Reddit ChickFlixxx, aka r/ChickFlixxx! Uh oh, it looks like we’ve got one of those feminist ratholes up in this bitch. What am I talking about? Well, there’s this sub called /r/chickflixxx that seems to be all about “female empowerment” and “letting women finally have a say when it comes to NSFW subs”. Listen, if your gender wasn’t full of squeamish and delicate little bitches, then I think that you could have a say on any NSFW subreddit. The thing about girls is that they just aren’t so dominant. Any guy would gladly fuck you even if it means not being the dominant one in sex. You just have no authority whatsoever, so you try to make it artificially.Bullshit feminist subreddit where girls chatListen, I’m not going to tell anyone what they can and can’t do on Reddit, but neither should /r/chickflixxx in that case. This sub doesn’t allow men to comment on posts, and they also don’t allow men to post more than twice on this subreddit. That’s not a rule per day or anything; it’s a rule for life. That means you just have two posts MAX in this subreddit before you’re banned from ever posting again. Break the rules, and you can expect to get banned from the sub pretty quickly. Anyway, I don’t like any of this so far, so what the fuck do women see in this sub? I guess they’re trying to get their authority back or sth?Well, whatever it is, I don’t think that they’re doing a good job at it. When you see /r/chickflixxx, I don’t believe that you see a bunch of empowered girls. Do you know what I see? I see a bunch of bitches who can’t handle the force of men on other subreddits! Yeah, that’s right, I said it. You don’t like it? Well, you can go fuck yourself! Okay, I might be going overboard right about now, but what are you gonna do about it? I’m gonna say it right now, /r/chickflixxx is a piece of shit feminist porn shithole. I don’t like this sub on at all. You can see just how shitty it is too; it doesn’t take a genius to see it on here.Guys aren’t allowed to comment hereSo, we’ve established that /r/chickflixxx is made for women and not for men. But what is this place all about? Well, these are many uses for it, so if you’re a chick, you might find this place to be quite enticing to use. For example, one of the things that you can find here is advice on having sex, advice on porn, requesting some kind of adult film genre to be revealed to you and so on. You can find pretty much everything here, but one thing that I noticed is that they don’t really allow for any pictures or videos to be posted here. It’s all mostly text posts, but sometimes you will see video posts become really popular.So, with so very few pictures and videos, is /r/chickflixxx even worth checking out? I don’t think so. But apparently, women love this place. It gives them a sort of female safe space where they can talk about porn, sexual fantasies, and so much more. The sub here is completely public, so men can always see these posts and comments, and I guess I can imagine some guys jerking off to all this stuff. I can tell that it’s one of those things that you really have to be into, though. You have to be a sort of peeping Tom for any of it to work in your favor if you’re a guy. In all honesty, though, there are far better subs instead.Welcoming community for horny womenAlright, let’s get down to the nitty and gritty of this place and really see what these chicks are talking about. In this one thread, they’re just ranting and raving about wanting more FPOV porn (that’s female point of view for those that didn’t get it immediately). But who the fuck would even want to see that crap? Not me. I want to see the hot chick sucking dick or the babe getting fucked. The dude is just there as an extra. I mean, the girl needs a cock to suck on. So, these dudes are there for that, not to be filmed from the FPOV perspective! That’s not what the POV genre was meant for in the first place!Okay, so, is there anything else that I need to know about /r/chickflixxx before discarding it as one of the shittiest subs that I was forced to review because it’s NSFW and it has a large enough number of members? Well, yeah. I guess you could say that /r/chickflixxx is actually great for women, since they do need a safe space where guys won’t objectify them and comment dirty stuff to them. I have to admit; guys can be a bit crass at times. Girls like to keep it civilized when they talk about their sexuality. I don’t really see the point of that when the only thing you’re really after is to cum, but I guess the chicks have their own reasonings behinds all of it. Just leave them be and let them have fun with this sub.Hundreds of thousands of members since 2011And if you’re a chick yourself, I have no idea what you’re doing on I know I’m a bit of a ladies’ man, but I also think you’re all sluts that need to be conquered in bed. I have no clue why you would want to read all of this, but if there’s an off-chance of a chick reading all this, just know that there’s a place for you on Reddit and it goes by the sub name of /r/chickflixxx. And you won’t be the only girl who wants to talk about porn on Reddit either! In fact, this place is full of like-minded girls who only want to talk about guys, girls, dicks and boobs. I feel that you’re going to have a blast with this sub.If you still need convincing, ask the 170k+ other chicks who are already on this subreddit. I have to say that I’m a bit impressed with the number of members this shitty sub managed to get in the decade or so that it has been active. It was created back in 2011, so it definitely had the time to acquire this many members, but at the same time, I guess it has a little bit to do with how well the girls managed to make this place look and feel with the various features and all that. They also have a tight grip and control on the narrative and so they guys always get their comments deleted if a mod suspects foul play anywhere.Great flair features and subreddit designThat leads me perfectly to the last thing we need to talk about when it comes to /r/chickflixxx and your decision of checking it out or not. If you’re a girl, you should check it out right away because it just works like a charm. It has great colors, and even better features. The flairs are the best part of the sub; you have things like Erotic, Discussion, Request, Request filled, as well as the “three clap emoji” flair. Now, that last one is a bit of an enigma since it seems to be for posts that have any kind of successful fuck session. Anything works, but it’s usually guys playing with pussies, and chicks with strap-ons fucking.The only thing that they could add that would complete the design of this subreddit is some kind of cover photo, as well as an avatar. On top of this, I have to say that their ruleset is great and visible, and clear, but it’s a bit unfair to the guys. I already went over this, so I won’t delve too much into it, but just know that I would like to see a bit more equality around here. Chicks always talk about that, but they seem to want it only one way. Chicks are more equal than guys, I guess! Anyway, go to /r/chickflixxx if you’re a girl and you want to have erotic discussions or you have some kind of fantasy request.