Forced Orgasms

Reddit Forced Orgasms, aka r/ForcedOrgasms! Most of us usually think that orgasms are a good thing. Like, you're solo, or you're with a chick, and after a while of banging, you nut. The same thing goes for women, it's pleasurable, it feels good, and we all look forward to it. But, of course, as usual, nothing in this industry surprises me anymore. Today, I have to announce that some psychos even managed to turn orgasms into something frightening. Of course, and it's obvious to guess by this section's name, I'm talking about forced orgasms. It's not something that I'd like to try or that I'm into, but I'll still set aside my time to learn about it. And, of course, I hope you'll do it too. So, if you're ready, let us all permanently damage our perspective on sex by watching this content. Here we go, for fuck's sake!The homepageSince this is another review, then some things should be evident by now. Like, for example, how Forced Orgasms' homepage looks like all other individual pages on Reddit. Ultimately, it's all the same shit, and there's no discussing it. The only difference is that this one is potentially more traumatizing than all others. Well, I imagine that you can even get sick of orgasms if you have them for an extended period, or continuously. So, what do you have here? Well, you pretty much have the same fucking commands and rules, and that's it.Overall, nothing is exciting and different on this page except the content. And that's the most important thing too. The only thing that this place reminds me of when I take a look at some posts is those old war torture ideas. Like, for example, tickling someone and then burning them with cigarettes. The same thing happens here. The only difference is that, instead of a torture device, you have someone pleasing you without boundaries or a dildo repeatedly fucking you even though you've had enough pleasure for the day.NavigationThe navigation system of the Forced Orgasms page is also identical to all other pages. Right at the top, you have the joining button. If you want to deepen your knowledge of fucked up shit like this, you can join this place. The only thing that'll do is give people an idea of what kind of a psychopath you are in general. So, if you want people to see you like that, then go ahead and subscribe to this place. I know that I certainly think that people who are into this are overall psychos. So, that's that. But, all jokes aside, when you join this place, you do get some benefits. For example, now you don't have to search for it every time. Instead, it'll show up in your Reddit feed, where you can always look at the newest posts without any issues at all. So, that's the first cool thing about this place.Aside from that, you also have all the usual boring shit that you can see on in general. Of course, I'm talking about the rules, the mods, and everything else. I mean, maybe it's just me, but I'll never understand this, especially in this case. Do you want people who are into forced orgasms to lead you? Do you want folks who are into forcing anything to moderate this place? That's okay, but when they stick a dildo up your asshole and turn the vibrators on to eleven, don't complain to me.I tried to warn y'all, and y'all weren't listening. But anyway, even though I'm joking, the rules are a pain in the ass however you spin it around. I get the whole 'stay on the topic' practice, but the complete crap with mobile/desktop versions and domains makes my head hurt. Just shut the fuck up and post porn dude, nothing else should matter on a Reddit porn section. Jesus, admins of Forced Orgasms are truly psychotic in this case. That's what I never understood about Reddit in general, too much bullshit and organization.Overall, the navigation system of Forced Orgasms is easy to use and practical. As you can see, the mods are nitpickers, and they generally enjoy implementing shit rules, which I'll never understand. Aside from their bullshit, the whole place has a pleasant atmosphere, and you can quickly figure that out on your own.The perksThe perks of the Forced Orgasms section are the same perks for the entirety of Reddit. Besides being enlightened as an atheist and a genuine political warrior, offers you other things. For example, here, you don't have any ads or pop-ups at all. That means that no one is trying to show you anything or sell you a membership for a webcam website. I enjoy that immensely. Plus, you also don't have anyone trying to sponsor new products, companies, or people. Overall, since Reddit is a popular website, the only thing that you have here is total freedom. You don't even have to pay for memberships! So, you can enjoy your stay here.The content and the video playerWhen it comes to the Forced Orgasms subsection's content, I can tell you this with certainty. The content is mostly in the video format, with tons of bondage elements. So, you have gagged and tied up chicks, and they usually have a dildo or a vibrator in their pussies. And, of course, since they're bound, they can't stop these dildos for pleasing them, so that results in multiple chained orgasms, and that experience does sound nice. But, in all reality, it's probably frightening and pretty painful as well. I guess, for some people, that that can be a sweet mix of pain and pleasure. But, for me, that sounds like a nightmare. I mean, I don't know why you'd want a dildo to stay in you for that long, but okay.Jesus Christ, my metaphor around torturing war prisoners isn't that far off from the truth! I mean, what the fuck! Forced Orgasms subsection on does have some sick shit. When you scroll around even more, besides dildos in for too long, you can see other shit. For example, women in complete leather suits, from the top of their heads, all the way down to their feet! They have to wear blindfolds, gags, and all other sorts of sick shit! And even the sex toys increase in brutality. Honestly, if Americans used this on Nazis in World War Two, they would probably win sooner, and the world would be much different!Overall, I'm speechless, and I don't even know what to say. If you did that to me, I'd probably find a fucking way to slit my throat with my teeth just to stop that shit. You virgins never cease to surprise me. Every person who follows this Reddit section needs to be caught and examined, and they should never go back to society as free people! Overall, the content is hardcore, and if you're into that, then you'll love this place. It's brutal, the fetish is original, and it is pleasurable for some people.Registration and conclusionIf you're a sick fuck and want to follow's Forced Orgasms section, you need to do three things. By that, I mean, you need to complete three steps to register and join this place. Step one is to think of an original username. That way, the fucking FBI can easily recognize you when they come for you because of this shit. When you settle that shit, then you need to put in a safe and secure password. If you want to, of course, make it harder for the secret service to track your fucking sick fetishes. And, in the end, step three is to put in your email simply.Now, you're a member of Forced Orgasms Reddit section, and you can enjoy this place. And if this is something you're into, then you'll certainly love this place. It's fantastic, refreshing, and even though it's not for me, some of you will find it attractive. It's great, has tons of diverse content, and it's never dull. Plus, the users are all chill, and you can see some excellent couples posting their fantastic content too. So, give this place a chance and check the material out because it will mesmerize you! Peace out!