Reddit.com is a very popular and free website, with 1.2 million subreddits, a lot of which are NSFW. In case you are utterly clueless, NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work, and when talking about Reddit.com, it usually implies that that subreddit is filled with adult content. That involves either nudity or something that would not be appropriate for a minor to see. To be fair, that is a rather broad subject, but you get the gist.Now, I am not really here to talk about Reddit.com in general; I am here to talk about a hot subreddit called r/Ersties/. Don’t worry; I know that a lot of you fuckers have no idea what the heck to expect from this subreddit since the name Ersties is not that straightforward. But, that is why I am here, to explain the gist of it all. Ain’t that nice of me?So, what is Ersties all about? Well, this is a subreddit that is dedicated to authentic amateur girls who enjoy authentic sexual experiences… r/Ersties/ likes to state that this is where you get to see pornos done a bit differently. Still, I will be the judge of that. All you need to know for now is that all the content on Reddit.com is free and that you get to see plenty of hot amateurs on r/Ersties/.What to expect from this subreddit?The first thing that I would like to know is what makes them so different from other pornographic videos or images. I mean, they are the ones who state that they are giving us porn content in a different way… so what the fuck is so different? Well, do not get your hopes up, because what they mean is that they offer genuine amateur girls, and not pornstars pretending to be amateur.However, many other subreddits are also dedicated to real amateur chicks, so I am not really sure what the fuck is the big deal? I am not saying that I did not enjoy what r/Ersties/ has to offer; I am just saying that they are not as special as they would like you to believe. With that said, let’s talk about the content and what you can expect.Expect to see a lot of cute amateur chicks, is all I have to say. These girls are all pretty and cute in their own way, and you have a mixture of images and videos on r/Ersties/. Of course, I prefer to browse through videos… I mean, I enjoy looking at naughty pictures as well, but for the most part, I just want to see hot babes get fucked, or pleasure themselves in videos.The images are all very straightforward… you have gorgeous amateur chicks posing nude, playing with themselves, or doing whatever the fuck else, and snapping an image. You have the same kind of crap in videos, but at least the videos give you the motion; aka, you get to see them masturbate, and a lot of times, you get to see lesbian babes in action.To be fair, it always comes down to what the fuck your personal preference is. That is why r/Ersties/ is a good place to check out. They have a little bit of everything, with lots of gorgeous amateur chicks who just enjoy using toys and pleasuring themselves. There are also a lot of horny dukes and incredibly skilled muff munchers… So you never know what the fuck to expect.The quality of the shit that is posted will all depend on the people who posted it. I forgot to mention, but the users upload everything you find on Reddit.com, and obviously, the same applies to r/Ersties/. You have some content that will be of HD quality, but the majority of it is SD at best.In most cases, users like to upload their favorite amateur babes, and sometimes they want to upload their personal crap. Whatever the case might be, you can always ask them for more information about the pictures or the videos you find, as in the name of the slut, where you can watch the rest of the video, and so on.Good design and user-features.Reddit.com has an outstanding design, and it allows you to choose between the dark and light layout. That alone makes their design better than 80% of other websites. All the browsing options are listed on top of the website, including a big search box that can help you find other subreddits. Keep in mind that r/Ersties/ is just one of many porn subreddits that you can check out for free.So, if you get tired browsing through r/Ersties/, you are more than welcome to stray away and check out different subreddits instead. This is where I’d like to mention that for a website that does everything for its users, Reddit.com does not have great search options. All you get is the big search box on top and maybe some filters in some of the subreddits. r/Ersties/ has no filter search options.On the side of each subreddit, you will have some information about that particular subreddit. For example, when you open r/Ersties/, you get to see a short description of what the fuck that subreddit is all about. You can also see that the subreddit currently has over 202k members, with about 200 of them being online at all times. From what I have seen, they have frequent but irregular updates.To be fair, you cannot expect their updates to be regular when they are all posted by the users. There is no schedule to be followed; everyone is allowed to post whenever the fuck they want. Thus, the updates might be frequent, but you never know when to expect them.Chat with the community.You can register if you want. The registration on Reddit is free and very simple, but also unnecessary. Unless you want to use some of the user-privileges, there is no reason for you to register. Now, if you do register, you can vote/downvote, comment, and post your own shit in any of the subreddits, which is pretty neat.Now, if you do plan to post your own shit on Reddit, it is important that you actually pay attention to the niche and rules of posting. Each subreddit is different, and they all have their own rules of posting… the same applies to r/Ersties/. On the side of the subreddit, there will be four rules that you need to follow, so make sure to check that shit out. For the most part, it is rather straightforward.Another great feature is that you can send any Redditor a message if you register. So, not only can you chat with people who are a part of r/Ersties/, you can chat with anyone on Reddit. Keep in mind that people who are a part of r/Ersties/ or other similar subreddits are not here to chat. They are here to enjoy the content… You have subreddits that are dedicated just to chatting, so check that shit out.That’s all.I think that pretty much covers the gist of what you can expect on r/Ersties/. In simple words, this is a subreddit dedicated to the most beautiful and authentic amateur girls, doing all kinds of shit. But I have not really seen any content where the sluts got fucked by a dude. You either get solo fuck sessions or lesbian scissoring action… there were no dicks to be seen.Personally, I think that is kind of nice. Sometimes I like to relax with some good quality pornos, and I am not in the mood to see cocks… which when you watch porn movies is somewhat inevitable. Well, if you check out r/Ersties/, you will only get to see the most beautiful amateur girls masturbating or simply getting down and dirty with their girlfriends. I even saw some threesomes!Therefore, all I really have to say is that you should take your time and browse through r/Ersties/… because the chances of you finding something that suits your taste are pretty high. Plus, if you ever get bored of what r/Ersties/ has to offer, there is literally nothing stopping you from checking out other subreddits. If you do not find a subreddit that you are looking for, you can create your own…You can also join different subreddits and get updates on their updates. Reddit.com is a free website with over 138k active subreddits, and r/Ersties/ is just one of many. So, explore and have some dirty fun, is all I have to tell you.