Reddit Fingering, aka r/fingering! Hands down, one of the best websites that could satisfy all your dirty needs is This website is free and driven by its community; thus, everything you find on is uploaded and made by/for the community. I am not here to talk about Reddit in general, even though I love to do that. I am here to talk about one of its subreddits called r/Fingering/.Now, there is really no rocket science behind what r/Fingering/ has to offer; it is right there in the name. But there is a lot I have to tell you about this subreddit and Reddit overall that I think you will find interesting. So, for those who are interested, you are more than welcome to stay and read… as for the rest of all of you, you can just visit the site yourself or simply fuck off to a different site instead.Before I get down and dirty with r/Fingering/ and what it has to offer, I do want to mention that not only is a free website, it is filled with 1.2+ mil of subreddits, and about 138k of them are active. Many of those subreddits are also NSFW, which means that even if r/Fingering/ does not float your boat, there are many other subreddits you can check out instead.Lots of fingering videos/images.I mean, this is pretty obvious. You have all kinds of fingering content! Of course, all the crap that you can find in r/Fingering/ is labeled as NSFW (Not Safe For Work). Whichever subreddit you see with the NSFW label, you can expect the content to be pornographic… because, in the majority of the cases, it will be adult content or just something that might not be suitable for minors.Usually, on the side of each subreddit, you will be given a short description, telling you what that subreddit has to offer. Since r/Fingering/ is pretty self-explanatory, all you have written is “Finger + Hole = r/Fingering”. However, there are other subreddits that might be a bit confusing, or the names are just not that obvious, in which case you will probably have a full description on the side of the subreddit.With that said, if you do find a NSFW subreddit that is a bit specific, you can also check my website to see if I have reviewed it. There is a high chance that I have, since I review all the good NSFW subreddits… And if I have not, you can always send me a suggestion.Back to the topic of fingering… there will be lots of it. Some people like to upload images others prefer videos. Personally, I prefer to watch porno movies, even if they are short. There isn’t much happening in a simple image… I mean, it is just a still image. While in a video, you never know what the fuck is going to happen, not to mention that you get to see the full motion of that fingering action.There is a nice balance of videos and images in r/Fingering/, so you will be able to find whatever the fuck you prefer. With that said, you should know that all the videos on Reddit tend to be pretty short. They are not really a second long, but the majority of them will be about 30 seconds long, give or take. Sure, you could find some longer clips as well… but if that is what you are counting on, Reddit is not the right website for you.As for the chicks that you will be able to see, they are all different… of course. I mean, you never know what to expect since all the content on r/Fingering/ or any other subreddit is posted by the users. So, when you have a broad subreddit such as r/Fingering/, the users are all allowed to contribute to the subreddit, and thus you cannot be sure what kind of sluts you might run into. Simple as that!Good design and browsing options.I think this goes without saying, but the overall design on is very nice. You can choose between the dark and the light layout, and both of them make browsing simple. All the shit you need to actually browse through is listed on top of the website, and all the information about each subreddit is listed on the side of that subreddit.So, for example, on r/Fingering/, you can see that the description is on the side. Below that, you can see that r/Fingering/ offers adult content, that it has over 177k members, with about 350 of them being online at all times. From my perspective, they also offer frequent updates, but that also depends on the community. Even though the updates on r/Fingering/ are frequent, there is no schedule that is followed; thus, they are very random at the same time.You can expect to have a shit ton of updates on some days, while other days might just have a couple. There will also be rules listed on the side, and in this case, r/Fingering/ has two filter options. Usually, the only search options on Reddit are listed on top of the site, but you can choose to filter the r/Fingering/ by images or videos in this particular case.Register if you want.The registration is completely optional. Even if you do not want to register to r/Fingering/, you do not have to. As an unregistered member, you will still be allowed to browse through r/Fingering/ and enjoy all the crap that it has to offer… You can also browse through any of the other subreddits if you want. However, if you do choose to register, you will be given a lot of great options.The registration to is free. You will be given all the usual options, such as liking and disliking content, commenting, and posting your own crap. If you cannot find a subreddit that suits your dirty tastes, you can create one. On top of that, as a Redditor, you can chat with other Redditors. This is a pretty dope option, but at the same time, you might want to visit an appropriate subreddit for that.What do I mean? Well, r/Fingering/ is a subreddit designed to give you fingering content. It is not a subreddit where people necessarily come to chat. If you are just here to chat, you have subreddits that are dedicated to that… Or you could actually just visit and check out the chatting websites I have already reviewed.You can also choose to register as a premium member, but again, that is completely optional. Premium members can get Reddit coins, which basically allow you to give out rewards. But, unless you want to do such crap, there is no reason to register for money. Plus, you can enjoy r/Fingering/ regardless if you register or if you just browse as a voyeur.Post your own fingering images/videos.Do you like to finger your pussy and film it? If so, you are welcome to post your own personal porno videos/images on r/Fingering/! Now, the first thing I need to tell you if you were interested in posting your own crap is to check the rules of posting. Each subreddit is different, and they all have different rules that need to be followed.In this case, r/Fingering/ has about eight very simple rules, so try not to fuck up. If you start posting shit that ain’t related to this particular subreddit, you can actually be banned from the website. Also, while the majority of these posts are from amateurs and actual Redditors, you can even find posts from real porn movies… or just some other crap that people liked and decided to share.That’s all.I think that pretty much tells you all you need to know about r/Fingering/ and Reddit. If you are interested in watching gorgeous babes finger their pussy and ass, you will love what r/Fingering/ has to offer. This subreddit is filled with lots of fingering action, sometimes the lovely chicks love to finger themselves, and other times you get to see them get finger by their lovers.On the other hand, if you do not fancy what r/Fingering/ has to offer, you are always welcome to browse through all the other subreddits you find. is a very simple and free website, so explore and enjoy yourself as much as you want. As for those who enjoy looking at sluts as their holes get fingered, welcome to r/Fingering/.