Reddit Quiver, aka r/Quiver! Quivering is what’s known as uncontrollable tremors and shaking of the body. Now I’m no medical doctor, but I do know a good quiver when I see it in porn, and the reason behind it is always a top-quality dick down. There aren’t that many videos of girls experiencing orgasms that are so intense they can’t help but uncontrollably shake their bodies like they are experiencing a seizure. Anyone can open up PornHub, XVideos, or any other popular porntube, and they won’t exactly be able to see these videos on the home page.They’re quite the rarity, even on those porntubes, and that’s because studio-made porn rarely contains that kind of stuff - they mostly focus on squirting, which if you didn’t know by now can totally be faked by the girl. I mean all she has to do is pee and moan really loudly, and suddenly you think you have the strongest dick game in town - but really she’s doing it to make you feel better out of love.But you can’t fake quivering - no woman on Earth has been able to pretend to uncontrollably shake while being dicked down, and that’s when you know you’ve really slammed into her g-spot enough times to make her feel like she’s taken a hit of MDMA. Women really tend to fall in love with guys who can make them quiver, but a lot of guys can’t really hit the right angle - you see, it’s not so much about size as it is about technique. Even a 4-inch dick can make a girl quiver if the guy knows what he’s doing. But most guys have no idea how to even get close to making a girl experience this kind of orgasm.That’s why /r/Quiver is here - this 400-thousand member Subreddit contains nothing but content that shows women sinning to the fullest extent. A lot of the content here is, of course, homemade, because this rarely happens in studio-made porn, if ever, so chances are you’ve never seen any of this stuff before. Let me break down all the finest highlights about this Subreddit and help you determine whether or not you’d like to spend time (or a load or two) on it.This Subreddit Has a Little Bit of Everything…There is literally all kinds of content here - I’m talking MILF pornstars in stockings, amateur teens in socks, and everything in between. And yes, all of them are experiencing orgasms of the highest intensity. If you’re more of an amateur-lover than a studio-made-lover, or vice versa, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll get a decent balance of both kinds of content here on this Subreddit. And that’s not all - this /r/Quiver here also has no still-image format posts here at all, because you can’t really record quivering in a still-image. The content on this Subreddit can be split between two distinct formats, including...GIFsThere are tons of GIFs here on this Subreddit, and they all include women shaking uncontrollably while orgasming. Now the key distinction between the GIF-based type of content here is where it’s made. Around half of it is studio-made stuff that includes familiar and maybe not-so-familiar faces of the porn and general XXX internet industry. Then there’s the amateur stuff, which I personally prefer because it contains original, never-before-seen content, which is mostly top-quality stuff.There are plenty of hot amateur girls who upload their homemade works (which usually include their boyfriends or hubbies, who help them reach the “quiver state.”) The amateur GIFs here are definitely one of my favorite kinds of content to “enjoy.” However, I think we can all agree that a recorded body-shaking orgasm can’t really reach its full, true potential until you can hear the girl in it moaning and screaming while her body pulsates pure pleasure, which brings me to my next point...AndThe Cream of The Crop: VideosThere’s no chance in hell that a Subreddit specialized in women’s orgasms could not have videos on it - in fact, this is the most common format of posts on here. There is an astounding amount of video-format posts on /r/Quiver, and like their fellow GIFs, they also split down between studio-made and amateur (about 45-55, percentage-wise).The videos are all muted by default, so you don’t embarrass yourself by scrolling down on this Subreddit casually and suddenly being treated to loud female screams and wails of pure ecstasy. This little genius front-end design implementation has probably saved hundreds of people from getting weird stares when browsing this Subreddit from their phone, or even worse; getting asked “what that noise was” by their family or significant other.Yes, There is OC Content HereA lot of the content here is originally-made by contributors who help create Reddit’s XXX Subreddits the thriving communities which they are. There are plenty of original works uploaded on /r/Quiver here, and there are also plenty of reposts here which feature content that’s originally been uploaded to other XXX Subreddits. As I said, a lot of studio-made porn doesn’t feature body-shaking orgasms, so a lot of the content you’ll see on this Subreddit is 100% authentic and homemade.Again, Reddit Has NO Real Means of Content OrganizationAh yes, the bane of Reddit’s XXX community. I really do love this website, but I’m always irritated by the lack of content organization options that it has. First and foremost, there are no tags or categories here - I could live with that honestly, but I really think they should focus on implementing options that allow you to separate the different formats of posts which this Subreddit has.For example, if I want to filter out everything that’s not a video here, then I should be able to. And the search bar is pretty much redundant because the majority of the post titles on this and most other Subreddits (not just the XXX ones) are usually very or completely ambiguous. There’s no way in hell that I’d be able to find what I want using the search bar when almost all post titles are something along the lines of “He gaped my ass, then he made me cum” or “Do you like what you see?”Yes, The Reddit App Can Definitely Come in HandyYou can bet your whole annual salary that you have plenty of coworkers who will go to the bathroom with their phone in-hand, ready to whack off to some porn for that much-needed stress-relief during a rough workday. I’m willing to bet that there are plenty of people who do that in their workplaces, even if it’s not a particularly stressful day - including your boss! So why not get with the times and download the Reddit app, it can let you access all of its Subreddits (including this one) with minimal effort and waiting time, and you can fap to all the porn you want conveniently from your phone (or at least until your boss notices you’ve been in the bathroom for a little too long).