Reddit Orgasms, aka r/Orgasms! Another great subreddit for you to marvel at, and it’s called r/Orgasms/. Reddit is a free site filled with all kinds of shit, from entertainment, to serious topics or porn. You just have to choose your poison, and in case you are here to watch some hot babes get down and dirty, while cumming and having everything shared, I think that you will love r/Orgasms/.While I really think that r/Orgasms/ is self-explanatory, I am still here to talk about it, and you are very fucking welcome. You can check out everything Reddit has to offer on your own because this is a free site after all. But for those who would much rather hear what a pro has to say about this particular subreddit, you can also just sit back, relax, and enjoy while I do what I do best. Talk about porn.Lots of hotties orgasming.From the very beginning, it is pretty obvious that this subreddit has a shit ton of stuff for you to check out. They will have orgasm posts right off the bat, and the first video that I checked out when I visited the site included a bit of scissoring action. It was taken from a premium site, and you could see two horny girls pleasuring each other with scissoring.The second post also included two sluts, who were on top of each other, pleasuring themselves with fingers and just enjoy each other’s delicious tunnels. I mean, the whole fucking subreddit is just filled with horny women getting an orgasm, which again, is very much explained in the title if you ask me. So, is that something you’d like to watch?Do you like to see gorgeous girls pleasure each other or just have a solo session with their favorite toy, or maybe they get pounded by an actual lad…? Basically, what I am asking is, do you like to see women cum, does that make your dick hard? If it does, you must be a simp, but also, you will surely enjoy what r/Orgasms/ subreddit has to offer.Of course, I like to see my woman cum, that is not what I mean. If a chick cumming is all you need to get hard, you must be a thirsty son of a gun. Of course, I am not here to judge, to each their own. I do not really care what makes your dick raging hard, because I am here to see some gorgeous women masturbate as well.As I was browsing, it was pretty obvious that the majority of the posts were actually videos, and that is something I can truly appreciate. Sure, images are nice and all. But an image will never be able to present something as hot as an orgasm, as much as a video could. I am pretty fucking sure that everyone can agree with me on this one.On top of that, browsing through Reddit overall is pretty simple, and with so many different orgasming posts, what is there not to like? All the posts are different and hot. You have chicks of all shapes and sizes, and thus I know that you will appreciate it all as much as I fucking did. From premium videos that are taken from paysites to real amateur videos, where real-life chicks will cum for the camera.Sometimes the cumming will actually be seen, aka the chick will splash her juices all around. Other times, it is just a motion of toe clenching, twirling, rolling eyes, or whatever the fuck. Each girl has her own way of cumming, and they all display different types of shit. r/Orgasms/ is a very interesting section since some orgasms are hardcore, others are mellow.As I always say, this all depends on what the fuck your dick desires. If you like to see women orgasm, then why the fuck wouldn’t you like what r/Orgasms/ has to offer. As for those whoa re here for some hardcore pounding instead, you should know that the majority of the posts within the r/Orgasms/ subreddit were either solos or lesbians. I mean, there are some dicks that can be seen, but for the most part, it is just what I described.Easy browsing!One thing I am sure everyone can appreciate is the fact that the browsing on Reddit, no matter the subreddit, is pretty easy and clean. Everything Reddit offers is presented in a pretty neat way, and you can enjoy it as much as you want. I mean, take r/Orgasms/ for an example. If you follow the link I provided on the side; you will be taken to this section immediately.Everything is listed in the middle of the site, and you can click and watch whatever the fuck you want. What more could you need? The what’s and how’s is all on the side of the subreddit, and everything else is on top. I think that it is safe to say that Reddit overall is a pretty user-friendly website, and since it is free, take your time and explore… that’s all I can say.Register, if you want.Most of Reddit’s NSWF sections are not available for people who are not a part of Reddit, simply because the sections are NSFW… duh! So, if you would like to have access to all the shit Reddit has to offer, think about registering. Keep in mind that the registration is also free, so why the fuck wouldn’t you want to be a part of Reddit?There are tons of crap you can check out here. Reddit has thousands of thousands of subreddits, and all of them are dedicated to a certain niche. Just like the r/Orgasms/ subreddit is all about orgasms, you have others that are dedicated to other crap. Keep in mind that Reddit is not a porn site, so you have subreddits that are dedicated to memes, stories, or other topics discussing different kinds of shit.This is why I always say that there is a little bit of everything for everyone out there… what is there that Reddit does not offer? Well sure, the videos in r/Orgasms/ are not really full-length, or any of that, just like all the other clips on Reddit. However, that is because this site is not a fucking porn site, you have plenty of porn sites suggested on ThePornDude.com instead, so check me out.Chat with others, upload your own crap.If you do choose to become a member, you will be able to chat with the rest of the people on Reddit. You have the direct messaging and sending an email option, so choose one of the two. Also, keep in mind that the users here are not obligated to actually answer you. This site is not meant for you to meet new people, but it is also not not meant for you to do that… does that make any fucking sense? I confused myself.At the end of the day, you never know who the fuck you will be able to meet here. There are lots and lots of people who love to talk about random crap, and there are those who just prefer to keep it to themselves. You can also post your own shit if you want, but if you choose to do that, it is important that you follow the rules of Reddit.Reddit, in general, has its rules, but so does each subreddit. For example, you can see the rules of r/Orgasms/ on the side of the subreddit, as well as on top of the subreddit. That is usually where the rules will be listed, and if you do not want to get banned or any of that shit, I suggest you stop being a lazy piece of shit and start reading.r/Orgasms/ was created in 2009, and the rules are very simple. There are about 160k members, and usually, there will be 200 or more of them online. The subreddit really does have frequent updates, which is what really matters, right?Lots of orgasming chicks.So, r/Orgasms/ is a subreddit dedicated to girls who are orgasming and sharing everything with the camera. You can check them out as much as you want, and play with yourself as well. Or, you can check out other subreddits Reddit has to offer since there are plenty out there. r/Orgasms/ is a pretty solid one, so you might as well start from this one. Take your time, browse through, and enjoy watching sluts cum.