itself. If you’ve ever been to the Ask me Anything subreddit, you probably know what this subreddit is about.”Ask Me Anything” but it’s completely sexualizedSo, why would you want to go to a NSFW ask me anything subreddit? Well, you wouldn’t just go to the sub if you were horny. That would be way too simple if you ask me. But we’re not here to ask me anything; we’re here to ask the good people of Reddit who have something sexual to their lifestyle or who have had a sexual experience that many of us haven’t had in the past. These are the people who have some knowledge about sex that we probably want to pick up on. Let’s face it; porn isn’t a good source of education. But getting a first-hand experience of a sexual act? Now that’s just gold right there!Anyway, if you’re interested in finding out more about these people, what they do, who they are, what their favorite sex position is or anything else, then you’ll be able to do that on /r/NSFWIAMA. I think that this is one of the better NSFW subs since it’s one of the rare ones that really gets a lot of interaction on the posts. Instead of the people being blind spectators, they are going ahead and asking questions! And the OP isn’t just fishing for karma; they'll answer as many questions as possible! If you’re looking for this kind of sexual AMA experience, then you’ll be able to get it here! I do not doubt that you’ll be able to enjoy yourself on this platform, no matter what. Check it out!Create a free throwaway account to post AMAs withAnd yes, before you start asking me questions, you will be able to interact with the people who post these questions for free. Not only do you not need to pay anything in order to read through any of this content, but if you want to interact with the posts, you can make a free account. Creating an account on Reddit is quick and easy, and you’ll be ready to start commenting really quickly. Now, one thing to keep in mind if you’re making a brand-new Reddit account is that /r/NSFWIAMA has certain restrictions that they have put into place in order to prevent spam and shit like that, so I’ll quickly go over that here.First of all, you will need to wait a little while with your new account to create a post. Your Reddit account needs to be more than 4 weeks old in order for you to post anything. However, it’s not the only thing you have to worry about if you want to create an AMA post. You also need to have one comment karma. Granted, that’s not hard to get on Reddit, but still. It can be a bit of a hassle for new people on Reddit, or even for older users who just created a throwaway account in order to post their AMA. I can see why some people wouldn’t be comfortable with an AMA on their main account.Learn about incredibly interesting sexual experiencesSince these are all AMAs, you won’t really get a lot in terms of visual content. You will just see text, and this can be a bit of a turn off for some people. For others, that is all they need, though. If you are someone who gets off to other people having strange or interesting sexual experiences that you can ask them questions about, then I think that you’re going to be able to cum really quickly here. There are so many people constantly posting an AMA to this sub and people seem to be crazy about asking them all sorts of questions. The girls are usually slutty, and the dudes are generally quite interesting with their sexual stories and all that. I read about this dude who had sex with people from all around the world.Here’s another good one… This one time, I was reading about this female ice skating instructor who was completely okay with her male students flirting with her and then fucking the living crap out of her in exchange for her giving them free ice skating lessons. These stories just can’t be made up, and I’m really glad that I can read about them on some subreddit. The /r/NSFWIAMA sub is full of interesting sexual stories and experiences! Of course, every once in a while, you might come across a less interesting AMA for you, but you can just skip those instead. And, as I’ve already said, there are no pictures of the OPs.Plenty of members, but it could be even betterAs this is a NSFW sub that concentrates on stories and AMA sessions, it’s important to have a good community to support all of that stuff. Well, I think that /r/NSFWIAMA does have that, though it might not be as big of a community as some would like. Still, with the more popular AMAs, they get so many questions that there is no way for the OP to answer all of them. With this in mind, it would still be nice to have more people here because that would mean a higher chance of some of the less popular AMAs to get some questions. In my opinion, a few hundred thousand more people would suffice.And if you want to know how many people there are right now on this subreddit, the subscriber count is actually somewhere around 160,000 as of the writing of this review. And given that the subreddit has been active since 2012, it just goes to show that they could have done a lot more to attract more people. Now, these things could have to do with the lack of certain features that we will explore in the next section, or it might just be that people are not that interested in sexual AMAs as one might expect! Either way, more people would be good, but it’s not a dealbreaker for me at least.Really nice design, but missing some key featuresNow, what is it about those features that I dislike? Well, for one, the fact that people have to have accounts older than 4 weeks bugs me. I know that it makes sense to deter spammers, but instead, the mods should just get off their asses and just ban all accounts that break the rules. That would work a lot better. I know many people who would probably like to do an AMA here and many girls who would reveal how slutty they are on /r/NSFWIAMA, but only if they could do it with a throwaway account. Shit like that turns them on but they like to remain anonymous while they do it.Another feature I would like to see is a verification system. Right now, they have a verification tab, but it leads to a page that doesn’t work or doesn’t exist or something and it redirects straight back to the Wiki. Now, I do like the fact that they have a Wiki and it explains a bit more as to what you should do as far as voting is concerned. You should basically upvote posts whether or not you agree with the person and their actions as long as it’s an interesting AMA. The sub also has a great design and I really like the way it looks. I also wish they had some flairs to categorize all the content (for example, male and female OP).</p>